: As Malzahar, I cannot see the silence icon anymore
: Lee sin need love
hit your autos, you'll be fine.
: [Wukong] - W not working as intended?
I wonder if this would happen with actual players and not bots. I'd assume it would be the same.., and i'm curious if it works on other invis champions and on live servers.
: The complaints you made didn't really have much to do with junglers themselves, rather the new updated epic monster bonuses.
It's part and parcel. And I think that's OP's argument, which I agree with.
: If mordekaiser waited 35 minutes to kill an elder dragon, he deserve his elder dragon. Anyone can finish a game by themselves if they go full ad with no opponent. Your analogy sucks.
: You do know before hand Fiddlesticks Drain was on a longer cd early and late game it was on a shorter cd. If you got at least half or more of his Drain off it was on a lesser cd. Now it is flipped. Now its up earlier early game while later late game. Fiddlesticks drain on live currently not pbe is up every 1 sec if you get it off at max duration and if you have CDR it would be up before you even finish it. thats why its a nerf. Udyr Shits on Fiddlesticks. You can stun him in bear stance, reduce your damage take with turtle and you can even qss his fear. On LIVE you can qss his Drain as well. If you lost to Fiddlesticks with Udyr You are just bad tbh. Udyr counters Fiddlesticks hard unless you spooked you with his ult in which he can solo you in which he had it warded and you didn't clear it with sweeper/pink or Raptors. Udyr can even just out run Fiddlesticks even with the 1.5s move speed buff Fiddle has now. {{summoner:14}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3123}} are summoner/items you can buy/pick to even cut fiddlesticks self healing. {{champion:55}} {{champion:110}} can also apply Grievous wounds. Stunning Fiddlesticks in which his Drain on pbe will be up in 3 secs or slightly sooner with cdr (CDR on Fid = no damage btw) Is enough time for Udyr to slay him. Not to mention mana regeneration is almost dead so Fiddlesticks can't keep Casting Drain over and over.
This was not my experience on the PBE. But then again, you sometimes get placed with people well above your level (I'm mid Silver). My point is that fiddle at least has a more CONSISTENT w uptime; it doesn't matter whether you stun at beginning of channel or at end, he still gets it back in the same ammount of time. And if he get's a jump on you this is more than enough to solo someone even if you get stunned.
: Annie - Great Changes Veigar - Love his passive, hate his ultimate wtf mang if you are going to remove his ult scaling off enemy AP you gotta go big, and you guys gave us an underwhelming execute. It could be broken as shit and it would still suck, you guys can do better. Fiddle - Really getting the short end of the stick here, love his passive. Its thematic and powerful, really fits the whole killer scarecrow thing. Q nerf *sigh*, W major nerf, E Buff that isn't all that useful much of the time, R QoL's. I get drain being uninteractive sucks especially if you have no CC; however if you are going to smack the crap out of his ability to fight people/duel you guys gotta give him some proper compensation. The strange thing is, im not sure Fiddle chain drain was a problem. Yeah it means you can't kill him, but fiddle sucks at chasing so often times just walking away from him resolves the issue for his opponents. Which I guess you changed that by letting him chase a bit, but it feels like you created a solution to a problem (that didnt need solving) realized the solution caused a bigger problem then used a bigger nerf to solve that problem. Granted I'm a jungle main that couldn't win a game with fiddlesticks to save my life, it really seems like he got shafted with the changes. Rarely will you get perfect crow bounces in team fights or even bounces at all if you are dealing with an enemy jungler. Fiddle seems a little stronger in the 2v2 and 3v3 skirmishes but weaker everywhere else.
Even if you CC fiddle he will have access to his W in a couple seconds...I fail to see how this is a nerf....and I had a real shit time playing against him. (as udyr).
: Annie: she is ok. veigar: he is great, but he still could use his old passive as an extra passive on E or something. Fiddle: The new passive is nice but he needs then in compensation his old passive on his Q again since the W is very bad and the changes with are more nerf than anything seems to not compensate enough.
I struggled like hell against new fiddle. what are people doing to counter him? He seems to always have access to his W.
: I'm sorry you feel they are nerfs. If he turns out weak, I have no qualms buffing him to the point we want him to be at. Less interested in balance and significantly more on how you feel about the passive play pattern after trying it out a few times. Zhonyas and abyssal both having +10% CDR feels pretty good from my own experience on Fiddle, btw.
