: Be grateful that suppots are no longer ward bots.
There's a problem when the majority of Support classes revolve around the same 3 items like Redemption, Ardent Censor, and Shurelya's Reverie. There is no customization for support builds. Locket used to be in there for years until they nerfed it out of existence, they might as well do the same for the others if they can't come up with 10+ decent support items on par with each other. Everyone complains about Ardent Censor, but the real problem is there's nothing in existence to compete with it. The options for "support" related items is so limited they might as well get rid of all the support items and just let us build AP or tank if they can't give a decent amount of support item options.
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: This is something we're definitely watching for. You'll be net up in gold by quite a bit, but these cases do slow down quest completion. Getting testing to get data on how often this happens and much impact it has is one reason we went to PBE for an extra cycle.
How do you expect to do this change without affecting AoE AP supports? One in particular comes to mind and that's Zilean. Support Zilean doesn't seem possible with these current changes you purpose as too many factors go into place with his bomb mechanic. I get that you want to stop other laners from buying gold generating items, but this isn't the way to go about doing it. What you are basically doing is directly nerfing the support class itself which is already the most underpowered role in the game. There isn't a perfect world where at the end of the game support has 0 CS, not everyone is going to play Janna and even purposing a change like this is actually a huge indirect buff to Janna because it affects so many other support champions negatively. --------------- A more beneficial fix to this problem is allow users to always generate some gold when no allies are within 1200 range of you (Lux's Q range), but not enough for other laners to justify taking a gold item. For instance maybe the coin will generate 1 gold every 15 secs with no allies around; however, when within 1200 range of an ally gold generation ramps up to 2 gold every 8 secs. As for the duo bot lane problem. Make it so that the gold item income is disabled for the person with higher cs if a gold item user is within 1200 range of another gold item user --------------- I'm a programmer in real life so messing with statistics and problems is what I do.

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