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: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
Any chance of adding the ability to purchase specific shards or upgrade master levels for a steep IP price? We're desperate for IP sinks and even things like skin rentals or even single use "skin roulettes" (that bug was really fun while it lasted) would be help. It really doesn't feel good when an Extra IP rolls around and you realize 100k IP is enough for 3 years of new releases.
: Hey Tangy! (we played a game against each other recently :D) It does seem a bit noob trappish when you put it like that. But I think the goal here is to be situationally helpful in mitigating punishment for learning the champion. You can still use poppy's Q like you mentioned, toward their escape direction, which is especially helpful after stunning them. And that's something that every Poppy player should learn to do in their goal for mastery. However, there will be times when you're learning the champion that you'll use your Q too quickly after you E, and because your cursor hasn't really moved... oops it went way the wrong way, you might not even have hit them with Q at all! It's also worth noting that this QoL change is especially potent when you don't stun your target to the wall, and allows for a quicker E-Q to help you get that slow off faster. As RiotSolcrushed said, > "The auto aiming will only kick in if your mouse cursor has not moved significantly after casting E. **This should not intrude on your E-Q in the vast majority of cases.**" We're now asked to make sure that, as RiotSolcrushed has said, it *doesn't* intrude on your E-Q when you're using it properly. As well as to make sure that when this new safety-net/change triggers, that it doesn't harm your gameplay with Poppy. Tell me if I misunderstood something or I'm completely wrong! - A huge fan of the reworked Poppy {{champion:103}} {{champion:78}} (EDIT: Yeah, remember seeing all those Poppy players who'd E someone, then immediately Q behind themselves? This is intended to help those players ;3 ).
>(EDIT: Yeah, remember seeing all those Poppy players who'd E someone, then immediately Q behind themselves? This is intended to help those players ;3 ). The issue was that input buffering Q, at any angle had a high chance of casting it towards your origin point instead of at your landing point at at the chosen angle.
: I'm still so salty though. I understand PBE accounts are sort of a privilege, but man it would have been nice to actively have a choice of what you wanted. Why wouldn't they reset the skins isn't that part of the "loot system" as well?
Because they didn't reset skins. Don't ask me why, I'm just stating a fact.
: @Riot Resetting all purchases was an annoying mistake.
Only champions got reset, you kept your skins.
: Looking into this now.
I am unable to repurchase *anything* at the moment, effectively finding myself locked out of anything except Blind Pick and without a champion I can play.
: 2016 Ranked Season Start PBE Testing
Is the one premade per team restriction still a thing? As much as people complain about being a solo player with a 4-man premade, my worst Normal Draft experiences have involved two premades (i.e.: 3 man and 2 man) fighting for control and basically ignoring any player they didn't queue with.
: Significant Kalista Script Changes!
Out of curiosity, will it fix the issues with her passive letting her ignore some types of crowd control? On live she currently completely ignores Lulu's Whimsy - Polymorph at higher attack speed levels and is able to auto-attack normally even though she should be pacified. I suspect the same issue applies to her killing people during the Guardian Angel animation. I originally thought it was a weird interaction between her passive and Runaan's Hurricane, but I've seen it happen even without it. tl;dr: Purple Squirrels shouldn't be able to bounce around killing people.
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
Any specific reason why you are sticking to Blue vs Purple instead of Summoner's Rift Blue vs Red? I also wish we could ditch colorblind mode differences and add support for relative team colors across all maps. Blue for allies. Red for enemies. It should apply to spell markers as well (including the currently bugged Vel'koz W and SSG Rumble R).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Annie!
: [Sona] Aria of Perseverence healing for 35-50% less than the intended amount.
Fixed as of the 11/19 4.21(?) build. Please tell me it's fixed in the final 4.20 patch. ;_;
: [Sona] Aria of Perseverence healing for 35-50% less than the intended amount.
: [Sona] Aria of Perseverence healing for 35-50% less than the intended amount.
: [Sona] Aria of Perseverence healing for 35-50% less than the intended amount.
: [Sona] Arcade Sona specific visual effects missing.
: [Sona] Aria of Perseverence healing for 35-50% less than the intended amount.
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: I feel like this is an unnecessary change. The first thing that came to mind is that it can cause a lot of problems in team fights because you have to draw you eyes too far away from where everything is happening to check the time left on the CC/debuff you're in. I'm speaking primarily about buffs/debuffs. Having them in the one center sector/section of the screen, where they are now, is infinitely more clear than having to check the bottom left corner of my screen. My gaze would be deviated way too far making the chances of getting hit by an incoming CC or spell much more likely. This is certainly not a positive change.
