: Glad to see this back in play. This should really make for a faster champ select experience.
Yep, we hope so too. We're working on a few additional changes to make it extra clear who's acting.
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: Will we have the option to sort our champion collection page with these filters? (Mastery and chest, and position too maybe?) for pre-game decision making
Not right now, but we're thinking about how we can integrate this there.
: Ohhhh yes! Really like the part where it uses data from the previous patch to determine roles. My question is do you have to go in the individual roles to favourite champs for each of them? If so perhaps make it so that you can do that under the collections tab, because you might not have enough time to do so in champ select, especially in regions like OCE with only blind pick which is the only nonranked queue most of the time
You can right-click a champion in the grid and pick which position you want to favorite it for. In the future we might add this to Collection, but we wanted to keep the feature light so we could get it to players sooner rather than later.
: For favorites, could there be an option to show only favorite champions and not the rest to remove some clutter?
One thing we want to be careful about is creating filters that become muscle memory to the point where you hide other champions you might want to play and end up making your overall experience less fun without even realizing it. I know it might seem silly, but we see these kinds of effects a lot as people get used to using certain UIs. The way we tried to solve this is by using a sort instead so favorites bubble up to the top but you'll still see other suggestions below. Hopefully it'll still serve your purpose pretty well!
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We're going to be updating them to be the same in all three places they appear: map/mode selection, lobby, and end of game. We're a lot happier with these too and we'll still be doing some follow-up polish.
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: 10 Ban System (Alternate Suggestion)
We'll be looking to use the pro format for picks and bans wherever we think it makes sense, including custom tournament draft. More on that in the future. For normal play, we felt that the trade-offs of simultaneous bans made the most sense based on research we did with players. Thanks so much for your feedback!
: Quit/Cancel Button
We're doing another pass on the visual design of this to at least make the spacing and sizing feel better. We may also do another pass across the rest of game flow (map/mode select, lobby, end of game) to make sure it's consistent everywhere. Thanks for the feedback!


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