: 2 updates later no fix nice priorities
No permanent fix at least, I can say that it has seemed to have gotten less frequent on my end. Providing logs is about the only way we can help them figure out what's going on.
: Hey, this happened to me too but before a normal game. I found[ this post ](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/Tb1fUZFV-known-issue-were-unable-to-log-you-in-because-you-may-be-offline) which fixed the grayed out sign in button. It's really annoying and caused me to get penalized from a remake because of this, but at least there's a solution.
I'll try that if I ever forget, but I haven't had to totally kill LeagueClient.exe and have been able to get back in. I can confirm that the servers are more stable this patch cycle, so a big thanks to Riot for doing everything they can.
: i just got punsihed by leaver buster system BECAUSE OF BLUE SCREEN
It's an automatic system. Since you weren't in the game, it decided you were a leaver. Unfortunately, things like that happen. There's really no reason to fight it out though, it's just a sign that the system works exactly as intended.
: Literally just happened to me. Got to my lane, got inside the bush, and boom I disconnect. I closed the client, and it took forever to come back up. Then when it finally came back up, I couldn't log back in..
Yeah, don't close your client if that happens. Use Task Manager to terminate the main LeagueClient.exe process, and it'll keep the client open, and will allow you to reconnect.
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: Annie and Tibbers
This is still present, not sure if it's intentional, but it is quite annoying to have Tibbers simply give up the chase because of losing vision.
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: Malzahar's Voidlings and Leashing Jungle Mobs
Riot apparently silently addressed this by fixing a bug in which Voidlings continued spawning outside the normal intended mechanic, which should make it theoretically reasonable now.
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: It only downloads game files over and over again if client wasn't extrated correctly. In other words, it downloads the game temporarily and removes all of its files after completely closing the client/shutting down the pc.
Keep in mind that it hasn't FINISHED patching before. I may try re-extracting it just in case.
: >I had to unzip the folder in order to run the PBE launcher in the first place. Sometimes it only unzips temporarily. Be sure to drag & drop the whole PBE folder from the zip file. Something wrong is with extraction process. I am keeping my PBE folder on desktop as well, but so far I never had anything like this. You could try to place it on C disk or somewhere else too.
I've been able to access the folder with no problem o-o are you sure that this is the problem?
: Did you extract Client files out of PBE_Client_Shell.zip or League of Legends PBE.dmg file? --- #Windows Users > 1. Download the Windows PBE client. [Click Here](http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/PBE/PBE_Client_Shell.zip) > 2. Open "PBE_Client_Shell.zip". > * If you can't open a *.zip* file, I recommend you to use either WinRar or 7-Zip software. > 3. Extract (or drag and drop) PBE folder somewhere on your computer. > * **!!!** Do not place PBE folder in your main League of Legends or Riot Games folders **!!!**. > 4. Create a shortcut of "lol.launcher.exe" or "lol.launcher.admin.exe" and place it on your desktop and rename it to "PBE" or any other name, so you could seperate it from main League of Legends client shortcut. > 5. Launch PBE and wait until patcher is going to download the files and complete the installation. > * Don't panic if the patcher is going to be stuck and some point, it's just installing the files. #Mac Users > 1. Download the Mac PBE client. [Click Here](http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/Mac_ShellInstaller/PBE/League%20of%20Legends%20PBE.dmg) > 2. Open "League of Legends PBE.dmg". > 3. Copy and paste "League of Legends PBE.app" to the directory where you want it to run from (e.g. Applications). > 4. Double click on the League of Legends PBE.app to run the launcher and start patching. > * Don't panic if the patcher is going to be stuck and some point, it's just installing the files.
btw, Hai Lunar. But yes. I had to unzip the folder in order to run the PBE launcher in the first place. I have the folder on my desktop, bypassing the League Client. So there shouldn't be a conflict in that regard.
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: Champion mastery
The info already here is pretty relevant, but it feels like a big "screw you" to Crystal Scar and TT for making the maps/modes even more useless. I'm hoping to at least see Champ mastery enabled on Aram/TT
: [BUG] Blue side Minions are a lot stronger than Red side ones
I'll give this a test with the following conditions. - Me in jungle farming - Checking minion levels every 2-3 mins - Not attacking minions/turrets directly or indirectly
: Champ Select bug
I got a hellish version of this bug, see here: http://prntscr.com/76ez14 No Sound, No Champ select UI at all Queue: Aram It's worth mentioning that Chat still works.
: [LULU] Lulu's Pix is literally coded as a minion
Not to mention the other colossal string of bugs resulting from Pix being a minion, such as Pix's permadeath if Lulu dies, Lulu's E totally failing due to Pix being gone, and all sorts of potential crashes.
: [Lulu] 'Help Pix' E. Not activating but going on CD and using Mana
So basically everyone is saying and seeing this about the same. For some reason, Pix is being treated as if she's actually a minion/monster. Pix has a set amount of hp/mana, is targetable, and when her mana is gone, she can no longer shield. The skin doesn't matter, and when Lulu dies, Pix dies permanently. This causes Her E (both shield and Vision proc) to stop functioning, because Pix is not around to give the effect. Q Still functions, as does W and R. This bug is game-breaking, to the point where if you use {{summoner:32}} after Pix dies permanently, then the game crashes.


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