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: Incredible post. Since Nexus Blitz was one PBE as well, this is in the right place. I agree with everything you said (especially the Caitlyn blessing on squishys, jesus is that ever annoying, even stealth doesn't make them lose aggro). Only thing I have to add is about the Blitz blessing: for the love of god, when you get hooked once, give the player a CD so he doesn't get hooked multiple times in a row. I once played Rengar, as soon as I jumped out of ult, Blitz hooked once, Blitz hook twice, and so on 4 times in a row. There should be a window for you to at least dodge or dash/flash out of their range, not get hook locked for 6 seconds. Also the Veigar one just seems underwhelming, no real idea behind it.
Fun fact about the Caitlyn blessing is that you cant even cc the minion to interupt the ult, itll still go out. Funnier thing to loot would be maybe Singed with permanent Q on or Nocturne/Graves/quinn that takes your vision inside a range around the champ, so you pretty much tunnel vision the reward since you have no idea whats going on around you anyway. The Blitz chainhooks are pretty annyoing thats true.
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: Nexus Blitz PBE V2 - Map Changes and New Events
Why did you revert the map changes around blue buff? They were much better.
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: Nexus Blitz PBE V2 - Map Changes and New Events
Maybe you saw the Feedback I left in an extra post (Was viewed by Jestercapp Its pretty much but Im just so happy with the mode and want it to be permanent, so just some quick thoughts on the new changes. The Map changes are very good! The other buff on bot was integrated well, but maybe it could even be a more important objective (something beetween a normal blue/red buff and herald), something to take down with 2/3 players after a successful bot gank instead of just a second blue buff. The layout changes around blue buff above midlane feel great and I dont see any possible improvements after ~6 games. But still the empty path that goes from the base beneath the turrets to botlane feels a bit weird. Looking forward to new events, but please keep an eye on unfair locations, in my 6 games today, 2 bardle royales ended in enemy turret range, 1 king of the hill 80% inside enemy jungle turret range and another king of the hill inside our base when our inhib turret was still up. Please overthink snowball fight again, so far the only event that feels a bit unfun (For more feedback regarding events and more stuff pls check the link above).
: Since they are probably adding in the new Nunu, and possibly updating any bugs, changes, ect to the new Nexus Blitz mode, probably yeah, they will be using the whole 10 hour "Extended Maintenance" time. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
alright time to take a day of to start playing at 5am (germany)
: For the sake of god ! No Rioter will read this !! If you really wish to make ANY changes you MUST discuss them [Here]( There is a reason that a rioter makes a thread ! I'm not a rioter.
the feedback I commented there was left unanswered. The extra feedback post I wrote was answered by a Rioter from the Nexus Blitz Design team, so Im not sure about that.
: probally today
not sure where you live but with the notification saying "10 hours downtime" thats tomorrow at 5am for me..
: The pbe assignment system
Im on PBE since 2012 and in my games its always been people being extremly toxic and going afk. They dont fear any punishment on PBE and I have the bad feeling theyre right.
: Nexus Blitz (specifically Bardle Royale mechanics)
I see that a majority agrees with your suggestion, I dont really like it though (and its of course totally fine if you dont agree with me, just keep the discussion cunstructive), heres my opinion: Getting warped back to base breaks the flow of the game. I will be super unfun to be ported back to your base in the middle of an ongoing quadra kill. Its your responsibility to go back and prepare for the upcoming event, thats why you get a time 30 seconds before. I dont really like the idea of the circle ending in the center either. It is totally fine for me to have the zone and in front of the enemy base as long as the turret is already destroyed. Its just a matter of coding to have the circle end at a comfortable spot that is not necessarily the center. Some other points: First event should never be Bardle Royale: Juggernaut, at this point non tanks have less than 1000 hp, and all of a sudden theres a damage dealer with over 3000 hp. The last event should never be Bardle Royale either. If it takes too long, Sudden death will start with 2 or 3 of your teammates on a 50+ seconds death timer.
