: If this is occurring on both Live and PBE it is more likely that there is some issue on your end. There is some stuff we have enabled on PBE but not on Live, so if you are experiencing issues on both we can rule out the stuff we have enabled on PBE
Its a PBE issue, live is fine on its own, as I said it was several other people having this problem in the same game. Forgot to mention it was only PBE, ruling its a PBE issue. Also, yesterday on PBE was fine, today's patch messed it up.
: They left this in my thread: I will try to play a game and send the logs Edit: nvm no logs were created after following the steps > Yo! > > Unfortunate that this seems to have cropped up again. If you're willing to make a quick change to your game.cfg file, the client will generate a new type of performance log that will give us more insight into exactly what's going on. > > Koalifier wrote up a good post on how to do this in your last thread, but I'll post it again here: > > We have a tool that lets us get more detailed performance info from your games. If you add a setting to your game.cfg file. > > Cfg file is in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config > > You will need to add "LiveProfile=1" (without the quotes) under the [Performance] section. > > If you have that section included in your game.cfg, when you finish a game, it will generate a log that we can use to analyze the performance. You can find that log here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Performance Logs > > With a format like "2017-12-06T22-05-40_PerfDump.rpd" > > If you set up that LiveProfile setting and generate any logs like that, we will get a much better understanding of what's going on.
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: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/vffzIryN-katarina-e-and-r-bug same with her ultimate.
You can use ult, but thing is you can use it anywhere even without enemies near
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: This issue has already reported, you might wanna continue there. Here's the link: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/AAYosjWZ-extremely-low-fps-on-pbe Please search if your issue has already been reported, that way we can be more efficient.
Sorry that post just refers to his FPS in general. I'm referring to the what's causing my fps to start dropping a bit. So it's both different situations. Thank you though! c=
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: they said they will implement soon, but when? next year or what... i would rather flame via text msg instead of microphone, so everyone can say SS or Sorry mb in microphone and other say ok np and no toxic
They said they'd think about it, never said they would.
: Why does he have a PBE account?!
Please don't call out or witch hunt others! c=
: If I was Honor 5 at the end of the season and got a Penalty(14 days because of toxicity(quoting a swear word...)) will I stay at 0 or get to 2?
0, but don't be toxic! c=
: Here's how to get a Fist Bump Ward
Or be a veteran and get it a long time ago! Though this board is for feedback, not tips! c=
: If by more popular you mean more people have played it then sure. That couldn't have anything to do with the fact they have given us ARURF more than old skool URF though could it... Don't think I've seen a single post praising ARURF in any form yet so many posts asking for standard URF to return...
They voted on it the first time it came out, believe it or not! c=
: Racist people
Don;t use boards to which hunt and call people out! c=
: URF Not As Fun
This is Snow Battle, not ARURF. Don't get them mixed up! c= Also ARURF is more popular than URF!
: Can't unlock some Limited skins: bug or intended?
I have someone of those, only because I'm a long time veteran! But yeah what Amy said! c=
: Lets talk about the new ARURF
Riot already made their statement about the limited pool.
: Pls give me these free rp over 9000
: If it is actually the most popular mode, why do so many people complain about it? Doesnt look so good for you point there now xD
Many people as in 20 out of at least 1mil?! c=
: Dark Harvest in Urf
If its not game breaking like Lethal Tempo, it won't change. Plus, patch is already out, sorry! c=
: Summoner Icon redeem failed.
Known, they won't fix it. Reason: irrelevant and doesn't affect live. Sorry! c=
: > [{quoted}](name=Sarah,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=GFAEUOFA,comment-id=00000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-06T00:36:11.244+0000) > > What you're proposing is to get rid of limited pool, which they already said they won't, and bring in every champ. Making the whole purpose and theme to ruin. Plus they'd have to code all the in a week or actually not even that long, be logical with your feedback. > > Sorry, it's staying! You can play Poro king if you like! c= Making the same emote like every single post while saying annoying thing wouldn't make the post cute u know...
I'm sorry, it wasn't trying to be cute, it's to make less people get triggered/mad by what i say. Since I seem to be sarcastic in a way. So I just add it to put off I'm not trying to be rude. But good effort! c=
: Can we please fix the ability to have both our PBE and Live account logged in at the same time?
: That's not right, the pbe server is made to tell riot our opinions about stuff that will come in the normal server, we all are talking badly about it, if you have at least read the community's opinions, and this is our purpose for them. that means that if they understand they mistakes through us before uploading stuff that we don't agree, they will not make it come like it is right now.
What you're proposing is to get rid of limited pool, which they already said they won't, and bring in every champ. Making the whole purpose and theme to ruin. Plus they'd have to code all the in a week or actually not even that long, be logical with your feedback. Sorry, it's staying! You can play Poro king if you like! c=
: Emotes missing in the Store
Doesn't need fixing. This usually happens, some stuff doesn't go on PBE, mostly happens to icons and wards. Now that emotes are here, they won't include certain emotes! If you want those emotes go to live and buy them, sorry! c=
: you literally go around harassing everyone who makes a topic criticizing or speaking their mind on riot's upcoming feature that is on the pbe for the purpose of feedback, and you say they're harassing you...
