: So you end up struggling to clear Wolves after doing Blue and Gromp? Might want to check how you clear because without a leash I could clear Red Wolves and Blue with ease. Diana has a hard time early with AoE camps like Chicken and Krugs even though she has 3 AoE spells they dont have much base damage which is the reason why she stuggles
I can handle wolves, it's the second I have to face either the chickens or the stones (since at this point I only have about 1/5th of my HP left) that I struggle. I either die to the big stone, or to the little chickens immediately after destroying the big one, and I _know_ I wouldn't be able to handle red. I'll definitely have to try your strategy though, I've never done it before. By the way, I'm not a Diana main, I just love using her. I don't even play jungle often, I main Karma support :3
: Hi! Fellow Diana main here!! I dont know if you wrote your comment before or after the second changes. I have tested the new changes on pbe, (Not the whole attack speed on her E passive but the one with 20% on her passive and a boost to 50%-90% on her E) and to be fair it is good. It doesnt change her early clear AT ALL given the fact that her old passive was 20% BONUS attack speed, so unless you ran attack speed runes and masteries it doesnt change her early clear at all. As a plus, she now gains 4 mana every third auto attack which is pretty good the more ap you build (15%AP as mana restored). Now you might want to get her E third in the jungle compared to the either W Q W or W Q Q. The only bad thing i noticed is later into the game, its clunky the way her attack speed works because their is a lockout after you cast an ability so you cant instantly get an auto attack (around 0.5 second or something). In the end, you do her clear like Lee Sin, you Cast a spell, do 3 aa, then cast another. It would go like Q, 3 aa, W, 3 aa. Hope it helps you understand a bit more how it changed her. (Slighlty more base attack speed early could be good for cooldowns, but not too much or she will become a power house in the jungle clearing departement) P.S. I could do a basic clear aka Red/Blue - Wolf - Blue/Red
Oh wow, you clear different things than me. Usually I do Blue, then Gromp, then Wolves, then either chickens or the stone monsters I don't remember the names of, then back w 950 to buy my blue jungle item and some boots. I need to try your order of things, maybe that's why my early game is always garbage xd
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: Ummm... r u suppose to get this skin from hextech chest?
Yeah I got Riot K-9 Nasus and Riot Graves, both of which I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to get. W/e
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: "Server High Demand" ?!?!?!
It is very frustrating actually. I would love to test out Jhin, but what happens is whenever I 1v1 someone, they go full tryhard and make it hard for me to actually LEARN his abilities and not try to play as if I'm ranked. Better yet, they put 5 bots on the enemy team, I'm on their team, and they use Jhin! So I'm stuck with waiting until god knows when for Jhin; more than likely, not until he's released on the live client :/. I bet he's fun though! XD
: The only problem i see with her which makes it so hard to farm is her abysmal base ad. It went from 101 at lvl 18 to 62 at lvl 18 with 1 BASE AD PER LEVEL. This makes any autoattacks after the first unsatisyfing. While love tap is supposed to be used to weave autoattacks between people for extra damage, miss fortune shouldnt be punished if she has to autoattack a person more than once. Without a minion wave she can literally not fight against almost anyone even with full build.
Yes, that exactly! She shouldn't be punished for that!!!
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: You have a 'add/submit link' box. Upload your image and post the url there.
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: I have to agree. Even just a simple "no" is better than nothing. So much attention went to Yi (well yeah, legendary) and Fiora (a lot of effects). Some went to Zed, but NOTHING. NOTHING! Went to Leona & Lucian. The thread says bugs and FEEDBACK. We gave plenty of feedback, but it seems that does not matter at all. The only thing Riot reacts to are the bugs. You could very well leave it out of the title.
Well, they DID change Lucians recall, which I just discovered last night. Apparently he used to look like a cheerleader? Well yeah, they fixed that xD.
: Report a Bug page is now LIVE!!
Do you guys think it would be possible that we could report a bug _in spectator mode_? In other words, provide some sort of link that takes you out of spectator mode and opens up a tab that lets you report the bug? Often times, I see bugs graphically, or I see bugs gameplay wise whilst spectating, (since I'm not actually able to play during the day due to not wanting to interrupt the rest of my family's internet), and I really do not want to have to take a screenshot of the bug and have to exit out of the game just so I can click on a link that reopens in a new tab anyways. I really want to help report bugs, and I will continue to do that, but it's very frustrating that I will have to log out of the game, just to access this report a bug tool which can only be found on the front page. Thank you guys for all your hard work; much appreciated by me and the entire community! Keep it up!
