: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sir Kled!
His walking animation has some clipping issues with his wings! :( http://i.imgur.com/1HJBscX.jpg ^ example of how Skaarl holds his wings while walking around. Someone needs to tell Kled breaking Skaarl's wings is animal cruelty and will not prevent him from running off.
: ooorrrr it could be because you bought your pbe account, thus rito detected that and penalized you accordingly
: My Account permanently suspended Please tell me how to do
If you REALLY think your ban was unjust, send in a support ticket. Odds are you shouldn't rage though :)
: Void gate
Can confirm. Infinite zerg rushes! Even have screenshot proof! http://imgur.com/lz10eh6 For the record that took out the inhibitor in like... 2 seconds. Making splitpushing better - working as intended?
: Rek'Sai can't be purchased
Can confirm. Get same bug. Rito pls :( I wanna try my new junglerrrrr....
: oh good, i always wanted to just ignore people.
Whoops! Boards setup keeps messing me into not reading the comments before posting since post box is before comments... Either way my post specifies that it's 51% tenacity with both, so I still technically added something. :^)
: Does Mercury treads and Elixir of Iron stack?
Yes it stacks (multiplicatively). Mercs + Iron gives you 51% tenacity without the mastery. You can laugh at this puny thing they call CC now.
: People are saying Blood Moon Elise should at least be red. I beg to disagree. This is in reference to the Blood Moon Event in Ionia. You don't necessarily have to wear blood red clothing. The Blood Moon Event focuses on the blood moon AND Ionia's culture. This skin is a reflection of Ionia's deep culture, not the Blood Moon itself.
> People are saying Blood Moon Elise should at least be red. I beg to disagree. This is in reference to the Blood Moon Event in Ionia. You don't necessarily have to wear blood red clothing. The Blood Moon Event focuses on the blood moon AND Ionia's culture. This skin is a reflection of Ionia's deep culture, not the Blood Moon itself. Fully agreed. The colour scheme is great! Also if it was red, it'd eat base Elise's particle space a bit. Being pink lets it be more distinct!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Elise!
Okay actual feedback time! **MODEL** Looks great! The only thing I have is that her leg boots/stocking/ballet shoes looks really weird. Like obviously she has to have a similar silhouette, but the fact that it's a weird design plus the asymmetry really looks odd. If it was symmetrical thigh-highs it would probably be a lot more elegant-looking instead of wardrobe-reject-looking. **PARTICLES** Great work overall, but her particles range from AMAZING to really weird. So, gonna go through everything and give my impressions. *Autoattacks* > Looks great! It's really visible and easy to farm with, but not overly noisy. I have some concerns about this skin being "buying power" in a way, because those particles make it much easier to last hit than using her base, but that's more of her base being lackluster... *Neurotoxin* > Really not impactful. It's one of her main abilities and it looks like an autoattack. Heck, compared to what her autoattacks are, it looks LESS than an autoattack. Especially the effect on hitting, which is TINY. Might wanna make that a bit more powerful since it does do quite a bit of damage! :P *Volatile Spiderling* > All right, remember all I said about Neurotoxin. Well throw that all out the window, because this skill has the opposite issue. It's a bit TOO impactful. Whenever I use it in a teamfight it completely dominates the visual field of its explosion, which is really bad for a skill that does about 90 damage the entire game because you rank it last. The Oni head on explosion, as epic as it is, probably might benefit from being toned down a little. *Cocoon* > This is pretty good. The particle for it is very representative of the hitbox (more so than her base/other skins), and just about as impactful as it needs to be. However, what even IS this. It doesn't seem too representative of a cocoon. It looks more like a pulsefire ezreal Q, but pink, than a CC spell. My gut reaction from seeing that is "this should be a poke skill!", not "this covers me in web and I can't move". Maybe make it more cocoon-ish? >With that said, the pink flash when it hits a target is really weird. Her other skins don't have that flash, so it just comes off as jarring. Remove that and it'd be as perfect as you can get this skill to look! *Venomous Bite* >This is so perfect. Please don't change anything! The particles underscore the main read (her biting motion) beautifully and fit the skin amazingly well. *Skittering Frenzy* >This is beautiful too. Purple glow + white lines make the lines show up a ton, however, compared to her other skins. Maybe if the lines were a bit more subdued/rounded and the glow a bit stronger? Not a huge deal though. *Rappel* >Perfectly fine. There's not much particle work here, but the few that do exist (the mark from where you leave/descend) work really nicely. Good job! *Spider Form* >Not much particle work here; the mist color fits well but maybe it could be a bit more pink-ish to fit the model color. P.S.: I find it quite amusing that you make this skin shortly after I change my PBE name to Elise chan. I swear it was an accident and no one leaked it! :D EDIT: OH SNAP. I forgot to talk about the recalls. Um, they're great! I love them. Don't change anything. :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Elise!