: Or add a second queue - Draft without - Draft with ban system just like on sr
This would split the community too much and generate longer queue times.
: Thanks again for your detailed feedback! Speaking to the last point: if the mode becomes permanent, we will definitely explore new thematics and less-explored areas of Runeterra to make this map stand out. I've shared the other notes about map layout with our designers. :)
: Patch notes for today: 8/6 We're doing a number of champion specific balance changes to bring up the weaker ends of the champ pool. Overall feeling is that single target DPS chars are pretty weak so we're buffing up a number of them. Also seems like tanks are pretty strong, so nerfing down some of their late game health and resists. May need to take a stronger system wide approach in the future, but we'll see how things shakeout on live. > Champions: > Ezreal > AD:: 60 + 2.5/lvl >>> 63 + 3/lvl > AS/lvl:: 1.5% >>> 2.5% > Base MP/5:: 8.1 >>> 12 > > Lee Sin > AD/lvl:: 3.2 >>> 4.5 > HP/lvl:: 85 >>> 95 > > Azir > AS/lvl:: 1.5% >>> 3% > Base Mana:: 438 >>> 500 > > Rek'sai > AD/lvl:: 3.35 >>> 4.5 > HP/lvl:: 85 >>> 100 > > Cassiopeia > Base HP:: 537 >>> 580 > Base Mana:: 418 >>> 500 > Base MP/5:: 8 >>> 11 > > Ivern > Can now attacc jungle monsters. Will be re-enabled soon. > > Nasus > Q Stack multiplier:: 2.5 >>> 2 (same as ARAM) > > Items: > Cinderhulk > Bonus HP mult:: 15% >>> 10% > > Runic Echoes > Fixed a bug where it was 400 gold cheaper than intended > > Force of Nature > Magic Resist:: 100 >>> 90 >
Hey, I made an extra post for some pretty detailed Nexus Blitz feedback. Since Im not sure if it will reach the right people in this thread or as its own post, I just wanted to leave the link here. TL;DR Mode is great but still needs work.
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: And I fail to see what recycle assets do with my post.
Those bushes are a recycled asset.. Those old bushes look much thinner and dont represent their actual 'hitbox' + its just the same bunch lined up in a row. Riot will replace the assets making it just regular bushes. And 'fix bug' is no feedback, its pretty obvious that an experimental mode has bugs thatll be fixed over time.
: Thanks so much for taking the time to write detailed feedback! The graphics are very useful as well. :) I'm definitely sharing this with our designers to discuss. (Getting red name set up on my PBE account, but rito Nexus Blitz artist here)
Thanks for taking the time to read it :) I guess theres a reason you shared this game mode in such an early state and its definetly the job of the community to give as much feedback as possible if they want to have a great game mode to play. I really like the mode so far and I want it to be something permanent players have fun with, thats why I share my thoughts.
: Nexus Blitz Feedback.
They use recycled assets and while it is a bit annoying atm it will obviously be fixed once they replace the placeholder assets.
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: So your team bans Yasuo, Talon, Fizz, Yi and Katarina. So 5 tryhard champions are gone. But now the enemy team picks Zed, Zoe, LeBlanc, Kha'zix and Rengar. What did your bans accomplish in this scenario? All it accomplishes is occasionally deny somebody a champion they want to play. When it comes to actual gameplay experience, there are tons of champions that are going to kill you without it feeling fair, so whoever you are up against doesn't matter.
I understand your point, but its just not my opinion. I prefer bans.
: I hope it doesn't have bans. It's supposed to be a for fun bloodbath not a tryhard game mode. Besides especially in a game mode like this, even if you ban 10 champions all that happens is the next 10 obnoxious champions will show up.
The bans are to prevent tryhard level 7 yasuo mains and 9 other obnoxious tryhards. And the next 10 obnoxious champions are at least less obnoxious.
