: Would Yuumi be Heartseeker? I thought that was reserved for ADCs. Wouldn't she be Sweetheart?
"Since they are a duo of lovely destruction and we normally name ADC’s in this line Heartseekers. We envisioned them as junior Heartseekers from the start! :D Clearly, Yuumi is new to this, haha." Verbatim Quote from Katey on this exact question :P https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/1220086281222279168
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Chromas!
As for Yuumi Chromas, Talked about it on Twitter and while I understand the difference between props and vfx, I really disagree with the previous decisions to not change the colors of vfx with chromas. We've seen before the work be done and then suddenly be discarded (IJ Morgana for example). It can definitely be done, so I don't understand why you guys seem to be so blatantly against it - Whether Yuumi gets some love or not Chroma wise (Model wise, I love them all, you did an amazing job and I'm so happy and relieved its not lpp XD) Would love to hear some insight on the decision of no color changed vfx on chromas.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Chromas!
Credit to SanguiphiliaPBE on the Jinx Feedback thread for pointing this out originally (as far as I can see) but the Rainbow Chroma for Jinx looks way too similar to Zoe's base skin in my opinion. You can see a side by side of them [here](https://imgur.com/mJ7p92V). I personally think it should be adjusted, Sanguiphilia posted a few examples which you can see [here](https://imgur.com/1H0M8Kj). _ I'm a big fan of the pink and blue option._ (I'd post the images directly, but no idea how to so click the hyperlinks to see.) ~~In case the Hyperlink somehow breaks~~ **Side by side Comparison:** https://imgur.com/mJ7p92V **Edits:** https://imgur.com/1H0M8Kj
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Yuumi!
Not gonna lie, I was slightly worried about Yuumi's second skin as Battle Academia kinda missed the mark for me but this, **THIS**, _**I LOVE THIS**_ . Get it? _Love? Heartseeker? Please laugh._ **ANYWAYS, LET'S GET INTO THE FEEDBACK** * Really love how the ult features the weapon of each of the previous Heart Seekers, that's a really good touch and a nice nod to the skin line. * Loving the auto attack animation * When I first saw the name of the skin, I was kind of hoping the Q would be an arrow (Like she was cupid and shooting people with it) but to my surprise it's not and while I'm a little disappointed I'm also happy with this one; Good Job Rito! * Her eyebrows do **pop** a little too much for my personal taste, but that could just be because I'm really not used to seeing cat's with eyebrows. Perhaps shrink them a little or soften the color? They just seem a little weird. Now, the one thing I don't really like about this skin: **The wings.** _**They're really, really small**_. So small that when I first saw the turn arounds I didn't even notice them, and when I saw the splash I almost freaked out because the splash had wings and the model didn't. (I checked three times and then finally noticed them.) I understand if its out of scope or would cause too many clarity issues, but I think the wings need to either be bigger or have maybe a different color to give them more pop. Take the pop from the eyebrows and add it instead to the wings and I'll love this skin even more. Overall, I give it a 7/10. Really like it, Not the skin I was expecting or really hoping for~~ (Was praying for Detective Yuumi personally but she's probably off hunting that mafia poro down, She'll catch him one day!) ~~ But this is still a very very welcome skin. I love all the little details and how it's simple yet complicated. Good job Skin team <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Edit: Something so minor I forgot to even include it in my list, her tail looks a little weird, not sure what the goal with it was but to me it just seems like its a random ball for...reasons? Idk. Just adding this in real quick~
: 2020 Skins Feedback Changes
Excited to see how the new system works and to see if it helps make it feel like feedback is getting noticed and acted on more. Here's to a new year of awesome skins! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Made a new splash art edit. I can't believe you guys are just going to ignore the feedbacks. That's just sad. https://imgur.com/a/GKDqjaw
They aren't ignoring the feedback, the thread literally got 10 comments YESTERDAY. It's more sad you're ignoring them not ignoring feedback.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
Gonna plop this here as I sort of forgot to even though I put it on Reddit and on Twitter (Derp derpity derp me) I feel like the border color clashes way too much with the actual Splash she has; I went into photoshop and came out with a rosy gold border color and I feel it compliments the splash and Nami much better then the Brass one ~ Edited Border is [here](https://imgur.com/a/hWHvhOB) - I'd change the gem to match her eyes if me and photoshop got along more. Also just to give my 2 cents on the subject, I really like the magical vs. watery vfx and sfx the skin has, Nami already has Deep Sea, Koi, Urf, Base, and Riverspirit that are all purely water - This to me is a welcome change from the usual. Program was also watery in appearance of W at least in my appearance so maybe even 5 and a half skins of water vfx.
