: Shen Taunt Bug
I thought this was strange when he tried to taunt me and it didn't do anything https://youtu.be/oKR8VaZ_th0
: I would also like to say I really liked how you phrased this post and the puns you used haha
tone down the depth of his chest in game too. It's like wayyy out there. I know he's meant to be a tank but he's also a ninja and he doesn't normally wear such huge armor. Also I thought his glowing eyes were sunglasses and I was so mad about it. Fix the glowing eyes pls. LOL
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: Is sivir too weak right now?
She's not weak. It's just there's so many fun ADCs to play while the best mechanic Sivir has it timing your spellshield. Lots of playmaking and outplay potential with other ADCS like Kai' Sa, Xayah and the like and Sivir just sits there with her E.
: if you read what i said they should nerf zoe and buff syndra and im not wrong
They're fine where they are. Like if you know how to play against them they're not a problem.
: Increasing item prices cripples support. (Tear of Goddess)
Be grateful that suppots are no longer ward bots.
: Ryze could use Clarity in the Practice Tool
Riot announced a while ago that they wanted Unsealed Spellbook to give access to summoner spells no longer in the game or were removed from summoners rift. This includes Clarity, Clairvoyance etc http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Summoner_spell
I play Zoe, Irelia and Syndra quite often on live servers and let me say this. You are absolutely wrong. None of them need any buffs anywhere. They're strong in capable hands.
: I can't remember the last game I played on PBE where everyone played the whole game.
This is what happens when the PBE is open to everyone. Back when it was a tightly knit group of maybe 3000 playtesters it wasn't this bad.
: how do you get someone who admites to inting banned from the pbe. they are not healthy for the serve
While I acknowledge that inting in a PBE game is frustrating. You have to remember that it's a testing grounds and shouldn't be treated as competitively as live servers. You're there to test the new features riot has added.
: Is Beemo the beginning of the end?
They're testing surprise skins from what I've deduced. Like this was meant to be a fun gift that we didn't expect to get but it got leaked.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Katarina!
I seriously just want something different for Katarina. She needs an 1850 skin. Tara shouldn't be that hard to contact..
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: Talon and Kat are sworn siblings if I remember. It wouldn't be too weird if they were on opposite sides of a job and sparred for a bit not to really finish each other off but just to succeed at their given job. I mean that wouldn't be so strange for them.
If I remember correctly. Talons an emotional punching bag for Katarina so it's not too farfetched to think she randomly smacks him around or the other way around. Lmao
: What happend to Diana and kass in the assasin rework
Kassadin is in his healthiest place right now and Diana is more of a fighter/mage/diver.
: Assassin Update Won't Bring Back Assassins
I think Riot have basically given up on Assassins honestly. Assassins aren't even a problem if your team is even the slightest bit coordinated. They just wanted a reason to break the male AD Assassins and nerf the female AP ones.
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: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
I'm going to be the one that has to say it... Her ult doesn't feel right anymore. Her main focus now is blinking and spinning, yes her ult makes her spin but she's not very hyper mobile and standing in place is just a terror waiting to happen, now if every dagger thrown from her ult ricochets off onto the ground then we're onto something, OFC. Her ult would have to be nerfed to hell for that to be acceptable but hey. More shunpo resets.
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Ooh oh oh. Will her W be on an ammo system or what? Is there a long CD for it? Tell me!! O:
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Yesss! I love this new W. I was worried it was gonna be something like Killer Instincts but I'm glad it has two parts to it. :)
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Soraka!
As a Soraka main I demand you have ambulance sirens play when she gets her movespeed passive and her horns flash red and blue. DOOO IT
: Still stuck in login queue
It's because people are awake right now trying to login. Downloading is also slow because of the traffic going through the PBE.
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
I've been on the PBE for a measly six months, I'm entitled to try the new champion first! You're gonna have to sit your entitled ass down and wait like the rest of us.
