: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
You may have fixed this already, unless of course it was intentional in the first place, but as {{champion:6}} I was able to hit the nexus minion with my e flip. This was pretty funny to behold, but I was trying to hit an enemy champion behind it, so unless you've made it so hitting it with abilities will make his w target the nexus, witch would be great, I think you should make it move aside like other minions/monsters.
: ·The map can be like an Ionian magic forest themed, with new jungle creatures, and the Herald can be replaced with a mystical tree boss (like Cherrymon) with a Baron effect. ·The event of the "mini Sion ult payload" is way too fast. ·It will be nice an event that throws mini Ziggs ults, forcing to rare teamfights. (like red zone in PUBG) 8/1/18: ·The snow ball fight isnt exiting at all, you can try to deny champion abilities during that event. ·Why "Bardle Royale" and not "Bandle Royale"? ·The "Sudden Death: Nexus Blitz" can be, like my idea avobe, mystic ionian creatures that emerges of the ground where the nexus, o magic ionian core, is.
I like the snowball idea, but you would also need to disable auto attacks to make it fair.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
If you are going to leave autofill in, please give the ability to trade with somebody. If you get into champ select and find out you are jg, but one of your teammates is much more ok with being jg then you, it would suck not to be able to swap roles with them.
: 500 range means you can be getting attacked by their ADC whilst you're on their mage and not having someone who is attacking you count towards the 3 enemy champions needed for it to activate given that most ADCs have 550 range autos. Keeping the range below ADC auto range to discourage them from using it just makes it weaker for melees in reducing damage from ADCs. Just make it melee only so you don't need to perform a limbo dance with the activation range.
Every time a rioter says "melee only" an urgot main suffers
: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
I have only 1 question: {{champion:6}} ?


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