: I guess white hair fits well ♥ https://i.imgur.com/MvXydRK.jpg but at the same time, put on her a "serious and behaved" air instead of an ambitious elf and crazy girl like our beloved Jinx is
Wow! I really really like it! It fits a lot her style. <3
: Hey! Jinx main here! Been playing her since day 1 and own all her skins! I love love love love love this skin! You guys have outdone yourselves with the hat idea and the effects and everything (I especially love the train noise while switching to Pow-Pow and the Ult!)! There's only two things that make this skin fall short to me and one of them is Fishbones. * The SFX sound very very close to her to base skin, I'm not sure if there's any special sound effects at all on it (or maybe that's a bug)? * The VFX are extremely bland. The snow is really really nice, but the rocket also looks close to base and it would be nice if it was replace by a snowball or confetti/wrapping of some kind! (Since he is a present box after all). * There seems to be no life to Fishbones, not much shape to him at all D= but maybe adding unique SFX will help with that! The other thing that throws me off is how vibrant and obviously "Blonde" she is. * It clashes with the outfit and the red hat really really really hard. * I think it would look better if it leaned a bit more towards and caramel brown or even somewhere between Slay Belle Katarina and Candy Cane Miss Fortune. The blonde really sticks out (not in a good way) and distracts from the otherwise perfect mesh of colors! * The blonde is close enough to her skin color that her elf ear (which should stick out and be noticeable) is really really hard to see/notice. I didn't even know she had one until another poster pointed it out. If you made her hair darker, that would fix this problem because her skin color would pop more! Thanks again for making this skin! It looks wonderful and I'm so so excited <3 Christmas came early this year! {{sticker:sg-jinx}} EDIT: Tattoo is also a must!! Candy canes or something would be super cute!!
Yep, her hair seems a little bit... What about white hair?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ambitious Elf Jinx!
Her **SFX** should be more _icy/snowy_. It sounds a lot like base skin. I loved her new skin! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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