: 7.5 cycle - Aatrox changes coming to the PBE
Just wanted to throw in my 5 cents on the changes as a long time aatrox main. I won't deny that aatrox does need buffs and changes but I feel like these changes are going in the wrong direction entirely. (Feel free to leave your thoughts or anything you disagree with as a reply) Passive Change: I really don't like having to charge up the bloodwell just to have it deteriorate. The changes feel like a heavy nerf as you dont have your revive up at all times when its off cd anymore. Getting bloodwell fully charged is a nightmare in laning phase. I've played a couple games and have noticed that now you have 2 options: A) Wait until you have 80% and watch as the enemy backs off waiting for you to waste bloodrush. B) Keep a base 20%, use all your abilities, enter bloodwell and only have increased damage on your auto attacks. Also maintaining the bloodwell is even worse. If I have to constantly be using abilities to keep bloodrush while farming it leaves me open to the opponent since I don't have all my abilities anymore AND pushes my lane making me open to jungle ganks. The other option is to let bloodrush drain out and rebuild my bloodwell all over again. Most opponents take hard advantage of this as they realize I have no steroid anymore. Atleast old aatrox had the AS steroid at all times with bloodwell charged. To fix it, if you're going to stick with the new passive, atleast increase the duration or make neutral monsters reset the bloodrush timer. The one change I was hoping for was to make it so he keeps his steroid after his passive popped (With the old passive) so that it would feel like it had more impact in fights. Q Change: I'd say that while removing the health cost is nice, keeping a health cost and making the ability have a shorter cd along with immunity during flight solves the problem most of us have with it. It isn't that we want an ability that does more damage, we want a more reliable ability that wont be interrupted by literally any cc. Its the worst feeling when you try to use your one gap closer and get cc'd which usually costs you your passive and probably your life. W Healing Change: I feel like this change makes Duelist aatrox never want to use it. With the triple healing it made running AS and fighting at low hp incredible when the opponent didn't expect your healing. In a way it was what aatrox was (barely) known for and it fit his description perfectly (_A champion who turns the tide at crucial moments_). I get that balancing this ability would be more difficult if it was just left with the triple healing but if it was untouched I wouldn't have seen any issues with it. This change makes it look like he should be forced into a more tank associated build but then you don't get the insane attack speed required to actually put it to decent use. W Damage Change: Even the hp price on this ability wasn't that bad. The damage reduction on his ability has made his trading worse. Sure you don't lose a small amount of hp when using it anymore but the reduction for early game damage and slight nerf to late game damage is going to make his playstyle small feast or extreme famine. E Change: This is one of the changes I like half way. I like that he's getting a damage increase on his ranged poke ability but changing the damage to full AD feels like a nerf since most champions in lane are going to build armor against him anyways. On live servers you can deal with full armor champs by whittling them down with your magic damage from this ability but now you're screwed completely if you have a tank in your lane. Also I actually enjoyed the AP ratio since it made him one of the few last champions with some build diversity (Duelist/Tank/AP Burst). I feel like keeping the base damage increase with smaller ratio increases on both AP and AD scaling would be better. Oh, and also keeping it as magic damage. R Change: I love this ability as it is one of my favorite steroids in the game, but I feel that there could have been a way to make it tie his kit together more. The changes that I was hoping for were either giving the ability no unit collision or a movement increase while you have the Massacre steroid. This would give him more of a way to deal with faster duelists that have an escape (Fiora, Jax, Riven, etc). Also. there isn't really much of a point to keeping an AP ratio on this ability (Besides MAYBE hextech gunblade) if its the only one that would benefit from building AP. Changing it to a a smaller AD ratio or reverting the scaling on his E back to AP and AD would be much better for damage and building. Other notes: The new changes look like he's being pushed into a more tank-like playstyle with most of the issues with his old kit still being there. Im happy that he's finally getting some attention and getting some changes but they've only made the few good parts of his kit worse while removing 1 or 2 of the bad parts of it. Also please don't force him into any build path or playstyle as being able to play multiple playstyles is one of his most fun aspects. Sorry for the shitty wording. Just wanted to get my opinion out there. Thanks for taking the time to read this goddamn essay of text ~ One of the few Aatrox mains
: Although I barely have played Aatrox on live, I think I have pretty decent points based on my experience on the PBE changes. * The 25% **base** AD buff from [Blood Rush] does not scale, it is only useful when laning. Maybe it's just me but I find it difficult to even obtain [Blood Rush] because the Blood Well drains so fast and have to start over again, not to mention it is underwhelming compared to the likes of other steroids or duelists like {{champion:114}} E or {{champion:122}} passive plus W's auto reset. {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} and {{champion:58}} have dash and stun. They are all better duelists while having their own source of self-sustain as well. * The{{item:3026}} on his passive **only works** while in [Blood Rush] leaves much to be desired. Anybody with a dash will dash away/dodge Q or CC will wait out the 4 seconds, then kill you. Especially the fighters named above. * I'd still pick {{champion:23}} over {{champion:266}} any day. Heal is more reliable (both have to auto-attack to heal, Trynd pressing Q when resource bar fills) Aatrox would probably prefer Blood Price over Blood Thirst. And trynd is harder to dive with his ult giving him immunity to death for 5 seconds, then can heal/dash away. He doesn't need to be in combat. * I'd also prefer {{champion:106}} . Voli's passive kicks in NO MATTER WHAT, 30% Max HP same as Aatrox and doesn't have to put his other abilities on CD to do it. Voli has attack speed steroid built in on W which doubles as an execute on the active. Although Voli doesn't get any form of bonus AD, he gets a ton of magic damage in a {{item:3087}} -like ultimate that he can activate at will. Doesn't need to drain tank to survive because he is a tank, building HP gives him both survivability and damage on W active. Althought kiteable, his utility is more reliable than Aatrox. My point is, Trynd & Voli are basically better versions of Aatrox. The [Blood Rush] buff is too windowed and hardly a buff. I'm glad at this attempt to make Aatrox more interactive and less stat-checking but it has made him overall weaker and unfun to play. Having a windowed passive really makes it feel like you're playing only half a champion, an incomplete champion. Even "death-only" passives like {{champion:14}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:30}} feel more useful because death is almost guaranteed and can still do revenge damage upon dying. Why not instead make {{champion:266}} stronger AFTER he **revives** from his Blood Well?
