: The ammount of toxicity is terrifying
I just finished a game where I reported my whole team and one of the enemy team members. They were all super toxic in champ select and then in the game as well. On top of that, our top laner wasn't doing so well against the new champ so he decided to just leave the match. This should not be a playground for toxicness and trolls.
: Can't Change Wards
The exact same thing happened to me. The first time I got the error message I left it up and the message came back in the post game lobby.
: Appreciate the screen, looks like this one was in the Planning / Pick Intent phase.
yes, this happened to me three times in a row before my friends and I just decided to get on live instead. I did not tab out though. I had client up like normal when it froze on me.
: QSS and Caitlyn Auto Bugs
Hey, I was the Quinn! I'm still not sure how the Lux ult did not kill me but I think there were only certain times Cait couldn't auto.
: Quinn Tag Team
Just tested this and I found similar results as you.
: Could you describe what happens when you try and purchase the bundle? Does it just gray-out? If not.. I understand not wanting to buy every single dang champion, haha. :/
I'll assume its the same thing that's happening to me. When you click on the price nothing happens, at all.

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