: Is the bug where her hair floats to the side and clips her face? I was hoping this wasnt intentional lol
Yeah, the hair floating to the side and the dress in the back being a star is both bugged atm, should be fixed soon hopefully.
: Re: splash art and load screen border big fan of the splash art, but the border seems odd juxtaposed against the deep blues and pinks of the splash. if it's not too much of a time-sink, change the load screen border to include more of the deep blues and pinks? maybe something like wound tree branches with sakura flowers to match the splash. thanks so much!
Agreed, the Load Screen border definitely stands out a bit too much for my taste, I love the design of it but the bright brass looks very Brash and Overbearing compared to the calm hues of the splashart.
: Hi i wonder if you know that Riven,s Prestige Windslash has a bugged particle which shows litterally faces in it. i cant post the picture here. It doesnt work here. you can see the picture from the post i made on the board and its also on Riven main Reddit btw i love the skin. I heard some say like the auto sound happening slighty before the auto attack rlly happens
To post pictures just upload them to Imgur and link it that way ^^
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Immortal Journey & Championship Ryze Chromas!
For Splendid Staff Nami the Tanzanite chroma (Purple one, not sure I got the name right.) looks like its tooo purple if that makes any sense? I think its because in all the other chroma's the block of color is broken up by the bow on her torso being a different color and the contrast between light and dark being stronger. I'd suggest maybe trying to change that bow color to maybe a light purple or a green to match her staff to break it up a little, because as it is the bow sort of blends into the rest of her and I think that's what might be causing the issue. Other then that all pleased on the chroma's appearance, Haven't had the chance to play them in game yet.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
I can see that other people have reported this but I got the same issue: After I spun around in a circle enjoying the new tail physics the skin offers, her hair and dress around her torso completely spazzed out. [Imgur Link showing it](https://imgur.com/a/wKBEFVR) This only occured while I was moving; When I stood still it was fine, and when I cast any spells or backed it was fine as well. Homeguard animation was also correct.
: As a Nami main: This skin looks beautiful at first glance but I am HEAVILY disappointed in it. This does not look like Nami, at all. This is just a human, and she does not look like Nami. Her face is off (because her eyes look human), her skin tone has nothing to remind us this is Nami, and that recall? No, please, no. Nami should not have feet or legs. If you sent me a screenshot of only the recall with no context, never would I have been able to guess that it's supposed to be Nami. Honestly I love everything else about the skin, the outfit is gorgeous and her staff is truly splendid, but she lacks way too many normal Nami features. Unless you rename this skin to "Human Nami", which is what it looks like right now, I would rather see her eyes, skin tone & recall changed.
It's good in my opinion to finally have a skin that isn't just another fish. We've had plenty of fish, Skins are for different takes on champions, and this delivers it and Im in love.
: or maybe Vastaya Empress Nami. Would love to hear opinions~ Thanks for reading this far =)
The name of the Skin is Splendid Staff to match the Immortal Journey Skinline. All of them refer to the weapon the champion uses except for Morgana, which is probably just because she doesn't have a weapon.
: This is a beautiful skin, as are most of the skins I see coming from the team(s). Wonderful job, but this is now the second or third time, and now I need to voice this. I would like to see a skin of the MERRAI, named Nami, not a woman weilding wave magic cosplaying as a Merrai, named Nami. Do you understand? Like... This isn't a seabound woman wandering from the sea with magic or far from home. This is a woman cosplaying as one.
Skins are alternate universes. So, the skin of the Merrai named Nami is the base skin. The same way Jhin is only a crazy theater serial killer in his base skin, and how Rek'sai is only a purple void monster in her base skin...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
Feedback: It's beautiful don't you dare touch it it's actual perfection. Katey you've made my heart hurt, I'm genuinely in love with this skin and everything about it. I LOVE the dragon in her tidal wave, I LOVE how graceful the homeguard is, I LOVE that we finally have a reason for Nami saying feet are gross and I LOVE how she wiggles her little toesies around. Edit: I noticed from the skin spotlight that her tail has turn physics like asol's, assuming thats new (I think it is??) is this gonna be added to all her other skins/base?
