: What's the point in posting there, if riot never listen at feedback or answer to posts?
All they ever pay attention to these days are Reddit and Twitter. Posting here at least gets players talking about it, so that maybe the discussion will bleed over into one of those.
: There is MRPen and Armor pen for this. That's not how the game is supposed to be. Kayle has a very weak early and a very powerful late. With these changes they made her a little stronger early and a little weaker late. I played her before rework and after, but stopped cause this early/late discrepancy feels weird. Now you can reach your late evolution cause you managed to do it, and not because your team protected the minion you are 'till level 11
If the early/late discrepancy feels weird to you, maybe you shouldn't play a champion who has the one purpose to scale. Tank players complaining about champions like Kayle and Vayne would be like me complaining as an Ashe that Talon or Fizz exist. If Kayle's design wasn't to be a late game hypercarry, I would've been perfectly fine with these changes. However, part of being a hypercarry involves being able to bust tanks. This is why I like my %max hp idea, it smooths out the damage curve so that tanks are busted harder while nerfing her damage to squishies so that they have a chance to burst her, or if her ultimate is up, melt her afterwards. This is an extreme example, but consider a champion that, no matter what, kills you in 7 hits. Doesn't matter who you are, how much hp or resistances you have, you die in 7 hits. If you're Cho'Gath, you hate this. All of your tanky stats feel worthless, you would be outraged, and rightly so. If you're Draven, you don't really care, as you would die in 7 hits from a normal champion anyway. Your window to fight back hasn't changed, possibly has even been extended, so you hardly even notice. I know how bad it can feel to be playing Garen, and then get run down by a Fiora. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have meaningful ways to play against Kayle as a tank. I'm just saying gutting her DPS should not be one of them. Are you Rammus? Taunt her so your team can burst her before you die. Are you Cho'Gath? Eat her. Are you Nautilus? Perma CC her so she can't save herself. Many tanks already do have meaningful ways to play into Kayle. Kayle should be able to fight back if they screw up. Is true damage the way to go? Maybe, maybe not, but gutting the one aspect of her kit that makes her pickable, her late game, will drive her into a spot where no one wants to play her anymore.
: Why dont they just bring her old E back?
Riot is pretty much Hellbent on not reverting things on a scale as large as this. Her old E was better, but we're not getting it back.
: I'm using translator to be able to give my feedback as Kayle main, I loved the change of level 7 ranged and I think the buffs interesting, but removing the true damage from level 16 prevents Kayle from being a hypercarry, these adjustments in the normal server would be wonderful, but armor, mana, cooldown buffs might not be necessary if that's the reason to remove the true damage to get her balanced. Keeping kayle on the normal server being ranged only at level 11 is too slow to grow, currently I have lost matches because of the growing momentum as most matches are decided in 20 min of game. Removing true damage is like throwing Kayle to the non-playable champs limbo, late game everyone has full builds, a lot of armor, a lot of damage, without that level 16 damage (which is why I still play kayle) there is no more reason to play with her, her old passive still diminished magic resistance, now no more, another good solution would be to enable basic attacks again while ult
The removal of true damage late game will make her a strictly inferior pick to someone like Vayne. And yeah, I've seen a lot of comments saying remove the AA lockout on her R. Honestly at this point I would settle for something like 50% magic pen at 16, which keeps some of the feel but doesn't make her overpowered. Or, just keep her weak early and make her late game worth playing if she gets there. I'm not saying all of these changes are bad, I'm just saying better changes would be in the other direction. Long story short, if there's ever a point in a champion's balance where you say "why play x when you can play y?", there's something wrong. Why play Kayle when you can play Vayne?
: The true damage needed to go, because once team fights began, she eviscerated anyone she was fighting against. Because remember, these waves could CRIT. Remember how IE had it's crit true damage removed? Because it made tanks and...everyone really invalid because fuck your armor or mr. It was incredibly unhealthy game design because the counter to the damage was negated. I do agree that the breakpoints are...weird at best, but the true damage removal was inevitable. It made it so that once Kayle reached level 16, the game was over in her team's favor.
Honestly I feel it would be perfectly valid to just make fire waves not crit anymore instead of removing true damage. The game isn't over in her favor if she hits 16, and as a matter of fact, I _lose_ most of the games that I do hit 16. Kayle is more of an "all else even, I win" champion at that stage, but I can tell you from experience that most of the time, it's because I'm solocarrying my feeding team at that point. A 3 second invulnerability might save you from the worst of a Zed combo, but it doesn't help when they have Naut and Jinx perma CCing you and melting you down. I suppose other ideas to bring true damage fire waves back down is to make it only apply to champions, because I stall the majority of my games by waveclearing baron empowered minions.
: The removal of the true damage at 16 is legit. There is way too much true damage in the game, and this might be the right direction. Feels bad to play a tank, kayle reaches lvl 16 and you are like, well, auto-win. This overempower at 16 made the game lost if kayle reaches lvl 16, a game it's fun when you win if you play well and outplay the enemies, but with kayle in-game it's a "just throw until 16 and it's won", played with or against
You know what feels worse? Dragging yourself through early game hell just to be one upped by someone saying “fuck you, I’m Rammus.” Because how dare a tank buster bust tanks. Kayle is weak for the entire game, and games typically end long before Kayle hits her final form anyway. Due to the fact that you have all game to shut her down, if you fail to do so, you deserve whatever comes your way.
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