> I feel like this is an unnecessary change. The first thing that came to mind is that it can cause a lot of problems in team fights because you have to draw you eyes too far away from where everything is happening to check the time left on the CC/debuff you're in. I'm speaking primarily about buffs/debuffs. Having them in the one center sector/section of the screen, where they are now, is infinitely more clear than having to check the bottom left corner of my screen. My gaze would be deviated way too far making the chances of getting hit by an incoming CC or spell much more likely. This is certainly not a positive change. You misread, all combat related buffs are still on the center buff bar.
: Ability Bar and Buff Update - Feedback Thread
Would it be possible to make the cooldown model for buffs and debuffs start full and tick down? It makes sense for ability/item cooldowns to start empty and fill up, not so much for buffs/debuffs. After playing WoW for a decade (and LoL for 3 years), it still drives me crazy. Additionally, it would be nice if Spellblade (i.e.: Sheen) was added to the buff anchor.
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: Can´t i select the language as english and europe west?
The PBE servers are all on the West coast. Just select English - North America if you want the English client.
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: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
Midnight Ahri's texture looks messed up. Major: There's "scratches" on her tails (visible on [Surrender@20's comparison](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-98PZVTeGp5M/VBO6ouB38NI/AAAAAAAAYng/PJ-JSP_N5sQ/s1600/2a.jpg)). Minor: Her knee looks overly bruised. Intended but weird: Her sleeve was changed from blue to purple. Included a comparison of her textures files. Live on the left, PBE on the right. Edit: Quick look at base Ahri showed similar "scratches" on Base Ahri's tails.
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
* Sona looks really silly floating around without her auras graphics, I wish they were still there to at least show which power cord is active. * Her poke feels a lot weaker. * 10 sec cooldowns feels way too long. If she's not in AA range, she's literally not doing anything while her spells are on CD. * Most of Sona's cool gameplay involved setting up and using the proper Power Cord. the cooldown on her abilities makes Power Cord really hard to use since it feels like you're waiting on CDs constantly. tl;dr It feels like there's a lot of dead time. A ~43% increase to cooldowns translate to a lot less opportunities to make plays.
: [Lulu] Lulu Passive Doesnt Proc Spelltheif
It's an auto-attack buff. Not a separate spell or attack.
: Mid lulu nerf
That's the point of the change. They would rather see you Q-E->Q than EQ->Q.
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
Interaction between Barrel Roll and Body Slam feels really good. Drunken Rage, however, does not. * The channel time is too long for it to be usable during fights. * The damage reduction will expire before you make it to a fight. * Drunken Rage only goes on cooldown after the damage buff has been used. Gragas should be able to auto-attack while drinking.
: In teamfights, you wont have time to AA someone to fully stack the impure shots then use ulti for its full potential. You have to get yourself in a good positioning and try to hit as many champions as possible while you're immobile and vulnerable to gap closers and hope that nothing interrupt it. If you don't AA someone to stack impure shots before using your ulti, the first 4 waves will be wasted since they will be used to accumulate those stack and thus you wont be using your ultimate to its full potential. This fusion of impure shots and ultimate is really unnecessary she didn't need any change to her ultimate except maybe higher base damage at level 16
Impure Shots stacks up to 6/7/8 times (based on Ultimate level). This equates to 0.06 to 0.48 Total AD ratio** per shot**. A "clean" ultimate will have a 1.98/2.1/2.16 **Total AD** ratio if all 8 waves connect.
: Regarding Miss Fortune Ultimate
It applies Impure Shots which has a 6%AD Ratio per stack. Effectively giving it a 0.06 to 0.48AD ratio per shot.
: [Long unresolved client bug] No access to the journal of justice.
That's the replay button. A feature that is currently in testing and has yet to make it to live. Noone knows if the JoJ will be moved elsewhere when Replays make it to live.
: Purchasing Skins unavailabe for purchase in champ select?
Store sessions expire after a while. Visiting the store will fix it, but it's unavailable during champion select.
: Annie Passive Mislabled (or not working as intended)
Pyromania (and all similar effects) are only consumed by **successful **spellcasts. Targeted spells are considered a successful cast when they hit the target. Ground targeted skills complete when the effect happens. If Incinerate never connects to a target due to them not being targetable (i.e.: vs Fizz and Vlad), the projectile gets deleted (Yasuo) or the target dies, it will not get consumed. Working as intended.
: I agree to the second part. But not so much to the first part, in a lot of ranked play, 3 bans are usually just enough to ban out certain op champions. Like in the pre-season, Evelynn Susan Kha is a high priority ban. 3 Bans is quite fair at the moment. But will it be in the future? If u had to add in a bana slot sometime, when will you add it? (Just looking for an opinion, that's all)
The only must ban/pick atm in soloQ are Kass/Eve. For the remaining 4 bans, you'll get a lot of different options. Some swear Mundo/Shyvana must be banned. Some still ban Nasus/Riven. Others will still ban Blitz/Thresh. My point is, we're doing fine with 6 bans at the moment. It impacts some lanes more than others. I fear what the game would look like with more, there's already plenty of games with 4 top lane bans. You should search the main forums, there's plenty of red posts explaining why the number of bans will not increase in the foreseeable future.
