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: Anivia uselles
Anivia is still pretty strong from what I witness.
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: So, can we talk about Mordekaiser?
I feel his W forces him to a supportive role, which is annoying, his Q lacks the wave clear it used to have, the dragon is excessively powerful, hit level 6 if you get dragon you can push towers like no tomorrow, it's really fucking overpowered and unnecessary, how are you supposed to counter that kind of skill? If his team gets drake you're almost guaranteed a tower or two, or even a champion since you can force it to attack the champions with it's insane damage.
: Color of PROJECT Master Yi and Lucian
I do Associate yi with the color green, but at the same time, he's supposed to be very twisted from his original self, so I'm torn, I'm not really bothered though.
: Love the new minions
I'm glad you people like it, I hope it goes through! I wonder, if it got 500 likes, maybe they'd consider it!
: Another idea is for themed skins like Pool Party, PROJECT, etc. If everyone on the team used the skins, then the minions would be the same theme as the skins.
That would be interesting too! A sort of, forced skin overhaul if everyone has it's champion counterpart ^-~
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: Could Tank Leblanc be "Overpowered" to low elos?
: Her percent damage is just fine. We need more of that to counter the tank meta which is her point. Vayne and Fiora are now tank shredders. Combined with last whisper/BoRK/black cleaver it's actually possible to kill a sion with 5000 hp and 250 armor/mr. Not to be rude but... Shut up about Riot's GOOD decisions. Peace.
My main role has always been tank and Now I've also been playing carry, and needless to say that the items that there are already allow you to shred pure tanks rather quickly, BoRK already gives % health damage based on enemies max, whisper already ignores a very good chunk of it and black cleaver shreds the rest of that armor rather quickly as well, not to mention the dozens of armor shredding abilities and passives that there are out there, having true damage based on max health for a passive is overpowered and really unfair for tanks especially since they are the ones who are supposed to be able to withstand most of the other's team damage so the carries can do their job, how can you do that if one of those people just annihilates you whether you're tanky or not? True damage is overpowered and should be treated as special, now every remade champion has a slice of that cake?
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: that is acutely a good idea :D i like it, but i think that skins should be common in a team not random and one team player can choose it and others accept it or not so not all players have to buy it
By random I meant, let's say you have a minion skin equipped right? One of the minions would have that skin, at random, like let's say first he's a caster, then after a couple of waves there's two melee ones. This assuming ONE person has it, then the numbers would add up depending on number of skins on team.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Mundo
Make the Q do Ukelele sounds, I'd love you forever.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Rek'Sai!
SUGGESTIONS: remove the goggles from REKSAI, it would make her look so much cooler, that's about it from me, the goggles really make her look stupid, rather than funny
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: Your ideas are pretty cool! But this sort of stuff doesn't belong here; it belongs on the [NA]( or [EU]( boards. The PBE boards are used for reporting bugs and giving feedback on stuff that needs to be tested. ^_^
~I thought as much, thanks though c:
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Please get informed before making threads, they didn't exclude that option in the future.
: Please don't release that skin Riot. I think you did a great job on every other Shyv skin but this one, seems more like a bad joke, I'm sorry if it sounds rude. In my Pov this Skin is so bad because of the coloring you changed from "Badass im the big black Dragon that is going to hunt you" (btw this is the reason I refunded my other Shyv skin and bought Darkflame, and I think most of the guys who bought it had the same idea). And now after the skin changes it's more like it has nothing to do with the black Dragon theme, it looks more like a Ironscale Shyvana that got more Armor or a MechaIronArmor Shyvana with purple Flames because mechas could have any flame colour thats why. For me I would be better if you rename the new skin you made into Mecha-Shyv and leave us our old loved BlackDragon (one of the best Skins). Because now I seriously feel like getting tricked on if this skin leaves gets on normal servers because I would have the feeling that would be simular to getting your Reaper Hecarim changed into Arcade Heca or Heartseaker Heca (Or you buy Bloodstone Taric and after texture its just AOTFA Taric). It's just not related to the reason why you bought the skin in the first place. So please please leave this skin black because the grey just can't create the same image. Still thank you Riot for trying to improve the game, but on this one i think its more of a downgrade instead of a improvement
up vote the thread so they see it if you believe so strongly in this.
: In my opinion I believe that the old dark flame skin has a better dark and evil feeling to it. But the face of the old one may need some retrxtures.
Now this i Agree on, rather than this weird recolor of the skin, just a small fix rather than a complete color overhaul
: I think its good enough.That's just my opinion :D
By good enough, do you mean the old or the new version?
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