: Sejuani Feedback Thread
The update is reasonably fun to play, but as someone who has mained AP Sej since only a couple months after I started playing this game, it makes me sad to see my way of playing her all but deleted. I'd be fine if AP Sej wasn't viable. Hell, she hasn't really been viable since patch 5.10. All it would take to make her playable -- really bad, but playable -- would be a 15% or so AP scaling on her W hits, the same as 1 tick of her old W. I know I'm in a super small niche here, but it just sucks to see a build I spent a long time learning to play become unplayable.
: What makes you think _you_ of all people are able to determine what's healthy or not based on your track record of outrageously toxic and unfun designs?
I don't think the Morde rework was well-conceived either, but there's no need for the ad-hom...
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: [ Suggestion ] Thresh's Q may be used on teammates
Thresh is already really overloaded as it is. This might be a good idea on a future champion, but Thresh has so much already tacked on to his kit that he doesn't need another extra effect on Q.


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