: Store does not open ( An unexpected error has occurred. Error Code: 1)
Same problem here, I tried everything and nothing can solve {{champion:32}}
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: What OS have you ? Which version?
I have the same problem, Windows XP. I know that we usually have problems in this OS :/ Hope they can solve it xcc
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: I was able to change the size of my screen when I clicked on the gear in the Log-in page
But i cant see the gear to change it, if i move the screen the right part is incomplete and if i log in i cant log out because i cant minimize or log out of the game
: you can choose 3 different resolution in settings
I cant see that part of the screen, thats the problem
: League client update - Read me if you've patched the alpha since 4pm PDT November 2nd
The size of the new client is bigger than my screen, i cant minimize and after log in i cant log out because i cant see the X to close it{{item:3070}} Please help!
: PBE Custom Game Alpha Client No Bots
This is a terrible decision, we need bots ! :(
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: Can't see enemy team's items when you press Tab!
Same happened to me, i played with Aurelion sol, maybe is a bug?
: Shop -> Bundles.
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: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
I just opened a box and instantly game bugged, permanently loading icon from loat, 5 minutes and still counting...
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: masteries bug
Same problem, is kinda difficult even for read it properly
: My client dont start
Y, XP here too, sadly xp users have random problems very usually with PBE :/ Wich is pretty weird because i have 0 problems in the "normal" client
: Death animations doing weird things
Same here, and Illaoi death is also kind of weird. The champs pop up like they will be alive
: I don't even get to the patcher as in I don't even see the screen that says scanning files. Only the league logo appears for a bit then disappears and nothing happens. It seems like other people are playing on the new patch fine as I've been seeing discussion on the new hero and skins. It must be something with my client.
I have exactly the same problem, logo last a few second and then dissapear and nothing else happens
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: Is PBE down atm? 10/19/15
: unnatural Fps drops in one for all
Same problem here, no problems in custom but almost unplayable in one for all :(
: Kindred PBE
I have the same problem, i cant pick kindred, at least in custom game
: Weird bugsplat at loading screen and Borderless
After read all this now i can see that this is my problem too xD I try to play custom games and have exactly the same crash in loading screen, though this happens only in custom but is something more general. Im a XP user probably is one more of the problems between the game and this Windows version :/ Sorry for my english {{item:3070}}
: Was it a regular Summoner's Rift or a Black Market Brawlers?
It happens in both modes, try another maps like twisted treeline and crash too
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: kernel32.dll error
Same problem, i can login but when i try to join a game i get that error, and is not a problem of my with pc , is only with account of PBE
: Why LOL PBE not work to win XP now after last update???
Yeah, is the second time that this happen to us, XP users, hope some day will be fixed :( {{item:3070}}
: Can't run the patcher - Windows XP error is back..
We have exactly the same problema than a few weeks ago :( Hope they can fixed this issue definitely , there are many players than still using xp, we cant change to another OS
: LoL Launcher error
I think we will have to wait until next patch maybe?
: LoL Launcher error
Sadly i think all xp users have the same problem :/ Unsolved for now, hope theyll fix soon.
: Can't Open the CLient Launcher
Nobody has a solution? : /
: Can't Open the CLient Launcher
Same with me, exactly the same problem :( XP user too


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