: Client is in pre-alpha stage and doesn't have most of the features, you shouldn't even expect that right now. >Those who participate in the tech test will get an early look at the updated lobby, champ select, and end-of-game experiences from the updated client. **If some of that stuff feels unfinished, that's because it is. We're still tweaking things while we get ready for the upcoming alpha.** In short, if a feature is not in the pre-alpha client, that doesn't mean that it won't be available on full release/alpha. This is currently intended.
I understand. Just wanted to make sure that they were thinking about it and how it should be in the final stages for sure!
: [League Client Update] Reroll button?
It is on your character... where the Change Champ button would be if you were swapping with others.
: Crafting System is to slow
: I'm with the SAME problem here T-T I want to star a new game and I can't {{item:3070}}
Seemed to be fixed after next game. Not sure if Riot did something or if it was a one time issue.
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: Game just closes after end, needs to reconnect?
*UPdate I checked the next morning, and it seems to be allowing me to try again. Will report if the next game does the same thing or not.
: [League Client Update] - Client staying at 0% scanned after initial download
: Aurelion Sol Passive range and melee minions
Same comment, left twice. I recommend deleting this.
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