: I wish they weren’t but are lpp chromas still a thing. If so which one? Hope it’s not the Veigar or Varus one, and maybe even Ahri (must see them first). Because I’m thinking on getting those and I'd rather straight out buy them than try to get them from some code or wait a whole year for the Essence Emporium. Also, hot pink Infernal Varus <3
Its Veigar. His chroma is way too green for it not to be LPP, Also Ahri doesn't have a green chroma. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/134399997520248832/611582893369720832/mFSsAoD.png
: Hi, just to know, will every gemstones exclusive skins be on the Hextech skinline now? Feels like years since we didn't got something elses for gemstones.
Dark Star Cho'gath feels very saddened by this message.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Little Demon Tristana Chromas!
Alright so, gonna do my best to make this constructive. My first impression of these from screenshots alone was honestly "What in the world is that?" These have waaaay too much contrast I feel, except for maybe Aquamarine and Rose Quartz. Atm again just from screenshot impression those are the only two I'd consider buying, and even then the base skin looks light years better. The purple one to me stands out as the worst, so perhaps my dislike of the others has something to do with the eye colors and the fangs sticking out a little too much? (Sorry this isn't totally in depth, just giving a quick first impressions.)
: Riot Games is making a huge mistake not listening to what there consumers want, Program LeBlanc won't sell and all of the LeBlanc Mains you made this skin for are going to have to wait another 3 years for a skin they actually like. We all feel that we are not being listened too as a community and we are fighting Riot as hard as we possibly can to not have Program LeBlanc shipped and instead have something we actually will enjoy. What you and all the other Rioters fail to see is that we LeBlanc players have been waiting **3 years** for a new LeBlanc skin and we are utterly devistated that Riot doesn't seem to care in the least bit what we are trying so hard to convey. **We don't want Program LeBlanc. We don't like anything about Project LeBlanc. The Chromas make it a little better but the particles are still going to be that ugly green/orange.** I hope Riot reconsiters canceling Program LeBlanc and instead just ships Nami since it seems players are more on-board with Nami than LeBlanc. I hope you'll have a meeting at Riot HQ and discuss if **forcing a skin on a player-base that doesn't want it** is the right business move strategically? Until then, the LeBlanc Mains community is not going to stop boycotting this skin. We've waited 3 years for a LeBlanc skin, we deserve better. https://imgur.com/H3hq1dr
Maaaaaaaaaaaybe give your feedback about Program LeBlanc on the Leblanc feedback form, And instead of just saying you don't like it give reasons as to WHY you dislike it. Example: It doesn't match her personality at all, the colors are off, the sfk are too heavy (Not my opinion on the skin but not getting into it, just giving examples) etc etc. Riot will be able to see it there a lot easier than here, and they can take it into note for the next time Leblanc gets a skin so the LeBlanc community enjoys it. Also, Since it's been that long since her last skin and if the majority of Leblanc mains truly do dislike the skin, I doubt riot will leave you guys sitting high and dry for a long time. You might even get another skin next year, best thing to do as of now is to give constructive feedback and examples of why the skin is getting such lashback and distate from the Leblanc community in the feedback thread for the skin so riot can take it into account, and so the QA people can do their job and try to make it better for you guys in the way they can. Just saying you dislike a skin doesn't help anyone at all, it moves things nowhere.
: Lol what, no they don't. You can't speak on behalf of all Nami mains on reddit. There were pleny of them who were dissatisfied with the skin, including me, many even expressed they were not into it. Some were, some were not. It was like 50% 50%. You must have scrolled through the 2 posts really quickly if you think "all" Nami mains "love" the skin. There definitely were ppl who loved it, ppl who loved it less and ppl who disliked/hated the theme. And I agree, calling something trash isn't constructive. If you want Riot to learn you express your opinions and thoughts as constructively as possible without being verbally harsh.
You're correct, I should have said majority rather than All, and I do apologize for that. But the point does still stand, the majority of Nami players either love or quite enjoy Project Nami. Of course some hate it but that's true for any skin. Like when deep sea released I hated it and thought it was the biggest mistake of a skin but now I actually enjoy it from time to time. Once again, I do apologize for saying all, was kinda typing faster than I was thinking if that makes any sense lol.
