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: 1 month with no rp
Us old players don't have a huge problem with no RP (just a bit), but to those who just start PBE fresh (level 30), notice how they get 0 RP and 0 BE. How do they even buy champion and test the skins? Let's just say Lucian, 6300 BE, a 1 BE legendary skin. You __HAVE__ to have the champion before buying the skins. So what should the new people do? Should they grind their asses up to get that requirement BE to buy champions before skins when us, those who were not affected by the bug before, just sit our asses laughing at them and downvoting their threads? That's rude
: Me too buddy, me too. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
And you should notice every single time someone post some threads about RP, there will always be some ghosts out there downvoting those threads and comments. Wonder who was so happy about the RP bug though.
: Yea, I kinda wish they made a new engine. I feel like it's probably holding them back a lot
Dota: _ehem_ __Source 2 Engine__ _ehem_
3 downvotes. noice
Well, you can play a tons of games that takes you hours and hours, earn BE, get capsules and open them for be instead of just having rp and buy champ and skins instantly. _speaks with sarcastic voice_
: Locked at 30 FPS?
Even dota is better optimized and looked better (not a joke) and I still run it with constant 60 fps. Since recent updates I could never have that 60fps on League.
: Why are people on the PBE so bad?
Ranked? Oh please, if you wish to have ranked, go back to live servers. We all have to deal with bad players (their team or on our own team). Besides, this is PBE, a place for testing and improving contents before they get released to live. Don't think you or _people like you_ are the only one facing problems you mentioned.
: RP/BE Grant Bug
Love how all comments, threads about RP (complaints and non-complaints) get all that downvotes.
: Same problem...
Love how I got downvoted just because I _expressed_ my feelings. Even others who talked about RP got downvoted too.
: Why is there no ban phase
I have nothing against ban phase, I even welcome it. But recall when the Akali rework update (and many, many, MANY other updates before), she just got banned because some didn't want to play against her (or someone in their team to use her), causing many who wanted to try out Akali to be upset and came to forum begging for "no ban phase"? That's how it is.
: Why call them High Noon when they are clearly Infernal/Nightbringer Skins?
I have a reference to Ghost Rider when I see Lucian's skin. Maybe Daredevil or something similar?
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: "Match Found" Screen Stuck In Loop
Everyone create and join customs now! That's the only solutions until Riot fixes this bug! Tried and succeeded
: "Match Found" Screen Stuck In Loop
Same problem. Though I have no idea if it will happen if we create custom games.
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: If you want competitive integrity, play on live.
you seem new to pbe.
: I feel as though she's way too mobile and safe to constitute any sort of buffs to her survivability. As it is right now she plays like a perfect assassin; insane mobility, high single target damage, little AoE damage (aside from her R, but you're never realistically gonna hit several people with that unless they're already in a bad spot) and plenty of room to outplay opponents and escape tough situations. Giving her more survivability would do nothing but allow even the bad players to never die. She needs to be squishy to have that kind of kit, otherwise you get another tank Ekko
I agree that she has insane mobility, enough sustain power, and abilities to make plays. A feature of an assassin is that he/she is very squishy, not having enough toughness like tanks, not dealing a high, constant damage like bruisers/warrior; therefore they use speed, high burst damage, and stealth to make up for those weakness. Akali has high mobility, insane burst damage, and a smoke bomb to initiate, escape, or playing mind game with the opponent. However, I do hope that Akali will have better stats (just a bit better) because I hate getting poked and lost like 1/5-1/6 total hp.
: oh, you're right, didn't think about lowering her Q cost would enable more passives... So, maybe increasing the threshhold to be able to heal...?
> [{quoted}](name=Chiky The Feeder,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=vatEodLF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T14:38:53.950+0000) > > oh, you're right, didn't think about lowering her Q cost would enable more passives... > So, maybe increasing the threshhold to be able to heal...? At 180 energy and above, any Q will be able to heal Akali, so CertainT created this mechanic to let players decide whether to quick cast Q 2 times to gain some burst damage, or to stick with it for a few seconds to gain some sustain in lane. It is very reasonable, especially when you initiate with your W, which not only not cost any energy, but __restoring__ energy (scaling 40-70), so you will be able to spam about 2-3 successful Q. If you decide to hold your Q from 120, throwing out smoke bomb restores about 40-50 in game (early-mid game), so you can Q again to heal, and also have enough energy to Q again for some burst damage (presumably the first Q before smoke is to get some poke damage). Her kit overall is fine, it just requires more decision making and a good brain to stay healthy in lane and also deal enough damage.
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: Akali bugs and feedback so far
I do not know about her hit points, so I may as well just agree with you on that. Her Q, I do think the energy cost is a bit too high, but to replace the sustain to her passive, plus to some of your suggestions above may make her literally OP. Think about it, lower the cost means she can spam more Q, which means more passive proc -> lots of healing. I don't think that is necessary. The only changes to her Q should be the energy cost.
: [Akali] Jungle monsters
Akali is made to be a mid/top laner. We don't need any buffs to her at all since the jungler might leash for her if she's lucky enough to have a generous jungler, and in mid game she is totally able to get one, even though it takes a bit of time.
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: Shen PBE Bug: Taunt no longer functions correctly in Practice Tool (only?)
Yes the bug does exist in normal games. I myself experienced the bug first handed.
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: Please get rid of blind or add back draft Please [Reason inside]
Legit worse than live server. I saw couple calling out adc and pick a champ that is not adc and go trolling at top. And what's with the BR region players anyway? Moat of them are so toxic and stubborn; they barely speak english and they refuse to listen to everyone in the game
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