: PBE Account Period Over?
you still have your account. just keep it active and you should be fine
: PBE Account Period Over?
you still have your account. just keep it active and you should be fine
: Kassadin's Riftwalk is Literally Useless
He has an ahri dash now. It isnt that bad. If they buff that dash range then they should do that to ahri dashes. I feel that it is fine. He should feel the heat when going in
They arent going to nerf anything more about ahri. The range is fine. Just dodge the skill shot. She has already been nerf already
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
I don't think enemies should be able to go through the portal he creates to escape with his team. and if they do try to go through it should either slow them or hurt them over time. Cause i though it was either a escape tool or maybe a surpise gank tool. my thoughts on it
: Riot, can you explain what are your goals, intentions and expectations with the new AP item?
I would say this Item works well on alot of Mages. Not just bursty ap mages/assassins. Like hairy was saying other champions who aren't as moblie as champions who are will benefit from this item. I do agree with the item order. (Ahri) Well she does get the burst damage in her W+R. However she does not get the charge dmg in Q. Which i dont understand that. But as of right now she doesnt get it. Yes the item will make her more moblie. that is harder for other laners to deal with. But you do have to understand. Ahri is moblie champ. When she doesnt have ult. She is pretty much either dead if she doesnt use charm to try and escape or flash. She does give off a better true damage aoe burst to that target with this item. i would say if fed and good farm 3285 and D cap. she is unkillable. then zhonyas around 15 or 16.? AP DMG ranges 550-700. around there. she can one shot a squishy or jungler not tanky. Dfg was still better then this item.
: [Suggestion] Kassadin Ult change
i think his ult is fine were it is. makes harder to go in and out. Just like an ahri dash. i think its both even.
: Item 3285 Ahri
When i play her. I see the damage on W+R. But on Q i do not see the damge. You have to get the spell bonus by moving. So it should appear on Q idk why it isn't. Also later on in the game. i was able to one shot akali and lee sin. i dont know if that was cause of the item. or the items i had.
: Ahri Changes
See i agree on that. I honsetly dont care too much about the Q movement speed buff. Its nice and makes her more moblie. I just think the mana cost is way to high. But the range on W and R needs to come back. She is still a range assassinate mage. Not a melee. I do normally go into team fight or fight on the out side battle to get carries. But the AOE burst dmg is down cause of the range. She cant be by all enemy targets or she is x.x. I think W needs a slight buff and the Ranges should be reverted.
: Ahri's Level 6 Needs Mana Love
i agree with the mana cost. that is why they lowered it in the first place but again they wanted her to punish for so high moblity. I honsetly miss the old ahri when dfg was around cause it wasnt a problem for me. and the ahri before the 5.3 nerf. ahri is good against melee champions. the nerfs on W and R one the range where too much to me
: Ahri Changes
I agree. I played a few matches. i did hardly any dmg late game and i was 6 2. i had to make sure to roam @ lvl 4 to kill bot lane. so i can get ahead. The changes on ahri are wayy too harsh. Yes i know that she needs punishment if she goes in. Charm was a punishment if she didnt land it. The high cooldown. But she is completely useless. I am ahri as well. The mana cost is too high. Im force out of laning around 4 or 5. Q and W were used as harass but now you must auto attack and use Q less. I dont feel that is fair. You guys really destory ahri. They need to put her back to where she was. Everyone feared at late game of ahri charm. If she charm adc equal dead. Now that doesnt happen. Ahri is a range champion. You guys are making her into a front line. Which she can be or not depending if the person using her want to front line with her. But she is too squishy for that. As of now to team fight she doesnt bring the AOE dmg like she did. You guys compeletely took that from her. She only targets one person. sometimes her W doesnt even hit the enemy it goes towards minions. ( lowers the burst) the burst of her is way too low now. Too me it hurts me to play ahri i love her so much for her to go down like that. please re consider this. Please but the ranges back where they were and increase the dmg slightly
: Possible New Champ ? Strange MARKS on THE RIFT!
Archlight Velkoz decided to vandalize some rocks, no big deal.