> [{quoted}](name=FIash,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=cg2IWxjQ,comment-id=00060008,timestamp=2017-12-02T00:30:04.772+0000) > > Fuck you and fuck your stubbornness, I am amazed on how fucking oblivious your guys are, i am certain you haven't even played the mode which totally explains your decisions. > > "it's just to try something a little different this time" > Proceeds to fucking deport half the champion pool, nice change keep it up TOP FUCKING PERCENTAGE DECISION MAKING > [{quoted}](name=FIash,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=cg2IWxjQ,comment-id=00060007,timestamp=2017-12-01T00:37:49.720+0000) > > The mode BECAME STALE REAL FAST, REMOVE THE DAMN LIMIT ,THE ONLY DIFFERENT THING THIS TIME IS ITS GARBAGE I'm sorry but, you can't call these post/comments, and others like these, above as feedback. It's just someone raging at Riot. See if I were to harass, I would be saying F you or F that, or just blatantly insult others or Riot, like the subject above. Sorry if we disagree and i hope what you dislike about Snow ARURF gets fixed, have a good day! c=
: ***
The best part is you think I'd care who hates me and who down votes me. Also I don't post on every thread regarding Snow Battle ARURF! c=
: I've already tried. Just like twitter. But I get no response or feedback on any of them. Since the launch of the skins I made that observation and nothing was done. = /
Tbh don't expect riot to answer any comments because 90% of the time they won't! c=
: Border of new Project skins.
Post in the live servers, PBE feedback is for current testing!
: :)))) but they dont come back fucking destroyed now do they sarah c=
: Yes and do you know how many times per year do we play urf? it is a wasted game mode because urf is special and this is not urf, is not what people want
It's coming whether you like it or not, just like ascension and other hated game modes come back! c=
: who the f asked if it's popular or not, wtf crazy lady, stick to the topic or go home
It is on topic, you want AR to be removed yet AR is the most popular, therefore it won't be removed! c= They already stated they won't change it also! https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/cg2IWxjQ-riot-games-sacrificed-a-game-mode-for-a-theme?comment=0006 And please don't use boards to go cry and be mad, give actual feedback! c=
: You're indirectly calling me stupid through trying to get non-sense into my head as proper logic, if we'd ask the community if any of your feedback/comments are of any use, or come with any kind of sense brought to it, 90% would say no, 10% are probably your friends. :D None's harassing you, you're harassing yourself since you exceed the limit of sensibility allowed per individual. As for telling me to stop replying to you, why did you reply to me and my post then? Do you like me? I mean, since you told me that I should stop replying to you if I don't like you, and you are replying to me, then that's a logical deduction saying you like me xDDD By the way, by reading your answer, I noticed that only half of it is on topic and answering to my questions/thoughts, the rest are just sassy pointless words that you couldn't avoid using to satisfy your pretty ego. You may consider yourself "The queen of PBE", but remember you're only creating fights and contradictions while trying to enforce your opinion over others. That's bringing more toxicity to the community than if I'd start trashtalking and swearing right now. So keep calm, prove me how smart and mature you actually are and do not reply to this thread, so, shortly said, follow your own advice :)
Btw don't say 'prove me how smart and mature' when you're the one that replied in the first place! I posted a harmless comment. And none of this would've happened if you just didn't reply. Also another thing, if you're gonna act all smart and telling me to be smart, it's 'No one' not 'none's' Have a good day! I'm done here! c= {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Riot Admit you fucked up and just revert the URF champion pool limit.
It's only for this mode, not the entirety of ARURF! c=
: Snow AR URF
ARURF is actually the most popular! c=
: why tf are lethal tempo and aftershock disabled in the snow arurf??
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/WPE4L1Wq-poro-king-and-snow-battle-arurf-coming-to-a-pbe-near-you?comment=0015000000000000 This will answer! c=
: harassing? How am I harassing? are you serious? let's sit down and think about who goes to cyberfight every member of this community that wants some more fun in URF, calling them names and mocking them, you're so funny, i hope there'd be a way to block you or something
Calling me a big mouth when I did nothing to you, is harassing! I know its crazy, right?! Oh and, as you questioned me about harassing, you're doing it again! So there you go, you answered your own question! And if you don't like me, don't read/reply to my comments! Its a smart idea, right?! c= Sorry that I brought logic to you making your ideas get flung back, the truth hurts I know! But it doesn't mean you should name-call/ harass me! =c
: do you have any authority over this community, like...are you an admin or a mod? or it just happens that you have a big mouth?
Please don't harass other users also! I have to tell people like you, who are too lazy or other dumb reason, who won't read the rules! c=
: they can use Zoe's w concept for it, which is already usable, the only thing they have to work on and send for testing is how these summ spells appear, not that hard, it's about 2 or 3 days of testing...also...more champions available and more champions unlocked + all random pick means there are like 5 times more team combinations than on the actual Snow Battle ARURF, your arguments are in opposition with what you're saying how can you say that something is too crazy to be used in URF? lol :D
If you think you could just copy paste code and every thing works, you're completely wrong and uneducated, at least in that field! But good luck with that! c=
: Fizz, and Annie are absolutely ridiculous in URF..
Game mode is made to be wacky, if you don't like wacky don't play it! c=
: PROJECT Hunter's unlockable borders not active
Doesn't need fixing because its already live and the event is almost over! c=
Ranked was implemented last year, but it won't come back, most likely. If you want ranked go play live! c=
: New unofficial game modes
If you can code and make your own server, do all the work yourself. Then yes! c=
Its just BE btw.
: Suggestions about the Snow ARURF
: PROs/CONs/Suggestions about Snow Battle ARURF
URF had repetitive comps! :thinking: Also unlocking every champ ruins the concept! c= Also random summoners spells is too crazy to input this close to the end of the patch, imagine being the one to code all that...
: Will every snow champ be available to everyone in ARURF on live?
: Reduce Frustration by implementing /remake and early FF in ARURF
There is an early FF. It jus a gam y yu haf tu be mad
: Account disabled
Send a ticket! If it was disabled you've been a naughty girl/boy! c= Or you didn't link your account!
: Why do we have to put up with this garbage Snow ARURF
You don't have to put up with it, just stop playing it! c=
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