: Thanks for dropping the feedback! 1. New voice lines would be awesome! But unfortunately we don't have the capacity to do so at this time (build a script, find the voice actress, re-record a full set of lines, master them, apply effects, hookup call frequencies and behaviors in game). Xayah and Rakan underwent this process but did so over many months! 2. Will share this with the 3D discipline! 3. The octopus skirt definitely looks dope! But it's a recall/homeguard feature that displays when Zoe "transforms" or "uses it intentionally.' Please refer to my other comments about the scope involved with adding the octopus skirt to her entire 90-asset-animation kit (tho if I had the time, I totally would!) 4. Will discuss this with the team! Gameplay will have to be involved with this too! 5. We're currently looking at making this effect much more noticeable! Thanks again for all the thoughtful comments!
Hi Ohmu! Thanks so much for the response! Since no new voice lines are possible, could you guys think about boosting the audio effect level that was added instead? I was play testing the skin with my boyfriend watching over my shoulder and even with all other audio options on low and her voice cranked to max it was still tough to hear over the original lines. A big shame since you guys put in time working on that. Its sad about the octo skirt, but I understand. Might be something to think about adding, in a smaller size, to any variants SG Zoe might get in the future though! (I can keep hoping for redemption variants for next year, even if its probably silly haha.) Thanks for listening to what I had to say and getting back with me! Good luck with the release when it comes!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Chromas!
Feedback time <3 Just for Zoe though sorry;; These chromas look really good! (green is my favorite but I'm biased since its my favorite color too) I have to agree with others that it would be nice to see Ran and the portals match up a bit better with the chromas. Pool Party went above and beyond with that, but seriously just a color swap would make all the difference here. Personally, I'm just praying the emerald chroma won't be LPP exclusive... Its soooo good I'd be devastated to have to wait for it! (Also please consider light variants for all three next year, thank you.)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Zoe
Dropping off some feedback! I really wanted a cute SG skin for Zoe, but if this is what it is going to be then let's make it worth it! Polish it up real nice. 1. Most important thing I can suggest is new voice lines! The current voice lines do not fit well with the theme, and since that seems to be the driving force behind all decisions this time around please consider this. It would greatly improve the quality of the skin. 2. Work on the balance of the colors. Right now her body is very dark and makes details hard to see, while her hair is neon blue but not balanced with well with any other blue on her as far as I can see. Her eye also seems a bit too bright. The splash art had much more appealing colors so you might be able to take it as inspiration in balancing the in game model's a bit better. 3. The outfit looks plain and incomplete without the octopus skirt. I don't want to be rude but she looks like a dark elf and not someone from the SG universe without it. Even less a big bad villain. Adding the skirt would be dramatic, make it feel complete, make it more worth the 1350 instead of looking like a lower class, make it seem like someone who chose to be dark. Compared to Xayah and Rakan... our main villain looks boring. 4. Shape the balloons. Ran shaped would be the best, but even just a star guardian star shape would be nice. They look plain and out of place. 5. Fix the fog of war sleepy effect. A cute little image of Ran would solve this nicely! Right now its very hard to see. This final point is a bit selfish: consider letting the 3 corrupted guardians be redeemed in a future variant or releasing past/alternate chromas. This would make so many people happy.


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