: The 65 min game on One for All
How long are the death timers in a 65 minute OFA game? ive noticed up to 90 second death timers at only 30 minutes so it seems kind of impossible to even have a 60 minute game.
: Feedback on "One for All"
Something else i noticed, i find the 30 second vote timer way too little and would prefer 60 seconds, might just be me though.
: ***
I like how he makes a valid point and all you said is *learn to play the game*. I for one agree with the OP and playing support has nothing to do with it.
: TBH, dunno why they dont make it 1 second, since vayne gets like 6 free 1 sec invis in 1 a single fight
wasnt vayne nerfed to a 0.5 second invisibility to remove duskblade oppression?
: I click "play again," client says "players arent ready" but I'm the only player.
Same problem, also happens in premade lobbies not just only me.
: I do not get all the outfits of all generals in the server, this is a bug right?
You don't get BE on PBE and your RP will be reset to 8000 daily-ish. this was done because with the previous unlimited amount the store crashed with the new influx of players (i think).
: i just think you cant manage being defeated. its not like that conquerer gives double the stats. it gives a small amount of true damage. thats it and its fully ok for the rune to give that amount. if i look at some tanks like orrn who dont need any tank items really to be tanky. conquerer rune is very much needed. in combination with aftershock rune or other tank keystones there has to be an equivalent keystone for fighters. or what do you want? poke me down as urgot with your arcane comet and q to go in at some point when its save? what could a trynde possibly do by then? sit back? oh and look., its another "nerf conquerer rune" thread. we have like 100 of those already {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
The rune is pretty broken, it also gives free ad that doesnt show up on the extra damage.
: If you kill a melee minion, you will get 20 gold. It would take your support item 100 seconds to generate 20 gold. So by killing a minion, you made more gold than you would have if your support item were generating gold for the 12 second cooldown.
This actually isnt true at all. Killing minions also stops tribute gain which potentially gives 20 gold per 10 seconds. This is just a super annoying nerf to waveclearing as a support.


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