: Login Queue Bullshit
yea thats cuz my account was inactive for quite a long time (i had np pc for about a year)
: Yes finally I logged in I'm never logging out
people like you are responsible for the other peoples 26h queues. go fck urself u little dipshit
: It's PBE, there's a player cap. It's gonna go live in a few days.
Its not about goddamn TFT bro... its about the PBE which i use regularly bc its important to me that there arent any big gamebreaking things coming to live servers. but well seemingly thats must how it is now
: mine is at 2h 7min for 4 hours. patience.
mine jumped from 13h 6min to 26h and 35 min again. patience my ass this is going on for three days now.
: Login Queue Bullshit
tbh can't be more grateful for this one. Im currently jumping from queue position "over 9000" and 12h 35min remaining to "over 9000" 27h 22min. After i waited that time i cant log in. Or the PBE is down for maintenance. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Everytime i get kicked out of queue these times are getting higher and hiher. Fix pls


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