: Below, I am going to try and explain what the message means, but tl;dr: **it's not a bug.** "In order to unlock a Mystery Item your available items pool needs to be 10, your available items pool is 9." An items pool (in this case for skins) is all the skins that you don't have but can receive with a mystery gift. This pool needs to be 10 or higher in order for you to get one. You have an items pool of 9, meaning there's 9 skins you don't have that could be received through mystery chests. Simply said, your pool is not big enough anymore, hence you can no longer receive mystery skins. This is intended.
I see thank you, I didnt know if it was a bug or not. Appreciate it!
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: Yep, looks like a bug slipped through that's impacting random items. Thanks for the report! I'll update when it's resolved.
Awesome to hear that youre looking into it. Thank you very much.
: Cannot add skin from loot.
I had something similar to this, iirc I think its cause I had the skin unlocked already.
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: Server Condition Bad After Maintenance and Update
Have 29-30 ping and lagging like crazy, champs will be gliding around or even teleporting around. Abilities will go off at random times after I've quick casted. Game is unplayable at this point.
: Trading not working in ARURF
Can confirm, trading not working in champ select.


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