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: He is unstoppable right now. Banned in every ranked game I've played. I haven't lost with him in normal games and average over 25 kills every game with 20 full stacks of mejal, RoA, lich bane and zhonya as a core. AD Bruisers can't stop him mid, and neither can AP carries. You need very strong gank presence pre-6 and a team full of hard CC. Late game kassadin is just impossible to kill, I camp enemy jungle, and if they aren't five, its an easy triple. tl;dr Kassadin's W is overpowered as of now and needs a nerf, I rushed a lich bane + zhonya. R'd in W'd and enemy carries melted, follow this with a zhonya, rinse and repeat on running carries. Early game bad? His early game can be easily played using {{item:2041}} with {{item:2003}} .
Not to discredit any of your points but I'm aware that he was overpowered in that patch, which is why I opened with "if balanced correctly". My match history is full of Kassadin games and I only lost 1, which was a 3v5 (where I went 20/8), and every other score was similar to yours. I was only talking about how I liked the idea of the rework. His snowballing was insane, I jungled every game and after getting level 6 and spectral wraith he could clear the jungle insanely fast and gank very effectively. Add in a nashors (and eventually lich) and you basically have maxed cdr with enough damage to shred tanks/still instakill carries. I'm just saying that I like the general idea of the semi-rework
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