: Ekko Bug Report Thread
I just played a game with Ekko and when I bought the homeguard upgrade it's effect wouldn't go off.. So I think homeguard is bugged on this champ? Has someone else experienced this?
: [Thresh] – Lantern didnt work
Confirmed! Did exact the same steps and didn't get the latern/shield
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: @Riot : Any news from Replay ?
It would indeed be a handy feature when playing as a ranked team on the public servers.. So people could analyse what went wrong at certain moments..
: I would suggest that the **"Play Again" button** in the Post-Game Screen should be available for everyone and trigger a **rematch request** to all participants of the last game (that can be accepted or declined). It could have some neater wording like "Rematch" that can be repeated as many times as you like. I instead had to ask for a rematch and then create a custom game and invite my previous opponent. If you could remake the game faster and without adding the people, I think you are on a way to a great solution. Edit: Please take a look at my **detailed feedback post** [here](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/q60puAJO-showdown-detailed-feedback-and-proposals).
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: [Game Files / In-Game Chat] Missing Required Variables
got the same messages! also posted them on another topic
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: Announcer, voices, and spell sounds silent.
confirmed, doesnt play with me either
: Mastery Prompt on the PBE
My pages have been wiped also..


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