: Hi > You must land charm to give the damage now. herm... well, that's how it is supposed to work, I assure you, and if you don't trust me just read patchnotes. Some time ago Riot already made an update saying charm should be landed first (counterplay and so on). For the "she should get a buff" part... Well, you might be right, I don't really know, I don't play her. Riot already said champions DFG reliant will receive a buff (I remind of Veigar being quoted, dunno for the others), and there you have a point : if you think she needs it, say it... but don't go like "just up everything in her kit" please, it doesn't really help :/ , tell what you think could be good so a discussion on the subject can take place. More over, don't give feedbacks after what sounds like to be a single game, play more games in order to ensure that what you say isn't just due to the "lack" of the burst you're used to and to be able to give more accurate advice on what should get a buff. Ayowel
It is accurate play her tell me how strong she is without with the buff. She isn't a assassin. That was my playstyle
She isn't complete without dfg. She is still weak with out it. She will no longer be able to 1 shot an enemy without dfg. You must have ignite or ult up. The build for her now is the ({{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3020}} The last item is your choice. She loss 100- 180 ap
: Ahri's charm update
Ahri will go down as a midlaner. They killed her as a midlaner. She was the only mage/assassin (Not just assassin)
: Ahri's weakness after patch
My opinion Ahri is now a mage. No longer a secondary a assassin or make her a assassin if you wanted too. I play ahri as a assassin. (DFG) is what made her into one with ultimate. But now it takes her longer to get her ultimate if you dont build the {{item:3165}} first. So in early game mid game she i will not be able to assassinate enemys or gank as hard. The buff they gave her were just okay its not that strong. She will still get out scaled by most midlaners. I hope they think really hard about this. Cause Ahri win rate will go down and usage as a champion. Makes me sad that my main champion is getting nerf from one item
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
Katarina is my favorite champion kit-wise and lore wise. But when it comes to the skins you guys make for her, they can be a little lackluster. Don't be afraid to give her a completely new hair model. I'm sure the Katarina fans would actually like a change of style on her. This seems like just another re-color for her. Like the rest of her skins. I appreciate you guys finally giving large visual particle effects on her that we can actually see now, but as it being her what, 7th skin? It just seems like you're not trying with her anymore. Give her fire particle effects, and a riven/nidalee esque hair style and I guarantee everybody who plays her will pay 1350 for it. I know I would. I LOVE the recall, it fits her so well and compliments her graceful assassin nature. The blowing her hair out of her face is something we can all appreciate since she does it all the time in the cinematic trailers. Thank you for that. But the daggers just look like smaller versions of Tryndameres sword. Was that intentional? But being a warring kingdoms skin based off of Diao Chan. I don't see the resemblance at all. If you're going to keep her this way without giving her a hair update or even an outfit somewhat similar to Diao Chan. I think you'd be better off naming this one Dragonblade Katarina and calling it a day. She can share the theme with her friends Talon and Riven. Katarina is supposed to be this badass Assassin and you guys keep saying being "girly" and "feminine" don't fit her, yet you release skins like Kitty Cat Katarina. Give her a pink outfit, put her hair up in a bun. Even our Sinister Blade can appreciate culture, she's not a shut-in by any means.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
No No No!!!! Change it back to Dauntless Ahri. Omg Challenger Ahri doesnt sound good at all. We gave you feedback on the particles for her charm, hair and also orb. But nothing was changed but the name. I honsetly feel extremely let down. Ahri is a champion that love too use in game. The name Challenger Ahri down putting too others who aren't challenger. Please revise this. Are you going to let us know about why anything wasnt added to the particles for charm??? @ Riot Katey.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
Hello Katey, I am a Ahri main. Well first the bug i found out is using w while ulting. She will stand there with a blue box around her. The Skin seems quite good too me. The only two downfalls ahri the ahri and the affects on charm and Orb. I feel as if the person knows how to use ahri they would know every 9 spells her passive will active. So i feel that it shouldnt matter if the orb changed colors. Red and black and (Green for the passive). I feel that would be fine. For her charm it should have that affects like her w and q have to blend more in. i think it would look more different or unqiue. The ultimare is good. possblie if you could get more burst affects on them. The second bugg was her helmet. When you zoom in looks like her hair is coming thru it. that is it for me. Good job on the skin and please let me know somethings or feedback.{{champion:103}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
I love the skin. I really do. Good job riot :D. Uhm i wish that you could do something with the charm. The charm could be on fire coming out. Few things i notice with wrong part is that it lags when you hit ( W +R) together. The old charm doesnt fit in. Change the charm little. I love all her skins . But this add to my top 3 now. ( midnight popstar dauntless).
: PBE - Update Failed error message when launching the client
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