: Well, Rengar is actually pretty bad right now. He snowballs when ahead but it's pretty tough to actually get ahead. It's just that like he always was, he stomps bad players since he abuses enemies playing poorly very well. Also, I don't see why Rengar would be punished for building an item that he's supposed to build. It's lethality, he's an assassin. Assassins like lethality.
Every champion, assassin or not, should be able to get fed and to be countered. Rengar is not in a bad position. The point is, the champion is not supposed to work in anyones hand. Every champion has their unique gameplay so that you have to master them in order to succeed. Every main rengar just presses R and burst every one down. BECAUSE THE CHAMPION IS FUCKING STRONG. The moment someone who has never played the champion fucks up the game just by pressing one skill and jumping on your face, we've got a serious problem. Stop crying because some random can't cause damage while people who actually knows Rengar keeps winning every damn game. It's the same to every other champion. It's called balancing and I'll tell you something, he's already breaking his balance without buffs. Good day, sir!
: Sounds like you don't know how to position and itemize. Always stay with a teammate, get zhonya's. When he jumps on you, activate it after he jumps but before he lands. Have allies stay at least 350 units away (Q range is about 175) so they can't get killed by him. His Q wouldn't go off on the target which leaves him at 3 ferocity so he won't be able to use emp W to escape. Avoid being near bushes when he ults and avoid being near the jungle. If you have a tank, stay near them. Black cleaver allows him to kill tanks in a 1v1, but makes it harder to kill squishes since he has to delay letho items to get BC. A major point of counterplay that not many people understand is just don't allow them to get a lead. Learn how to shut him down early by either invading, preventing him from getting all stacks on passive (major disadvantage if it's 20 min and he hasn't completed it yet), and cc him as soon as he jumps on targets. What you said about Rengar I can make an easy case for the same reasons about any other assassin. It's the role, it's their job, it's what they are supposed to do. Your job as a DPS mage is to survive this and then provide sustained dmg. His win condition is killing you, yours is surviving.
So you're basically saying "don't move, stay quiet in base". WTF. Really my friend? "Stay away from bushes, stay away from the jg". What does that even help with? He presses R and gets a free jump. He needs no bush for that. I know how to use seraph. It changes a total of nothing. Rengar stills bursts you even with seraph's shield. Zhonya? IF, and just IF you get enough time to use it before you die, he'll just stay right in front of you waiting and just Q your face when zhonya's active finishes. "Don't allow to get a lead". As if there will never be a squishy target for him to just go every few seconds and kill them. Cc him as soon as he jumps? He's so bugged that his damage procs before he even land that ground. How are you supposed to cc him without knowing where is he coming from? As I said, when he jumps, it's already too late. I know you have eyes to see the videos our friend and main Rengar posted, so you can see yourself the reaction time is way too low. You can tell about others assassins as much as you like to, changes nothing. Except for kha'zix, right now, no other assassin bursts you so fast as that cancer does. See, when you have such low time to react, and such ridiculous explosive damage, maybe the problem is not the players that can't counter him, but the champion. Please, don't come here to defend a champion that's already broken. Won't even waste my time replying anything else from you. Good day, sir!
: Why I think Rengar's Q should not be buffed.
I'm not a Rengar main and will never be. That champion sucks. He builds lethality and poops on you every damn time he's got ult. And I'll tell you something, he's got that crap ult ALL THE TIME. Once he ults, you either run or die. Just played one game now as Cassiopeia. I had four itens, about 2.3k life, Rengar had 5 itens (one of them was boots). Every time he ulted, he came for me, he jumped and killed me instantly. I had no openings to react. Even using Seraph's Embrace active, he just bursts me and there not enough time to even use your ult, cause you don't know where's he coming from and when you see it, you're dead already. It's ridiculous. Squish champions? Lethality. Tanky champions. Lethality plus some tank itens and dominik. Control mage? Edge Night. There's no punishment for building tank or itens that gives him tanky statues and damage, because whatever he builds, he'll just press R and jump at your face and if you don't die, press Q. Oh right, I'm just salty, right? Let's buff him. Poor one. Not enough damage, right? And here we go more a bunch of games with rengars killing my adc/mid every 30-40 seconds. Counterplay is not a word for him. I thought the rework was all about that and yet it wasn't really that helpfull. Kha'zix is the same shit. Oh, and don't forget Zed getting buffed and LB's rework about to be reversed. Excited to get blown up in 0.5 seconds by that retarded champion as well. Just sick of this "Balance" from Riot.

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