Personally I found playing against him to be a nightmare. the W cooldown is too low in my opinion; with even a little CDR he will always have access to it which feels horrible to play against.
: Can the first voidling Malazhar spawns from his w be larger than the rest.
: QSS Changes
I think it's the right direction tbh. What is the point of a 1250 G item that can completely negate an ult? At least with zhonya the effect is still THERE if you for what ever reason don't time it right. Back in my day, we used to build an actual heath/resistance item to counter being bursted...
: More counter play to Malz passive shield for assassins
What if he got the shield for a few seconds after casting a spell instead of being out of combat? The main reason to have the shield is so you can cast your channel with some ammount of safety.
: Jungle Exp, BloodRazor Item, Guinsoos Rageblade, Elemental Dragons
I agree that bloodrazor is underwhelming and jung XP is INSANE. I was two levels up after my first clear!! (5 versus 3). How is that fair??? I like the dragons for the most part. I agree that Air is the least helpful, even when looking at what it was supposed to do (splitpush/engage). Earth dragon is just as helpful when splitting (if not more). Blue and red drag are decent but stat-y. Blue can also solve a lot of mana problems if its picked up early and has the potential to be influential in what I build after, especially with flat mana being pushed for mages.
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: Zhonya's CD needs to be back down to 90 sec.
: Can someone explain how to use vlad E?
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: Yes, but the idea is that currently,on live, you can enter combat, hitting minions and charge the buff, then an enemy enter and you drain it. This change means that you cant charge the buff with minions and you would have to engage 1on1 to keep it charging, which means 4 seconds on combat, which will hurt a lot the keystone since it is hard to sustain a 4 seconds engage, so you wont be able to proc it.
Well that initial phrasing/use was very weird; why have it 'charge' in combat at all? why not give it a normal cooldown like thunderlords?
: About the Grasp of the Undiying change....
I'm not really sure I understand this change. Didn't it always only affect vs champions?
: Mecha Zero Sion- cant hear other players sounds
Had this issue with new diana skin too.
: Shop gamebreaking bug
I'm having the same issue. Tried in a Hexakill and then in a custom with different champions with same result.
: Illaoi Feedback/Suggestions
I like a lot of these suggestions. I find her E overbearing, especially for melee characters. If you get hit by E, all you can do is take the damage 90% of the time, and then you get the double wammy of having to deal with Test of Spirit.
: She can hit you and the spirit though, so you actually have to escape the range. If you stand there and try to duel her, she'll just Q+W+R and instagib you because you'll be there with your shadow and her kit is full of AoE.
: damage to your spirit does massively reduced damage to you. From the ability preview video on SkinSpotlights it looks like it's difficult to even kill your spirit as Illaoi alone.
Not my experience in game. with a brusier build, the damage reduction is easily at 50%, but there's little to no counter play to stop her from totally destroying your spirit. so at BEST, you loose 50% of your health if you were full health.
: As Illaoi, just hitting the spirit doesn't do much. The biggest damage comes from hitting both spirit and the actual champ with your tentacles and Q. Put some distance between you and your spirit and start smacking her hard, so long as you avoid the AoE from her tentacles you should come out on top of the trade. One of the hardest aspects of the E is simply landing it, it honestly feels harder to hit than both Blitz and Thresh Q. It's rewarding as heck when you do hit it, but it's still hard to hit. Honestly it's about the only ability in her kit that seems a bit too over the top, wouldn't be surprised if Riot tones it down before she hits live.
But it's contradictory to put distance between myself and my spirit and to attack Illaoi, especially if I'm melee, since the spirit wont be far from her given her short range. For a ranged champ, sure, maybe you could pull that off. but GL with a melee champ; you'd be playing right into her hand.
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: Yeah, I suppose being an ADC your spirit probably wasn't too hard to burst down, and then it's not too hard to catch up to you. Anyways, if this is in lane (twitch top/mid? Illiao bot/mid?) your best bet is to dodge the E, I'm pretty sure (not 100% sure) that it's blocked by minions, and even if you do get caught it's not hard to whack her a few times for some damage, plus E. She does have healing though, so generally you'd probably end up losing trades if she can land her Q. In teamfights or stand-offs (or whenever she has a bursty ally really), she wants to land her E on you since it'll allow you to be bursted (I managed to hit 60%+ damage transfer fairly easily. Seems to have a ratio of +8% per 100 total AD, with 25% base and +5% per rank, so you will probably lose a lot of health if it hits you.) and picked off with the slow. So, yeah, kinda like a short range Nid spear lol. Nowhere near as spammy or long ranged though.