: @KateyAnthony I've actually tweeted you my feelings on the skin, we've explained over on the LeBlancMains Reddit/PBE Thread/Youtube that we are extremely dissatasfied with the **theme** of the skin. Not any level of edits is going to change that, and the Sewn Chaos line was a 'rare case' but so are these skins. I understand that Riot put money into making these skins a thing, but when you get such a large backlash from the people who play those champions (such in the case of Sewn Chaos), you need to do the correct thing and cater to your demographic and consumers and make something for them. Not just another token robot skin that doesn't fit a 'mermaid' and 'seductress enchantress'. 'trash the skin' is definitely helpful for the dev team, because it shows them that the community is largely unhappy with what they produced. Over on the LeBlanc PBE thread, **Fairy Flan** is actively asking out LeBlanc community what we'd rather see instead of Program LeBlanc - we feel like our outcry for a different skin is being heard over there. We've been waiting** upward of 3 years** for a new LeBlanc skin and offered amazing concepts all over! Riot Hylia even works for Riot and made Mafia LeBlanc which is one of the most upvoted LeBlanc concepts of all time on LoL Forums. Why would you insist on putting something out that **purposely won't sell well**? Listen to the amount of negative feedback, the fact that I just got into a game as LeBlanc on live servers and people were mocking how ugly the skin you guys decided to green-light was is actually embarrassing. You need to understand, saying 'trash the skin' **is** constructive feedback, because when people upvote that, it shows that they agree as well. **TL;DR** - We shouldn't be told as consumers we need to settle for less because **'sewn chaos was an extremely rare case'**, Fairy Flan seems to be more sympathetic to all of us LeBlanc mains who have waited so long without a skin. Do a bit more research and see what the consensus is on the 'Program' skin line this year. This article alone has -25 dislike and **LeBlanc has a WHOPPING -40**, growing more by the hour. The LeBlanc Reddit community is boycotting this skin and actively trying to protest to get it canceled. It is sad we feel like we need to go to the extreme end of the spectrum to get change because if we are passive, nobody listens to our concerns. Thank you for the effort, but in the words of the LeBlanc Reddit 'I don't think Riot understands what type of audience LB and Nami have'.
I can't speak for the Leblanc skin as I do not play her, and unlike some others I tend to try to leave heavy feedback out of skins for champions I don't main. However, I do play a ton of Nami and from looking at /r/NamiMains, the discord for nami mains, AND the nami mains club: This thread does not show our feedback whatsoever. All of the actual Nami players LOVE this skin. We're grateful beyond words that we're finally getting a nonorganic skin. You need to understand that saying jus trash the skin is not constructive because you are not saying WHY you think that. You're just calling it trash. That doesn't explain anything to anyone. Nami is more than a delicate water based mermaid, and its honestly overdue that she got a skin showing that.
: LeBlanc would fit perfectly into any other theme, for example: Star Guardian, K/DA, Bewitching, Winter Wonder, Lunar Wraight, Cyberpop, Mafia, and several others that I do not have the patience to think about. Honestly Riot, that was a complete disregard of you regarding the mains LeBlanc and Nami, these skins are completely horrible and disappointing. I beg of you, cancel these skins. LeBlanc would be so perfect with a 5th K/DA member, being legendary and using a microphone stick, they could even do a K/DA MV with them singing in Korean as well as k-pop. In relation to the Star Guardians she could be the great villain of the Guardians or even a more boss bitch and shadowy Guardian. Regarding Nami she would be perfect as a Star Guardian or even part of the Immortal Journey by referring to the Yin and Yang fish. I sincerely hope you cancel these skins because they are too horrible. *The burial of LeBlanc and Nami will be on November 7, 2018 (11/7) if the skins Program are not canceled.* Here lies {{champion:7}} and {{champion:267}}. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
They don't just cancel skins for no reason, The sewn chaos skins we're a unique case because they didn't meet Riot's quality standards. It's disappointing to see everyone just crying to delete these skins and not actually giving good feedback whatsoever. And I can definitely say the Nami skin does NOT need to be canceled, Nami was in need of a skin that wasn't organic or a new kind of fish, and Riot finally gave us it.
: Please, I really wanted her hair to be lighter. I wish this skin did not even exist, but since that's not possible I beg it to be at least improved. She has to be delicate ... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
On the contrary, She does not need to be delicate in every single one of her skins. The whole point of a skin is to add something new to a champion, an alternate version of them that could exist in the different reality of Runeterra. If every version of Nami was delicate it would be extremely boring and limit skins immensely.
: Thanks for the feedback! (: Could you pinpoint what about the VO processing you aren't digging? I'm happy to hear the ult is clear with the edges, it's something we struggled with a bit in development. I think we're also going to be taking a look at the ult again as a whole, to make sure the center shapes are clear. We received the okay from gameplay/esports, but after seeing some feedback, I wanna double check!