: What is the point of feedback threads?
Omg I was talking to my friends about this and they agreed on the Lucian and Leona thing. One of my friends and I were gonna buy the Lucian and Leona ones and try it out bottom lane, he said the splash art was great for Lucian; he really loved it, but the model he didn't like and he decided he'll stick with hired gun. I would have been the Leona, and as much as I love the splash, no offense but her hair seems... just wrong. Her hair is just white. White, and reminds me of Pax Sivir's hair actually. Her model certainly isn't anything special. The effects although are somewhat cool, are honestly somewhat boring. And the voiceover certainly doesn't make up for it. So no, as sad as it is to say, we most likely will not be buying these skins. I prefer Valkyrie Leona regardless :p. I'm shocked they haven't done anything about Lucian, Leona is a little better off than him, but Lucian my god that skin really isn't up to par honestly.
: I believe that for now, Riot would like *both*. Report a bug is still in beta mode.
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: News opening in the PBE client
Thanks to whomever participated in this change! Now I don't need to be frustrated when I accidentally click on a link and automatically Safari opens and ugh. This is such a nice addition; thank you so much guys!
: That is literally impossible to hear the sound of them typing, through spectator mode.
Apparently that wasn't phrased well enough. Let me try again. What I meant was, you can hear the sound of messages being sent in all chat to each team, but the chatbox itself isn't noticeable.
: It should be fixed according to [this](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/jTPFNvjR-nasus-has-no-q-animation?comment=0001), and I've tried it out in a custom and it works fine. Have you tried it in a custom yourself?
I have not, and that post is talking about specifically infernal Nasus. I forgot to mention I was watching a Nasus with the Archduke skin equipped.
: League of Legends NEW DESIGN
The only issue that I could see preventing them from implementing this is for people who have computers that cannot handle all of that going on at once. People would complain, so if they were to implement this, they would also have to implement a way to revert it back to the way it currently is. And considering that they didn't do that for the new HUD... But yes, this looks very nice. I especially like the champions gifs, instead of them just being images. I think the only thing that would bother me personally is the fact that left sides portrait are flipped. Some portraits simply don't look right flipped over. Maybe it's just me :3
: FPS much lower on PBE than on NA Server
That's odd. I used to have this problem myself, but it was the exact opposite; on the live game, I would be stuck with around 35-40 FPS, but on PBE I was at a constant 60 and both of them had the same graphics settings. If I recall correctly, it ended up fixing itself after a few patches, so I never posted about it, since it also didn't impact me too much. However, may I suggest repairing your client? This has fixed multiple issues I've had before.
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: This happens with turrets too. I am thinking it is not a bug though, because this stuff has been here for months
Really? Wow, this is the first time I've ever noticed it O.O. Alright, well if it's intentional I guess it's not a problem haha.
: I don't ever recall there being an animation bug for it, but since there hasn't been anything posted about it it is safe to assume it has probably been fixed. How long ago was this?
How long ago was what? When it was first discovered? I don't know, maybe 2-3 weeks ago? But I just saw it again in a game I spectate, he pressed Q and it was... delayed, for lack of a better word. Like, you could tell he was trying to right click and farm a minion, but the animation went down and no damage occurred. His staff just remained in the finished Q animation position but no damage applied until he right clicked on ANOTHER minion that was almost dead and then could farm THAT one.
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: I know. Anways: 1. What i mean is you have access to the skin 9 days earlier if you are prepared to pay the full price of 1350. sorry if it sounded like something else.. 2. Please explain how adding another bonus (icon) to the skin while not upping the price, gives rito more money instead of the player buying the icon alone for 250? 3. the loading screen card would make the 1350 skin 1820 how exactly? 375 rp extra (compared to 975) for an icon,border and the skin access 9 days earlier (if you buy it for this cost) so 250 for the icon,that is 175 rp for the loading screen card. not 595. and lets be nice and say having the skins 9 days before the 975 kids will be a free bonus for buying this skin for a higher price. 175 rp is definitely worth a border. go and spend hours drawing a loading screen card, once you're done, ask yourself if it is too expensive for someone to buy that for 18% of a 975 skin. a 975 skin is £5 gbp/$7.50 dollars. 18% of that is £0.90 pounds/$1.35 dollars. btw, I upvoted because im buying the fiora skin, and how could I deny a free icon,even if i disagree with it?
