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: reported for racism :)
You should really learn how to argue with someone without reporting them for racism.
: reported for racism :)
Report him for calling out your toxic ass, lol
: Lulu is bugged in TFT
Maybe stop complaining that you're one of the minority that can play the game mode in the first place? Most of us can't get in, I'm sorry if one part of the game doesn't work exactly the way it should.
: Get rekt son{{summoner:14}}
Let me guess. You're one of those fucking disgraces that got in to the PBE by pure luck, and hasn't closed it for 24 hours? Yeah, I thought so.
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: IKR My story:I waited 3 hours in the wait queue, only for when i made it to "1" it said, "A PROBLEM HAS OCCURED" and now i'm sitting in it for approximately another hour. ...
Waited 4 hours, an unexpected error has occurred. Bull. Shit.
: sad
Waited 4 hours, "an unexpected error has occurred". Fun.
I waited 4 hours last night, then got a server error. That's the real bullshit, at least you get to log in eventually,
: that's what my friend sees that's what i'm looking at! What?
Same for me. My friend sees that I'm online, I'm actually not.
: Waited 5 hours to have an "unexpected error" when i was just about to log in.
Same for me. Waited 4 hours, all my friends got in, I did not. Tried 3 more times, same issue. Actual bullshit.
: cant launch a game
Same for me. Normals aren't working. Appears to be caused by the new skins.
: yeah... mord already needs nerfing.
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