: [Bug] Pantheon's E does no damage.
Had this problem as well on the new rift.
: I went too have a look at viktors new remake in a custom and found this too so i tried changing between champions and everyone crashed at "30 seconds until minions spawn" This crash is not related too the shadows bug because i have always run shadows so this is a different one.
Yeah I had a game crash just now with a Viktor on the enemy team. On the normal blind pick (SR VU).
: Bug Splat when connecting.
Same with me, been getting when trying to enter a custom on the updated rift.
: Game stuck but not in a game.
Yeah same here, I started a custom and it froze on the champion select last second. "Prepare for battle to begin!" and when I exited the client and relogged it showed this. Confused on what's going on.


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