: I'm not sure that Doran's Blade vs Cull is the most important comparison here. Cull is basically an item that you buy if you think you can get away with avoiding punishment for buying less stats. If you die, even once, when Doran's would have kept you alive, then Cull ends up being a weak item. Same could be said for if you miss a kill with Cull that you would have gotten with Doran's. Anyway, I actually think Cull vs Longsword is the more important comparison, since Longsword doesn't need to be sold later but also gives good combat stats and sustain if you get it with pots. While longsword + refillable vs longsword + health pots is probably worth a thread of its own, I think a similar "Can I get away with it" scenario could exist with Longsword + refillable and longsword + health pots, and that that might be a better way to take a risk than with buying Cull. Overall, I agree the Cull is weak, because Longsword + whatever can accomplish a similar goal while providing more stats. This goes especially for champions that use longsword as an ingredient for their first big item (such as Phage or Manamune).
I will try to make sure my posts have more clarity next time. 1. The point I'm trying to get across is that I do not believe it is even worth it to get away with Cull as first item because it is useless once the passive is fulfilled (in comparison to Doran's Blade which not only gives extra AD but Health too making it a better item during the time Cull's passive will be fulfilled). 2. Another problem with Cull is that it will take 15+ minutes to be finished with the passive (Considering how long the death timers are, buying combat effective items is much better because the games are going to be much shorter compared to S5). 3. And last but not the least, even if you get 130 extra gold, you will be spending some of that gold into potions reducing the effectiveness of Cull as an item.
: You'll eventually have to sell the Doran's Blade, which means that you'll lose a couple hundred gold as opposed to making a net 130 gold. However, the long sword will build into other useful items and you can buy the refillable potion right away. So, you don't lose any money by buying it. Agreed that the long sword seems like the better option.
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