Hey there, just got out of my first game actually playing the skin. After listening to it for about the time a normal game would be I got kinda used to it, I think it was just something I wasn't used to at all (I've never played a project skin before so this kind of processing is 100% new XD) It does sound a little rough and maybe over roboty if that makes any sense but that might just be part of the skin line without me realizing it. New Feedback after playing her: - The w heal definitely feels light and tiny in way that's a bit too different from her other skins. - Her staff also feels a bit too chunky and like a thing made out of plastic compared to how fluid the rest of her skin is. - I think maaaybe the bubble is too clearly broadcasted to the enemy, making it easier to dodge than most other skins. I'm gonna try to compare the Skin Spotlight video with her other one's to see if that's just me or if it is actually a bit more broadcasted per usual. (Talking about the circle on the ground for where the bubble lands) - This Nami skin is missing 1 thing that's very important to nami mains everywhere: Where's our spammable laugh particles, we demand to spam particles everywhere!! (Put this last as its obviously less important than the others XD) That's all from me so far {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: We waited for a theme that really has something to do with Nami as a character, and is definitely is not Robotic, something like the Star Guardians or the Pool Party, something that has pleasant effects that combine with the champion. {{champion:267}}
Says the person with Katarina in their name, that probably doesn't even play the champion. Every actual Nami main I've seen and talked to is thrilled to have a skin on Nami that is a bit different and out there. All of her skins are water-based, frankly it was getting a bit boring. This one is a completely different take on Nami and I frankly love it. Pool Party Nami would effectively be her base skin with a pool tube and maybe a ring around her- This is actually a skin worth getting.
: Time to join the train of being downvoted - but I really like this skin. I've played Nami for years and it's nice to have something different that isn't more "fish" for lack of a better term. Mermaids are cool, but I won't say no to something offbeat. She has kind of a robo-shark feel and it's pretty neat. I will agree with some of the others that the staff needs a bit of love, but that's not too bad. I hope you guys don't cancel these :( I really like the Program line and it deserves some more members.
^^ Agreed, please do not cancel these skins. They give a fresh new take on both characters and while some may enjoy have every skin be more or less the same for each champion, there's a good part of the community that does not. I love the new spin this puts on Nami, finally something not water based.
: Not sure why everyone is spam down voting the skin, I personally love it. Yes it is a bit different from Nami but that's part of its appeal for me- It stands out in a unique and amazing way for her. The staff and voice over processing could use some work in my opinion but besides that I think the skin is good and ready. The Ult is clear thanks to the border that sits in front of it, it still reads as Nami even though she's robotty as well to me. And omg that recall, that recall is AMAZING.
I will hop onto PBE in a bit and get a first person feel for this skin, although updating is prob gonna take me 5 years oof.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Not sure why everyone is spam down voting the skin, I personally love it. Yes it is a bit different from Nami but that's part of its appeal for me- It stands out in a unique and amazing way for her. The staff and voice over processing could use some work in my opinion but besides that I think the skin is good and ready. The Ult is clear thanks to the border that sits in front of it, it still reads as Nami even though she's robotty as well to me. And omg that recall, that recall is AMAZING.
: I don't think the PBE server belongs to the NA, it belongs to the world, and should give Asian and European entertainment opportunities
PBE isn't for entertainment. It's for testing, big difference.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Gnar!
Ahhh new gnar skinn!! Riot you really know how to just take all of the money out my wallet {{sticker:sg-lux}} Anyways, Played a few games with it in a custom, here are my thoughts afterwards. **Mini Gnar** 1. The sfx for his boomerang and autos was definitely odd to me at first, although the more I used the skin the more they felt right and the more I enjoyed them. 2. I feel like a shade of Orange instead of blue for his w stacks might look better, maybe worth a shot? Not sure how others feel :x 3. I LOVE THE BLUE WHEN HE ENRAGES. YES. TAKE MY MONEY NOW. Those are all I can think of atm, will come back and edit later today since I'm gonna take him for a swing in blind. **Mega Gnar** 1. I really like how this skin has different landing particles on the E, Always nice to see something new since I don't believe any other skin changes that so far. 2. I won't lie, as with mini gnar at first it felt a little clunky, but again after playing it more and more that feeling went away by custom #3. 3. The transformation sequence is absolutely amazing, and hints at what gnar is going to transform to really well :3 I love it, thanks a ton for this riot!
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
I don't personally jungle or midlane much so I can't give feedback on how well she does or doesn't do there. I can say the kit feels good together, although I wish the crit animation had her slash with the spikes from her back instead of slashing with her claws. (Assuming this can't be changed so late in development but figured I would still throw it out there. One thing I greatly dislike is the difference Tango Evelynn has between its splash art and its in game. Blonde hair should not turn teal after you finish loading, and seemingly natural looking skin shouldn't turn ghost white. One or the other should be adjusted to make the two match so people don't get disappointed or buy the skin for the splash and receive something different once they finish loading into a game.