I feel like you can add xin zhao to the list too. His kit is practically a better version of aatroxs (besides his ultimate). Having the mixed power of blood price and blood thirst built into your w which also acts as an AS steroid and having a reliable gap closer along with an auto reset knockup.
: It's not just four seconds, it lasts until you've been out of combat for four seconds. I think this makes it extremely powerful, as your opponent is forced into either committing to killing your empowered form, or trying to run away and choose a better time. However, if they run, you can build up enough blood well to fight proc your passive again in the next fight. They definitely need to see how strong he is before buffing/nerfing him, as this seems like quite the fix.
Its 4 seconds of draining that resets every time you take damage from an enemy champion or deal damage to them. It begins to drain instantly when you hit bloodrush. There is no delay time. Also since he has to constantly be in combat to keep blood in blood well pre bloodrush, most players will just count your abilities and be able to move away in time. The only time I can see bloodrush being useful is from having 20% and then using everything to try and burst the opponent. The downside to this is that only your auto attacks will be effected by bloodrush and the extra AD wont impact any of your other abilities.
: As a player that builds Aatrox as an off-tank and used to build him full AD every game please take this with a grain of salt. 1. Blades of Torment (E) -The true good reason why Aatrox didn't have that hard of a time against every matchup in top lane is this was magic damage. Pretty much every laner will build tabi's even if they're riven or quinn if they have trouble with him, this makes it REALLY hard to harass champs that straight up murder him already. Not only this but for tanks like maokai and malphite, them building armor only makes it THAT much fucking easier to call you a mosquito being annoying. Doesn't actually matter if you buffed the damage a bit or not, this is top lane, full of tanks, that can stack armor easily. 2. Blood Well (P) -Welp now he has a vladimir passive that ONLY works when his abilities are off cd to stack it up quick or do it slowly and the other laner treats you as a melee vlad which he almost NEVER gets his empowered Q against a smart player. Not only this but now it's REALLY easy to predict when he's going to Q, which is his main problem already. So now with this passive you've killed jg aatrox and you've nerfed laning aatrox. Oh, and no one cares for the base damage (not even riot apparently since you kept his blood price bonus AD which is his main damage). 3. Dark Flight (Q) -Well you've nerfed its damage hard without the "Blood Rush" which he can't even use. OR he uses his Q right BEFORE he gets Blood Rush so they can't escape, making it a nerf. Although this is the only ability I like with no hp cost now. No one cared for hp costs other than maybe the Q. 4. Blood Price (W) -So you cut the blood price damage by MORE than half early levels. Now his laning phase is worse not only from his passive but now his W. You changed the blood thirst, passive, and Q to be more for a tank build but you kept the bonus AD scaling on his best skill? If he's behind before, he did 10 damage, now he does 5 damage to tanks with his blood price. 5. Blood Thirst (W) -What you're doing now is turning Aatrox into an autoattack lover. Not even Tryndamere likes auto attacking more than 3 times against anyone but a tank. He now has a really good heal that keeps him sustained in lane, if he's not pressured off minions and is ALWAYS autoattacking. He now has less healing during 1v1's and the missing hp heal is useless if he doesn't have a lot of attack speed, same reason why rageblade sucks on him, he doesn't want to autoattack THAT long and if he does he should be finishing someone off who he knows he's going to kill. Worst part is Aatrox's 5% missing hp heal is nothing, Darius gets a 12% heal AND HE ACTUALLY BUILDS HP, AATROX DOESN'T, so aatrox has litterally no base hp so he can't even use this mechanic. Darius also gets up to 36% missing hp healing while aatrox has to autoattack 9 times before it matches up to that. So now your forcing Aatrox to become an AS tank that sucks during laning phase. Yes, I have tried all of the changes on the pbe. Please god do not do this to Aatrox. This shit is such a huge nerf tot anything that DOESN'T build full tank. Summoner Name : BigDaddyTre
Another point is that if you decide to use blood thirst to heal after constantly trading in top lane, you don't gain any points into your bloodwell. If anything I think this made him a feast or extreme famine character.
: I like what I'm seeing! But doesn't it seem almost too strong now? Having no penalty for using your W is pretty risky, and %hp gain on the heal is a lot better but this whole kit promotes tank aatrox with maybe trinity force or mallet. I mean a rank 5 w gives 200 bonus dmg on the third hit, his gapcloser has no downside (other than short range I guess), and if he's full tank he'll be dealing out a lot more damage than he's tanking. Great for dueling, but maybe a little too strong.
His Q's downside is its cooldown. If you just waste your q you lose your one hard cc and you have no escape other than your slow. You're forced to commit and probably have your passive popped on live right now. Losing hp on his abilities was one of the reasons that going tanky in the first place wasn't as strong.


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