: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pajama Guardians!
I believe that 945 RP for people who already own this skin is way too high. All of these skins are at least a year old and have not had to have updated particles. I do not believe it is fair to price these as if you have made an entirely new skin for people who have already paid for these particles and animations once. I personally believe for people who already own these skins they should be 520 or 750, considering those are the prices of skins that only have model changes. I personally believe 520, because that price has previously been retired, would make sense for something that is, for people who already own this skin, just a small model change. I understand charging 1350 for people who don't own the original variation, but to almost charge the price of a new skin for just a model change to people who own the skin just isn't right. For Variations on new skins, 30% off is fine. But for an older skin that you only redesigned a model for, it should only cost a little more than a chroma to previous owners. Thank you.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
While i'm not a Leblanc one trick, I do spend a lot of my time playing her as she is one of my favorite champions. While I am very disappointed with the skin theme, because honestly there's way too many mechanical skin lines that just seem lazy because they in theory "fit" any champion. Like Mecha A-Sol for example. It seems like when a champion hasn't had a skin in a while and riot knows that, they throw them a mecha skin of some sort because they can't think of anything else. I would prefer her have a different skin, but if this one is kept a few things I think could make it better. 1. Please give her her crown back in some form 2. Make her head a different color or a solid robotic face preferably 3. Put more particles into her w and make it more impactful. It doesn't feel powerful. 4. Instead of her e being like an energy tether, make it into orange and black wires like Nami and Lissandra's head, or change the colors of the wires, but wires would look much more cohesive with this skin than the current e which looks like karma's w. Thank you for considering this feedback.
: Let's talk about PROJECT: Jhin
I agree with most of this, but i would definitely post this under their feedback thread as well as they will probably be checking that first.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Vi!
I personally believe this skin somewhat suffers like Project Leona in the Fact that it is completely dull outside of her weapon. Most new project skins have been bright and have all had a strong representation of a color, She has bright red orange tangerine like- fists but her particles are very similar to Project Leona's. I also believe her model could use a lot more color to it to make it a lot less bland and more colorful. Touches of orange on her body suit that match her firsts could make this skin a lot less monotone. I hope some of this is taken into consideration when making changes. Thank you!
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jhin!
While I enjoy playing Jhin, I really don't care for this skin much. First, the particle colors are too close to blood moon with the red and violet, I thought they would be blue like the crystals I saw floating around him in a pre-release picture. Secondly, his model looks more like an Arctic Warfare skin than a project skin, mainly because of the fur hood and green coat similar to Caitlyn's. Another concern I had were his colors as a whole, why are they so dull in comparison to every other, with the exception of some of the originals, project skins' bright colors? Kat has pink, Ekko green, Ashe blue, but what is he exactly? His model is very lackluster imo and lacks the hightech cybernetic colors as the other project skins. I hope this feedback can help in making this skin better. Thank you.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Cassiopeia!
Hi as you can probably tell I play Cass quite frequently and I'm so happy she's getting a new skin finally! My only suggestions are that her w and ult do seem a little bland, and it would also be amazing if her eyes and tail glowed when she landed a q! Please make this happen!
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