: That happens occasionally to me too, but when it fixes itself in the next game, it breaks again. Also, when the cosmic skins recall together, they sometumes glitch out and not be placed in the right position. The characters twitch and possibly glitch through each other while recalling.
Yeah, wonder what causes it to happen though..if its happening in normal's and customs and a bunch of people are getting affected there's gotta be something.
: Post it [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/RzAsNYE3-rakan-xayah-bug-thread) instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
We have it placed in both places, there's a link this there :P We just made a separate post so the video wouldn't clog anything up
: Hi again! Of course, that's what PBE is here for! :) To give you a quick update, we've gone ahead and changed the color back to a deep/dark purple, so it's closer to what you originally saw on PBE, but is no longer the black missing texture! Lemme know what you think! http://imgur.com/NE3zr3i
I personally think the lighter colors look better :x When its that dark it just seems...off. Weird but not in a really good way. And before we have to have another huge poll over what color something will be lol
: Rakan & Xayah Bug Thread
Me and my friend just encountered a bug where the synchronized recalls with Xayah and Rakan were not working, my friend is making a thread with the video of it atm, gonna link it once he has it finished. We were using Cosmic Dawn and Cosmic Dusk, when we tried going into another custom to repro it the recall worked as intended. Bug Post: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/OyAt6J2v-xayah-and-rakan-recall
: Midseason Durability Feedback
So what do we build now against the champions who go full crit (Xayah, Yasuo, Jhin, Trynd) since you guys removed the only anti-crit item stat that I know of in the game? Really concerned about that change :c If there's another item please throw the knowledge on me but that seems pretty unreasonable. Edit: Sorry this came out so "RAWR HOW DARE YOU" just genuinely concerned and confused :x
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
Loving how Rakan plays! Everything feels extremely smooth (very refreshing vs the usual non-mobile enchanter) and he has a kit that matches his personality very well! Every move you make seems to say "Hey look at me, I'm too gorgeous to ignore!". One thing I would like changed though would be the recall. I like that he and Xayah have the special recall passive but its very confusing that when you sync recalls the recall timers dont sync. Makes it hard to predict if you're safe recalling or if you need to continue running. Otherwise, Great job rito! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Rioter Comments
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: Bug - In-game
Yeah I got it too. I love green but I don't think it's intended
Rioter Comments
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Finished a game of Ekko and got this as the defeat/victory screen. I don't think Ekko is Aatrox https://gyazo.com/0c0cf258f65b5818d77b1ec59505d3e2
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Ekko is very possibly my favorite champion in the game as of right now besides {{champion:150}} He's very mobile, Has an amazing joke and oh boy that guitar solo. Gameplay wise though, it feels like his w is slow to respond and kinda clunky compared to the fast paced feeling of the rest of his kit. Not sure if it's just me, but still. It also makes little coherent sense to me why someone who uses a stick (err...sword? Hi-tech stick sword? Stick of truth? SOUTH PARK IS THAT YOU?! I don't even know what that is meant to be XD ) has to get so up close and personal to do damage to someone and then use a 15-ish second cool-down to maybe get away unless they want to blow an ult. I realize assassins need an area of vulnerability but he feels TOO vulnerable at times. Going back on the whole Assassin thing, He feels like he snowballs way to fast. Like if he gets one kill suddenly you're screwed for any counterplay due to his sheer burst that makes you die in an instant. That passive is amazing, but maybe a little tooo amazing if you catch my drift. Also I don't know if this is the right place, But I don't feel like his splash art fits him very well, He seems too energetic and always a step ahead to have a stationary splash art. Besides that, awesome champion! Really glad to have a mobile champion mid that isnt Leblanc or Zed :3 Looking forward to his live release.
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
Just got done playing a 1v1 Ekko vs Ekko game with my friend. Not sure what triggered it or how it happened, but on my screen my friends' Ekko R trail or whatever it's called was clearly visible so it was hard to tell which was the real one (Thank Rito for name tags otherwise I wouldn't have known) Not sure if this is a bug but still just in case. There was also a few minutes were he had two Ekko trails following him around, although both of these were faded out like normal and it was easy to see that they weren't the main Ekko. I failed to get a screen shot of either sadly- I'll see if I can get the latter to happen again (The map was howling abyss if that possibly makes any difference) :)


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