Oh I see what you mean! So what you're saying is that you believe since, they are choosing to "release" the skins 9 days earlier and include a border that BY DEFAULT that automatically makes them worth 1350, and adding an Icon to them would make them worth EVEN more. Okay, so what I was trying to say was that, I don't feel like it's worth 1350 RP just to get the skins AND A BORDER. I mean, a border worth that much RP? Perhaps it's just me and my frugality, but I don't see how a border and getting the skins earlier really makes it worth it (that is, 375 RP). So basically, you would be paying 375 RP extra for literally, a border that signifies you bought the skins earlier. A border. Is it just me? Doesn't this sound kind of overpriced, and that the only way to make people actually WANT to buy this "package" is to add more incentive to it, such as an icon? I mean, it's entirely possible I'm being a cheapskate; you're most likely right! I just want confirmation; is this truly a deal? The border just doesn't seem valuable to me is all. I mean, congratulations you got the skin nine days earlier and spent an unnecesarily larger amount of money. Here's a medal. I just don't see why, if I had 1350 RP ONLY, I would choose to do that for the border, INSTEAD of buying one PROJECT: skin on sale, as well as the icon associated with it. I mean, lets be real here. If you wanted to show off, would you rather have an ICON THAT WAS PROJECT RELATED THAT PEOPLE COULD SEE IN AND OUT OF GAME REGARDLESS, or would you rather have a BORDER THAT ONLY WORKS IF IT'S ON THAT SPECIFIC SKIN, THUS MAKING ALL OTHER SKINS FOR THAT CHAMPION FEEL LIKE A WASTE OF MONEY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SHOW OFF THE BORDER ASSOCITATED WITH IT. Like, it seems easier to show off and icon that anyone and everyone can see regardless, versus a border for one skin for one champion that, unless you main them, you probably won't be using very often. Sorry if I sounded hostile, not trying to :c
: yh, paying 375 rp extra for an icon and border and getting the skin 9 days earlier is totally fair.
You're funny. Anyways: 1. It's not nine days earlier. They planned on releasing the skins on that day. So don't make it sound like they were rushed to hurry up and finish those skins as fast as they can just to release it on that day. 2. Icons typically cost 250. Not sure how this is unfair, if anything they're getting extra money, _but..._ 3. You're getting a border, so I guess the border is worth 125 RP. However, I SUPPOSE if you REALLY want the price increased to 1820 you can, but then nobody would buy that either because a 975 skin (it's supposed to be on sale, remember?) + a 250 Icon = 1225 RP, and I can assure you right now that at least I would not spend 595 RP so that I could have, are you ready for it... _A BORDER_. Sorry, in a sassy mood tonight, but honestly, I can kind of see your point. They are sacrificing a little funds. But how hard was it for them to make that border? Is it truly worth 595 RP for them to sketch a pretty border? I'm certainly not a graphic designer/artist but I genuinely don't think so.
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: Thanks for reporting. Might need more info later.
Anything you need, just ask :) thanks for responding!
: Thanks so much for the report. We're taking a look at this now. Awesome work :)
Of course <3 thank you for responding!
: The old Nami and Lux bug is back!
Lol I was about to make a post about this and now I've seen like 50 talking about how this came back!
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: [Items: Boots of Swiftness] Suggestion for a Buff on boots of swiftness
To be completely honest with you, I think it'd be really cool if they had that phantom dancer passive on them, but I feel this would be just a tad bit OP and would require them to either cost more or they'd have to lose some MS on them.
: Visual Bug on PROJECT: Fiora
Leona's actually always done this whenever she does her Taunt, her sword wiggles in the ground. I always assumed it was to show of the radiance/power of the sun contained in her sword, but now that I see it happens with Fiora, I'm not so sure anymore :/
: Color of Project Lucian
This looks really nice, however my only issue (and this isn't with the blue version, this is the skin in general) is the fact that the front of his body just doesn't have... much. It's plain. Torso downwards needs something bright and sassy IMO.
: Atlantean Syndra?
Yeah I noticed this too a few months back, figured it was getting bug fixes or something but if it's still like this then I don't honestly know why.
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