: **Edit:** **One of the most agreed upon posts and it's completely ignored, you won't even provide us some numbers as an example or say anything to alleviate any worries. When mage items were initially dumpstered in price and stats the post wrote that you guys were more than willing to change or go back on anything, yet you're just compounding it with more nerfs, after despite near all the feedback saying the nerfs were far too much. Near every topic about it was ignored. Why aren't the hundreds of thousands of games of statistics enough to make you change your minds?!** **Why am I not surprised? The typical Riot "We are always right and we know what is healthy for the game and good for you" attitude continues. Because this game is so much more healthy and fun than it was in Season 4 right? No, it's not. Your model of what efficiency is fair for a mage is absurd and your stubbornness to acknowledge that or your mistakes is best described as disgusting.** **In any other industry this attitude Riot has would lead to instant company failure, but because of the foothold you have and relative lack of competition you just carry on doing whatever you want regardless of the opinions of the customer base; which at best you just get offended at and ignore unless it's something you can easily dismiss in a few lines based on your ideas rather than anything real or proven through thorough testing. Even if your ideas are statistically proven wrong you continue with them and call yourselves "overly correct" or similar insanity instead of ever admitting a mistake.** Original post: Why is AP being so heavily reduced after it was already heavily reduced while the crazy costs are still beyond unreasonable for what they provide? Mana regen removed in exchange for a negligible amount of mana? Why are you guys nerfing mages AGAIN so heavily? None of the mage ratios make sense anymore, they'd have to be dramatically increased at this point to compare to what other classes do. At the cost of 2400 gold for Banshee's tanks now really can ignore mages even if they have no resources. YOUR PRESEASON 6 CHANGES WHICH STAYED MADE LANING SLOWER AND MORE BORING while simultaneously ensuring that ~~tanks~~ any class with Banshee's/Visage can easily 1v1 any mage essentially gimping them. THESE CHANGES ARE GOING TO MAKE LANING EVEN MORE BORING/PASSIVE and make mages worse than trash later in the game. Whatever your intentions might be, which appears to be yet another all-encompassing nerf to mages, you're going to definitely make the laning phase a lot more passive. There's NOTHING in any of those items that's a net gain for mages, those mana amounts cannot possibly compensate for losing mana regen entirely and mage ratios are now a relic of the past which make no sense. CAN WE PLEASE SEE SOME MATH BEHIND THIS?! IN THE PRESEASON YOU GUYS CLAIMED YOU DID A MATH PASS WHEN DUMPSTERING MAGES, SHOW US THAT MATH! I honestly don't believe for a moment that you play mages otherwise you'd know how horrible they feel to play right now, and you'd find out very quickly they're chump change compared to all other classes in the game. I started playing sometime in 2011, with these changes I think I'm actually done after ~5 years, I think that's a wrap, I quit. If you showed anyone the Season 6 changes in S5, which was a disaster itself, they'd think it's a joke. Look up the stats of how many old accounts are going inactive this season, especially after these nerfs go through.
A large reason that mages are so weak now is that they find it difficult to ever really be at a point in the game where they deal a large amount of relevant damage. They have some of the most expensive items currently while also gaining very little compared to other roles' items. That is a reason why champions that can build Abyssal first item are the best currently, because the other items are too expensive and items that are cheaper to buy in other roles can counter them. It costs 3800 gold for a Deathcap and it only gives 100 AP, albeit with a strong passive. But all that you need to counter it is a Hexdrinker, 1300 gold, Spirit Visage or Banshee's Veil, 2800 and 2900 respectively, and QSS, again 1300 gold. Not to mention that this is by far the best item that AP's currently have to buy and it is countered really hard by so many cheaper items that these AP champs can't really keep up with the likes of AD assassin's and tanks and it's a huge reason as to why Corki mid became incredibly strong after he gained the magic damage Auto attacks, because there's an extreme lack of magic damage coming out of the mid lane, aside from Azir. They need to buff AP not nerf it even more.
: True, but now you can buy yourself a rocket belt and dodge a lot of the burst from assassins like Zed, or get out of range of assassins like Kha'Zix if you time it appropriately.
That item is doomed to fail. It will give engage mages like Annie way too much power and make it incredibly easy to engage with her. It will give mages like Ryze and Karthus, who's main weakness is the lack of mobility, mobility and in turn they get much more powerful rotations of spells. It's just not a good idea to give that kind of mobility to champions that are have a lack of mobility in their kit to be more balanced. And don't even forget to mention Swain, if the item was ever actually released there would be next to no way to kite him before he got to your back line. It's very likely that it won't be an item even out on the PBE.
: Question, wouldn't this allow people to get around the fact you have to wait 2 weeks to gift people? If the answer is yes, and the restriction is intended, this should be changed. If yes, and the restriction is something Riot doesn't want anymore, it should be removed. If no, then I need someone to explain to me why it isn't.
Yes it would, but It's likely to be disabled in customs if it goes live.
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: Nexus Exploding sound missing?
Yeah, through the entire game no voice coming from the champions through movement, attacking, or ability use.
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: This was my suggestion also. Since the passive scales now, the Q ratio scales now, why not scale the shield uptime to its maximum value? Start the E at 1.5, and give an additional .1s for every rank, so you end up at 2.0s. If not that, then .2s up to the original 2.5 value on live. In teamfights, the full duration is extremely necessary/useful, and functions like other melee ADC's shields do to keep them a bit more alive (think Yi Alpha Strike, Yasuo Flow, or in an extreme example, Tryndamere ult). Granted, Riven is not quite a melee ADC, but she really is played like one and excels at it. In lane, the uptime can be overbearing, but if you change it her "counters" become much stronger. Particularly a lane like Darius gets much worse, because the uptime shields from one less tick of the DoT. The best solution is reducing it to a 2.0s uptime. Taking a whole second off of the uptime, down to 1.5s uptime, is too severe. The Q changes are sufficient, and I do not know why other Riven mains aren't speaking up. Some people think it's alright, but the longer-term effects of this change are not good.
Exactly, while Riven can still be a strong force in a game, the large changes to both her Q and her E are too severe in the long run. The Q nerf, is fine and necessary to balance Riven. Her shield on the other hand, just has become next to useless compared to other shields. Now her kit is composed of 3 short damaging dashes and an extra dash that gives a shield too short to be of any use in a fight. I like your idea of bringing it back up to 2 seconds and I do think that if Riot listens that's what it'll be at, but I would still love to see her Q scale back up to 2.5 seconds after it's maxed. That way her early game will be nerfed enough, and her late game doesn't suffer as much as it does now.
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: Yasuo- Can't buy his skin during champ select
I've had the same problem with multiple different champions in the actual store as well, completely outside the game.
: [Lee Sin] - Huge Delay between casting abilities right after each other
I've had this problem with LeBlanc as well. I would try to W in onto an enemy and then press it again right away to go back, while I can still move and am clearly not stunned or snared I'm still not allowed to go back to the original spot.
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: My two cents about Riven's brand new gorgeous skin.
I honestly don't mind the Q animation too much. Every they should tone it down slightly on the animation because it can lead to some minor fps drops, but the animation itself it pretty awesome in my opinion.
: Ranked games do not count in leagues
Yeah, I just joined the PBE and tried a couple ranked matches, none of the stats or games have gone towards my placement matches. Gotta bump this thread.


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