> Blood Moon Elise *is is* now available to play on PBE! I think you have an extra word there... ANYWAY for the sake of productivity, I'm looking forwards to this skin! Need to see particles first before I make a judgement, but the model looks good. Not a huge fan of the asymmetry, but maybe it might work in game.
: Devourer upgrade says 50% attack speed on item sets but 40%
: I'm not sure this is the best change. While its nice to be able to see your active items (and their current hotkeys) it makes it harder to see buffs/passives/status effects. To me this is not an even tradeoff, nor is it a necessary one. There is no need to cram important information about your character in a corner making it harder to see. This is especially true for players like me who minimize their HUD in order to more efficiently utilize screen space. In my mind you should have as much clear, relevant, and easy to view information about your character as possible without having to sacrifice readability of certain pieces of that information in order to have that information in the first place. I want my nasus stacks someplace easy to see D: D:
I agree with all the changes except for moving buffs. There's some weird classification with static buffs (e.g. as you said Nasus stacks, jungle buffs, Stattik Shiv charges, all are pretty important to keep track of but they're still relegated to the side). I think the best solution would be to divide the buffs in three categories: * "Slower" buffs that you need to check, but are long-lasting so they aren't quite as important (such as stacks, blue/red buff, and so on) * "Fast" buffs that last for a short duration (any kind of temporary shield or speed up from abilities or items, steroids, etc.) * Only PERMANENT buffs that you don't need to check but enemies might want to (Kalista passive, Ninja buff, Gangplank's scurvy) stay on the side. Fun buffs also do (Jinx-Cait-Vi interactions, the marker for winning the Hunt, and so on). I made a small little photoshop to clarify where those categories go: http://i.imgur.com/xKGlF3B.jpg Note that the Homefield buff would be misplaced and would be at the far left of the ability bar, because it is pretty important to know whether you have it or not, even though it is an aura. Another solution would be to put "slow" buffs on the side of the ability bar, stacking vertically (bottom-justified). This keeps them easy to see and check, but also puts a clear separation between moment-to-moment buffs and tactical long-duration buffs. Would need to update the HUD for that to work though, because it'd look really ugly if we placed them square next to the curve that the flame design makes. EDIT: attachment came out tiny, sorry! If you click it you'll get a bigger picture.
: Yeah, the counter-intuitive nature of triggering the passive is the big problem for me. It punishes people who have played a long time and learned good mechanics (orb walking, kiting, animation cancelling) and teaches poor mechanics instead (clicking on one target and then never changing target because you're too busy hopping around).
I think her passive is really good but the timing is off. Most animation cancelling is done by "click on enemy -> wait for attack point-> click on ground -> click on enemy". Kalista passive forces you to do "click on enemy -> click on ground -> wait for attack point -> click on enemy". If they changed her passive to "Issuing a move command during the backswing of one of Kalista's autoattacks causes her to jump in the selected direction", it would be so much more consistent with other ADC mechanics.
: [Fountain Laser] - Does Physical Damage instead of ignoring resistances
: Confirmed. I never reached 100% repro but, yea, it's definitely there on both going the opposite direction and the out of range. Flash Frost Fizzle.
Have you tried the fast move command into Q though? I've never failed a fizzle on that (in fact that's how I discovered the bug, then I investigated), so I'm interested to see if there's another factor working here.
: This happened to an Anivia player I was laning against yesterday, so I can back this up. Also, in random ocassions, it would show "Frost Shot" as her passive. No idea what caused it though.
Nice name. Do you at least main Rengar :P I haven't experienced the Frost Shot passive thingy, but then again I run the game in Korean, so if it's a tooltip bug I probably will miss it.
: Changes to Aegis of the Legion
Intended. The aura gives 20 MR and applies to yourself, so you get a total of 40 MR from it, 20 of which is also given to your team. :)
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Reaper Soraka
This skin is awesome! I have a few points of concern about it though: * Her walk animation looks kinda derp. It technically is the same as her base, but with the long flowing dress it just feels so... unnatural. * Her ult VFX looks very similar to a super short Karthus ult and can cause momentary confusion if fighting a Karthus (especially if you ult while Karth is channeling). * Her ult and W VFX lack a lot of contrast compared to her base skin. They're both really hard to see in convulted teamfights and are generally quite underwhelming, despite the heals themselves being huge.
