: It's 30% less effective on damage over time - it's strong against those effects, but definitely doesn't nullify them. It doesn't react to proc damage (otherwise it would double dip - for example, reducing the damage from an ADC basic attack and then again from a BoRK proc), so it ignores Liandry's.
Sounds fair, the 30% reduced effect should probably be in the tooltip though. :) Does something like Anivia's ult count as damage over time for this purpose?
: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
Isn't the damage reduction passive on Spear of Shojin way too strong against champions that relies on many small ticks of damage? For instance I'm an Anivia main, and if the passive works on every individual tick of my ultimate it'll basically be nullified. Is there a way to normalize it so it's not vastly superior against either damage over time or burst damage? Either by having an internal cooldown or making it percentage reduction? Also, does it affect stuff like Liandry's damage?


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