: I don't think that combo justifies the cost of buying a nashors tooth.
Basically this build is not the best build, but it is a scaling build designed if you are behind, top lane, or need a tankier person on your team. With your full combo with passive you can bring tanky bruisers to about 30-50% health. With the nashors you can wack them down to 30% where your w passive can finish them from there. That's how I see nashor's tooth working: against takes and bruisers when you are a bruiser yourself.
: Abyssal Scepter
Yea lol, making it made out of bami's cinder+haunting guise would be perfect. You combine the two effects into one with the new abysal scepter: a sunfire cape that reduces enemy magic resist. Sure the 60 magic resist may seem like that comes out of now where, but this just makes more sense in build path.
: ashe could use a little game change
Yea i can understand where you are going. She doesn't run into much mana problems into the early game now in her live version compared to other adc's. She gets so much free damage early without much cost of any significant mana.
: Different idea for Ekko ult
I don't feel as though this is a good idea. This would create the same problem for characters as his w does, where it's actually use is very ambiguous and its practicality is questionable. It will feel very clunky, and though it creates a lot of counterplay on this champ, I think it would take away the smooth nature of this champ.
: The nerfs to Ekko do this.
He's basically one of those champions where if you do everything right, you can destroy almost everyone: look at foxdrop's kill on a nasus at about 22 minutes. (https://youtu.be/c4wfIpZHqWE?t=22m4s ) However, if you mess up it is very easy to get punished. This doesn't happen as often as it could because of the cooldown on his ult. I think his ult's cooldown is too low and it allows him turret dive his opponent at almost no risks basically every third minion wave.
: My goal aswell, I'm dying to try {{item:3716}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3078}} plus whatever else looks good after those three
Lol if you have two ap items, lich bane would be a lot better than a tri force. Maybe getting devourers, bortk, and tri is what you want. On-hit ekko is definitely not out of the question since he has good base ad and attack speed. His w passive works really well with on hit and his passive is the same.
: Ekko Ult Time Shadow
It's a bug, and they are planning to fix it so that you can only see the clone when you see Ekko himself. And they want to make the clone look like an actual ghost with the respective team color of course.
: Feedback on Ekko
I agree with you for the most part. I passive is a very important part about ekko. The slow and the movement speed buff are very good as that his only "reliable" escape. The damage on it is a bit bonkers since it isn't too hard to proc and 70% ap ratio is a bit overload. Reducing it down to about 60% would make it so that he doesn't one shot people as hard, but still give him that consistent damage feel. His Q can basically remain unchanged since it feel very unique and the damage on it is pretty neat, but not overboard. The return damage is hard to hit on champions unless at close range which makes it so that you can give ekko waveclear yet still not make him a high poke assasin. I like this design very much since whenever you send out a Q you actually feel like sending out a time bomb then "blows up" by returning to you. His W, however is a bit clunky. While it was designed to make players feel smart, it feels more skillful or sneaky using it rather than smart. It is more used like a zoning tool since the enemies basically say, "whatever we do, don't fight ekko in his w." The delay is a bit too long, and the animation is a bit ambiguous and often tricks me into thinking that the shield is activated. His E, in my opinion, is my favorite spell. I just love the two part dash system. It gives him a lot of in-combat mobility while limiting his out of combat mobility. It looks cool, it feels cool, it's damage is cool. The only problem i have with hit is that I don't think the bonus damage and 20% ratio should affect turrets. His R is very good the way it is. It makes you feel smart for placing your time clone in the right place, but it allows you to choose when to ult, and it doesn't feel awkward or random like his W. It's decently hard to hit so the damage ratio on it doesn't feel broken, but rather rewarding. Overall, I think that he has a very good design and feel. He looks cool, feels fast in game, and has overall slippery and smooth motions. His play style fits lore. However, he does lean on the side of over powered, and I think nerfing the damage on his passive and e damage to turrets would bring him to a better place. Changing the W would give him a smoother feel, but it is not necesary at all. I really like him and would probably get him once he gets live, even after his potential nerfs since I like his playstyle.
: Ekko ult should ignore snares
Ekko's ult would provide too easy of a way to get out and offer almost zero counterplay to a fed ekko if he can ult through snares or any hard cc. While it is thematically more fitting to ignore snares, he would also become the only assassin to not get countered by cc. Ekko is already strong enough as he is, and he does not need to be more slippery than that. Basically this allows the enemy to try to "chain cc" Ekko when he engages too deep. If the enemy lets even a quarter of a second no cc in their chain, Ekko can press R to escape.


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