: "Sudden Death" gives too much advantage to the losing team
So the last event before walking nexus should never be bardle royale and its fine.
: While i think a ban system might be good for a full release, its not good for testing imo. PBE is a place to test first and foremost. That being said, Yis weaknesses are still prevalent in this mode; Easy to CC and kill, and exhaust is quite potent.
Havent lost to a Yi yet, but Yasuo, holy crap. And im pretty sure the mode will have bans on Live Servers, like you said, its not good for testing.
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: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
Is there any chance to be definitely invited? :/ I would highly appreciate presenting this to youtube.
: [WE'RE BACK FOLKS] Kindred disabled until 9/18
I rly hope that this will only fix the passive UI bug at dont cap it against monsters yet. Id rly love to oneshot Baron at least once before u cap it.
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: [Zeke's Herald] Cassiopeia get 5000 AP
So i made a second video testing some dmg. Also shows that it doesnt have to be Cassio. Riot should keep this, its fun!
: [Zeke's Herald] Cassiopeia get 5000 AP
Oh okay you already shared my video. Just had some more fun with the bug with Cassio, Veigar, Karthus and Nunu. Wanted to post it now^^ And to correct ur Repro steps: This has NOTHING to do with Cassiopeia. You can do this with every Champ u want. I picked Cassio because of her +30% AP Passive!
: @Riot, Any updates on a Guinsoo's Rageblade rework?
Full Hybrid Jax! Works just great on him. Be honest.. if theyd rework it, keeping it a hybrid item you would still dont buy it cause there are not that many hybrid champions. So just keep it and let hybrid Jax players have their fun.
: After playing game client doesn't re-open.
Im having the same problem since months. Only way that would fix this might be to reinstall the PBE but I dont rly feel like doing it.
: [Karthus] - Karthus health bar dissapears with leathal damage and reappears at 1hp
Me neither thats y im asking :D
: Ashe with full crit damage runes does not increase her crit damage
Hey i created a formula calculate the bonus she gets from crit dmg (this formula only counts when u have IE in ur itembuild): (300 x Crit Chance + 3 x Crit Chance x Bonus Crit Dmg with Runes) / 200 . So basicly when you go Crit dmg Marks and Quins u have 33% Bonus Crit Dmg and u have IE and Phantom Dancer (55% Crit Chance) ur bonus should be 110%. If this is not the case its bugged. :)
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: Tested with sandstorm? Any specific skins causing the issue maybe?
Well I did enough with the given information. Not going to test every Vlad skin with basic and sandstorm Ekko^^
: Ekko's stun allows Vlad to be attacked/targeted while in his pool... Not sure if bug?
So I tested it and I cant rly see the problem. Vlad is not even getting stunned in pool form [Check Here](
: PBE should be limited on new champ arrivals
So I am a German Youtuber. Everytime something new and important comes to PBE I test it to make a video about it. For example Ashe rework or Ekko (also major balance changes or Items like Abyssal or Black Cleaver before). The thing is that when for example a new champ is released like Ekko I dont come to play something else. This is wasted time that I dont have (especially because my client crashes after every game and I dont wait 3 hours for not playing Ekko and then wait 3 more hours). And here comes the funny thing that might confuse some of u: I join the chatroom and kindly ask the players if they might join me to let me record an Ekko game. And it works. I dont even know why u are complaining about the people dodging, its them having the 3 hours login queue again not you.
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: Yeah that would be nice, but it wouldn't be a perfect solution :/ We still need to test new champion interactions with other champions. It might decrease amount of leavers in champion select, but not much. Riot should try it.
I didn't mean this to be a solution for the problem with the leavers. More an alternative for decreasing these frustating moments when u just cant test the champ. Of course u need to test the interaction with other champ. But when the Champ is new and like everyone wants to play him this would be the best way for everyone to get a first impression.
: Create a custom game and add as many bots as you want.
Ill quote this for u: "[...] custom games are limited to 2 or even 3 players." Ure welcome.
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