: TBH, i'm really disappointed with the rework. I was a passionate skarner player in late S2/early S3, and the permaslow was what made out Skarner the most to me. I do understand this had to be removed for counterplay purpose, but 2.5 seconds slow on such a small missile with this really huge cooldown, this takes almost all reliable cc away from him. if the cd was around 5 seconds, i'd be fine with it, but his current state is just a huge nerf to an already underplayed champion
I found that his jungle (both clear time and sustain) just got wayyyyy better... I was clearing the jungle without taking much damage at all. His build path still feels a little fractured to me in terms of items, however. I feel like I want every stat in the game but I also don't feel like I benefit quite like a Jax does for that.
: No Sounds on PBE
same here... no "minions have spawned" or anything...
: Orianna nerf again?
To me, Orianna is the definition of balanced. She's been played in basically the same form for season 2, 3 and now 4. She never gets out of hand in terms of win rate or play %. I can see the argument being made that she's "too well rounded" and represents a bit of a "mendoza line" for the game (i.e. if you can't go even with Orianna then you probably shouldn't play that champ) but those are arguments to nerf/buff her (take a little bit of power from somewhere and give it to her somewhere else) in an attempt to make her slightly more "niche". Simply stripping her of a big chunk of defense seems a little drastic given what we've seen from Orianna over the last 18 months.
: Heal Reduction Item(s)
I'd like to see them get a next tier item... Both of those items are efficient in the "per gold" sense of the word but they're sooooo slot inefficient that it makes you want to cry. Simply giving them some sort of ~3k total value upgrade would be really helpful.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Here's my thoughts in no particular order I don't like the design on E as it stands. There's absolutely no reason to level it as a skill. You get 30 extra damage per level (same as W), pay 5 more mana and get .5 second of the cooldown. Compare that to W (1 second, 30 damage and the center area slow increases...) and you have a real no brainer as to which to level second. Throw on top of that the giant hit box on E and it becomes a pretty "meh" ability IMO... I'd suggest making it not increase in mana at a minimum... I felt dirty leveling it even late game simply for .5 seconds and 30 damage... His passive feels REALLY powerful in the early and late game. I was able to nearly perma spam Q in lane and late game was getting back 200+ on a champion AA. I think it scales as high as 350. This does create weird engagement windows for the enemy (I think he's low on mana and... "oh wait"). His W is nice. Not easy to land but not too hard. I'd like to see him get a better, more dynamic graphic for his Q charge. I feel like if he's standing in a minion crowd, it's really difficult for the enemy to notice that I'm even charging. Compare this to Varus for which there's very little ambiguity. The fact that there's no directional indicator means you really have no problem landing the perfect shot (cast time is pretty quick). Also, is it intended that silences will interrupt his Q? Silence doesn't work as an interrupt on any other skill that I'm aware of so I wasn't sure... Will his R get a better sound affect? It looks cool but has basically a nothing for the sound affect.

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