Personally I think its worse. There are more problems with it: There is no timer for the Test of spirit; you have to kill 3 tentacles. Why this pointless mini game? aren't we being punished enough by having our spirit hacked at? Another game, this time as jung: I got hit by E near mid by a Jung Illaoli and the mid gragas came to help. I couldn't attack my spirit or attack Illaoli so they get to have free damage on me, as though I was there, even though I escaped. How is that fair? And then I have to play an additional mini game of "kill the tentacles" before I can even get back to farming or ganking or whatever I'm doing. So to recap, one ability allows you to: -Do damage at infinite range, with limited options for counterplay, especially for melee champions. -Slow -Heal off of your spirit -Zone the enemy SO HARD that he has to go find your tentacles to kill while dodging them before he can even think about returning to lane/jung/wherever. All of which is done by the AI, not the player. I just really don't think its fair as is.
: If you fight her and she attacks your spirit instead of you, she's only doing x% damage (around 30% rank 1) damage to you. So, if she hits you with it, position yourself so that you can't get hit by her tentacles at the same time as your spirit and you should win most trades. If you have to run away and you weren't already low, you can get pretty far before the slow hits you, far enough that without some sort of speed boost or allied help she can't catch you. If you fight her, just make sure not to get caught in the same tentacle attack as the spirit, as then it's a x% damage boost to her main damage source. Her damage (and healing!) comes from the tentacles, dodge those (new champ, not easy, I know) and you'll probably win every trade. Teamfights though. Hoo boy. That'll be fun. Who were you playing as anyways?
Twitch. i could kill the tentacles real easy but getting hit with E was insta death
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: Quick/Smart Cast Not Working
I had a similar issue with trinket wards
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: If you have issues with machete, you're probably using a champ that doesn't do most of their damage with their AA's or lacks on-hit abilities. The OTHER item gives you actual sustain when fighting in the jungle where-as Machete gives you damage on-hit and life steal.
I don't think the mana item gives you any more sustain; just mana. machete and the other item have the same passive.
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: New Draft Champ Select FeedBack
Also, If someone leaves champ select. we need to wait until it gets to him in picks or bans for the game to go back to searching. Idk if he has a chance to reconnect or something but it sucks to be kept waiting for the inevitable
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: I've tested this out myself. It appears that it only bouncing once is the intended feature, but here's hoping that they allow chain bouncing.
as much as I would love this, the fact that they are stealth traps makes this seem highly unlikely to me since they already have a fairly involved counterplay system (buying red trinket and using it at opportune times/the right area).
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: Murk Wolves Smite Buff
I agree its definitely lackluster. Maybe if the spirit could blink to the enemy instead of meandering over it might be worth it. If i smite the wolf camp though its usually just to farm faster.
: [Kalista] - Hopping out of Jarvan ult?
Even vayne can tumble J4's wall (which is about the only thing her tumble goes through). It's intentional.
: It does the same for turrets as well too, just putting that out there.
good catch. do you think this is a bug or a 'feature'?
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: Extremely disappointed by constant leavers on the PBE.
Maybe they are all testing leavebuster :P in all seriousness though, that sucks. Definitely put a post in the bugs forum for you getting a leavebuster report.
: Kalista ult + target player with camera autofollow ON = disorienting
I agree. The camera should definitely follow you 'into' kali and then lock on to you again when you shoot out.
: lack of counters to kalista in outside of botlane.
I guess all i can say is that if you solo top lane you loose out on your w passive and R. Sure you can bind the jungler, but its not getting maximum potential in lane. Maybe it will be too over powering if you can win lane easily and then roam. It would be an interesting break in the meta to say the least.
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: Kalista Impression
I can answer your question about the Q passing the stacks. It's supposed to be used for **waveclear**. You line up your Q so it will kill one minion and then pass the rest of the stacks and damage on to other minions. Try it in game; it's extremely effective.
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