: Rework Ashe's Passive With Conditional Crits
{{champion:91}}{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
Well... I'm pretty excited. xD Can't wait to see what you have in store. Just don't screw over junglers too hard! I'll be sad! xD
: check the FAQ here (http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/031P2FJX-faq-public-beta-environment) From what can be seen in the screenshots, did you buy the rune bundle multiple times? Seeing as you have 45 of the same rune.
I actually distinctly remember only buying the rune bundle once and it gave me that amount of runes. Might be a different bug. :( Oh well.
: Hi, Use Rune combiner and remove extra runes. You have too many same runes, it's probably the reason why you can't buy more runes. Good luck!
I've been able to buy runes on PBE before. It broke recently.
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: > And because if feel like i have to make this joke. > > Its a > > bug based skin on a bug > > that has a bug > > Three types of bugs, lol bugception?
: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
This actually looks REALLY strong. Especially the passive healing - since she gets so much bonus AP, will she end up getting like 100+ healing per cast of E? :o Someone threatens Cass -> allied Vi ult -> Cass regains full HP before enemy comes down... Also it looks kinda awkward to cut off at 375 and not 400... Love the idea though! :D P.S.: How does her passive work with Rabadabadingdong's Hat?
: Gnar's and Mega Gnar's boomerang and boulder
Because they share cooldowns, so they didnt want to punish you by throwing a rock right before detransforming (which is the optimal play since rocks do more damage than boomerangs).
: Shyvana - Splash Art Change on Ult
That's interesting. I sure hope it means they have a different splash planned for when she's in ult form.. :D
: [Runes] Runes missing after purchase!
Yea I'm experiencing this too. Forgot to update my PBE runes wayyyy back when Armour Seals got nerfed and now I can't do it... :(
: After 7-31 Patch: Mac on new summoner's rift is still bugged out
: New Summoners Rift is nearly all Dark. Anyone else?
yes its on macs only theres another thread on it
: Everything is Dark on a Mac
: Baron, Dragon,and Buff Hotkeys showing at the top of screen
I can confirm this bug. It's really distracting. :( Although I think what you mean is tooltip, not hotkey. Hotkey is the button you press to do a thing, like Q is the hotkey for Hate Spike.
: Individuals that don't belong on PBE
I would probably send a support ticket about this. As far as I know, forums are not really the best place to report players. I agree that there is no excuse for this. Especially on PBE which isn't even for serious games...
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: [Bug] Recall symbol
I've noticed this as well. Hope it gets noticed and fixed. :D
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: Nice aiming in the "aditional" magic damage. So I got to the lores of several champs and I found that Teemo's Toxic shot passive doesn't count as aditional. I'll try to figure out if BT passive works with Teemo.
On-hit effects that do magic damage should not proc lifesteal. Therefore they don't proc BT's shield either.
: Does that continue if you leave the game, and then leave lolclient and then, after you enter the PBE again?
No. It resets you back to the main menu (as it should). In fact this is how I got around the bug to try to test it again until I realized that attempting to reconnect would fix it anyway.
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: [Suggestion] A special game mode for PBE?
This would be a great idea! I'm not sure if having standing-still minions and champs would happen (it might cause issues tech-wise), but at least having 50+ thousand gold and level 18 at start of game would be amazing.
: [Essence Reaver] [Feedback] Please don't release this item with this recipe!
That makes a lot of sense! I was trying it out on Jayce and it felt like a huge dilemma: get mana sustain now with Tear, but have less AD in 10 minutes, or get mana sustain in 10 minutes... if I can farm it because I have no mana till then. Considering all the other mana items give bite-sized mana chunks for laning phase (Chalice, Tear, Idol), it makes no sense that this one doesn't...
: Slight Nidalee bug
I think I found a reliable way to cause the bug. Can someone help me test if this works? > Autoattack in human form. > Do not orbwalk, let the backswing go through. > At the point where the backswing becomes the windup for the next attack, press R (this is the point where she rears back and just before she throws the spear). > Nidalee will autoattack with Human Form range, despite being in Cougar form. Currently testing whether it works with Elise and Jayce, have never noticed it happen however. Will edit with results. EDIT 1: Does not work with Elise. EDIT 2: Could not get it to work with Jayce either.
: Team Builder is coming back soon Tuesday (1/21) at 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
One thing I feel is weird is that, after you click on the champ icon to select a champion, there is no back button! You have to actually pick a champion to get out of the window. Feels weird. I also support the idea that you should be able to bring in a couple champions and pick between them depending on your comp. As a mid player it doesn't affect me too much, but I like being able to pick between Diana or Karma/Nidalee based on whether we want to go ham or poke. Also, no ready check! There's the check before you start queue, but there's no check after queue, just a gong and the game starts. A lot of people AFK during queue (Hearthstone OP), and not having a ready check can be weird.

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