: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Kingdoms Jax
quick feedback! Bugs: 1. the ult passive shouldn't override the W animation! (I hope this is a bug) 2. attacking with W while using E reverts him to using his staff instead of the blade. 3. (This is a small one) the passive flame does not go out from its hole if Jax puts a point in his ult until he gains or loses a stack of his passive. 4. using Q on the plants uses the Q effect of hitting an enemy unit 5. (This is a small one) using S (hotkey to stop the champ from AA) while using E repeatedly will stop the staff from spinning (or make it spin really fast) 6. (this is a funny one) auto-attacking while using E while having a lot of attack speed makes the staff spin really fast! (works properly if he is not attacking) 7. holding the ult passive for few seconds stops him from using its animation when attacking (VFX still applies) 8. canceling the W or ult passive attack still plays its SFX. (not sure if this can get fixed) 9. deadman's plate creates too many ghostly images of Jax. (looks really bad from his back) opinions: 1. I think the passive flames should be spread on two's (2,4,6,8) rather than in the last 4 stacks (5,6,7,8). usually, Jax has a lot of attack speed so its hard to see its progression in the last few stacks. 2. I think the SFX sounds is a bit too loud/sharp with how spammy they get. 3. just like how the animation and VFX differ depending on the distance on his Q, the SFX should follow suit. 4. feel pretty weird without a running animation (not homegaurd) 5. how about having the joke in his joke animation have a low chance to hatch a different animal from the egg? Overall: really like the theme of the skin, makes him feel like a boss especially with these SFXs with a lot of attack speed, but they may get a bit annoying since all of them are sharp sounds and they get spammed quite a lot. I would love to test him again when the bugs get fixed especially numbers 1, 3 and 7.
: Aphelios PBE Thread
Positives: 1. model looks unique and easy to identify. 2. the abilities feel impactful. 3. the champion has a lot of creativity. 4. like the sniper animation so much! 5. grav-cannon Q and ult felt good! 6. his skin is really good! 7. the transition from each weapon is so smooth. Negatives: 1. his model colors make it feel like I have the sniper chosen. 2. his base skin doesn't differentiate between the weapons enough (the banners color should change like his skin) (some transitions make the banner swap colors thrice in his skin) (his skin's banner for chakram and sniper blend easily into the map) 3. the sniper Q and marked AA breaks the flow if aphelios has a lot of attack speed. 4. using attack move with with pistol's Q makes aphelios stop if there is a target in his attack range. 5. sometimes the animation transitions are cut short especially on the sniper. 6. flamethrower Q doesn't feel impactful. 7. you can make the champion slide when you cancel some AAs (also got him stuck moonwalking once) 8. the bonus armor penetration feels so bad. 9. having a lot of attack speed makes pistol Q animation look weird. 10. his skin doesn't show the ammo on the right of the screen if you have 10 or lower rounds. 11. there is a white line around the bullets shown on the side when you have low ammo. (looks as if the rounds picture didn't get cropped properly (was using a 2k screen)) 12. AAing while kiting with the pistol sometimes doesn't play the AA animation. 13. grav-cannon mark can be easily lost on large targets. 14. flamethrower flames can be easily misunderstood to how its dmg distribution works. (grave's AA has each bullet deal a % of the damage while aphelios flamethrower does 100% for each bullet) Suggestions: 1. I wish there is a reminder for the offhand weapon. kinda easy to forget what the other weapon is in some cases. (this is worse for the non-default skin) 2. put a limit on how many temporary chakrams you can have. (too much damage vs tanks) 3. rapid-fire cannon should remove the range indicator on the sniper. 4. reduce the text size when using his E and include the weapon too e.g. severum -> severum (pistol) 5. always make chakram Q cast at max range even if it was cast outside of its range (similar to Heimerdinger Q) 6. pistol ults starts blue than changes to red (base skin) Notes: 1. the sniper range indicator is a bit further than the real range (using attack move) 2. the AA range while using pistol Q is reduced (can get annoying when using attack move) 3. pistol Q stacks conqueror and PTA really quickly Thoughts: really like the champion, feels snappy with enough attack speed. I felt like I knew what I was doing going from one weapon to another while using the spells even though I didn't fully know what I was doing. his skin is was better than the default model. chakram may be a bit too powerful early into the game and grav-cannon slow is a bit too much or too long (or both). sniper felt the best with these animations while flamethrower felt a bit to unimpactful visually. pistol ult felt a bit lackluster compared to the others. I didn't get the chance to test the sounds so there is nothing here about it.
: New Color Control and Screen Shake Options
as you have said, this is an option that's present on many other games but not in LOL for some reason. It is really nice to see someone who really wants the games to reach at least the minimal expectations people have of one of the most popular games in the world. great job and really appreciated. I want to ask if it is possible to have different settings for different champions similar to what Overwatch have? and have a checkbox of whether if we want to allow casting abilities even if the curser was over the max range? (e.g. Ziggs Q, recently Malphite ult)
: Game crashing
[see my thread](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/ZvIkTqj8-how-i-fixed-my-crashes-for-pbe-urf) It may help you.
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: FEEDBACK WANTED - Alpha Strike
i don't know if this is a bug or no but when yi Q on a target and the main target dies in the middle of the duration of his Q, he will deal damage and return to his original place.


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