: As more and more champions come out, pro players would learn more champions, leading to a larger champion pool. For example, Bjergsen has a fairly big champion pool. He likes Syndra TF Nidalee Zed and Elise. If the enemy ban were to focus him. They would try to ban him out. But that would mean Dyrus getting whatever he wants if Tsm was looking for an AOE team comp, handing Dyrus an rumble or Karthus would be dangerous. If more and more champions come out, and they learn one or two extra strong champions to suit their style, it will be even harder to ban out. so having one more ban would be nice at some point, not saying now but, we should start to consider?
Do we even need six bans at the moment? There's rarely more than 4 must pick/ban champions at one time. The number of champions increases but the number of "competitively viable" champions has stayed pretty stable over the years. We're talking about 30-40 champions at a time, plus a dozen fringe picks.
: [BUG] Ahri's charm keeps resetting jungle monsters
Same as on live. It doesn't quite make them reset, it just makes them confused because Charm prevents them from auto-attacking. It will make them reset and recover health if: 1. You don't attack them during the Charm. 2. You are standing too far away from their melee range. 3. If you are standing in the brush and they don't have vision of you.
: I went ahead and did a rough test on this for Custom games in SR and Dominion vs Cho'Gath bot (big variety in character models); charm worked as it should, consistently, on both maps at every Feast stack (0-6). Do you guys know if there were other factors that could be interfering with the charm? Maps, bots vs players (as Devi asked), anything you can think of. As far as SR, I tested this with every spell rank, but I haven't done any tests about rank vs champion size or anything extensive in other maps.
I'm going to suspect OP didn't take into account the spell's inherent slow and/or tenacity. Unless you are using rank 5 Charm on a 0 Tenacity target. It's effectively a root that makes the target face Ahri.
: [Jumps and Traps] Are they accepted or should they be fixed
This game doesn't have a Z-Axis (Vertical Axis). Jumps are simply fancy looking dashes. If we start by letting "jump" types dashes ignore some ground effects, where do we start? Where do we stop? If you can dodge Nidalee traps, shouldn't you also be able to ignore Morgana's Tormented Soil? What about Lux's E? Viktor's Gravity Bomb? How would you compensate those champions for having weaker mechanics? Honestly, status quo is fine. It might challenge your suspension of disbelief, but it's for the best.
: Ahri's E/Charm not working correctly.
Define doesn't work? A few things to note: 1) Charm is two parts, the crowd control (Charmed) and the damage amplification. 2) If Ahri dies, the crowd control part is cancelled. 3) The target will only walk towards Ahri if they have vision of her. 4) Charm applies a 50% slow and the crow control only lasts 1.0 sec at rank 1. 5) Some spells cannot be interrupted past a point. Which can cause some confusion. So, what's not working? Is the CC landing? (Heart graphic) Is the damage amp getting applied (pink debuff) Are charmed targets standing still? If so, do they have vision of you? Tenacity? Player or Bot? Does it still do it with rank 5? Do you have a Rylai's? Does it reset jungle mobs reset and heal or just spazz between your position and their spawn point?
: Ya but 3900RP for a skin which is not legendary ? Edit you pay for a Skin 3900RP not all champions + skin thats the point of it
That's how non-flex bundles work, flat price. They didn't update bundles on the PBE to flex, that's it. Inconsistent? Yes. A bug/major issue? Not really.
: Gamers Choice 3900RP for Huntress Sivir ?
PBE still uses non-flexible bundles. You can't get XP Boosts if you are level 30. Goth Annie was made available for testing when her VU hit the PBE in early 2013. Sivir didn't get the same treatment. All working as intended.
: yasuo- annie passive
When using Q, Pyromania is only consumed when it hits a target. Working as intended. Afaik, neither W or Tibbers are blocked by Wind Wall, and they already always consume the stun when the cast complete.
: I don't think the execute was the thing that compelled players. It mostly was the extra gold. Early gold on support means faster sightstone and thus more vision with less gold "invested" in wards themselves. So if the adc can still buy it, he will buy it. Still, if you say that your only concern is the gp10 itself, and not the heal and shared gold (which will continue to flow, even if less, in both players pocket, as the adc can last hit even without execute), then you are right, this nerf should hit that spot. In my opinion, though, it will only make the item less effective , but double relic will still be viable for the heal and gold. EDIT: IN CASE IT'S NOT CLEAR all effects of spoils of war are still applied when killing a minion with a ranged champ, you only lose the extra damage that executes the minion. And the increased charge time.
Assuming the ADC manages to proc it optimally and always has a proc for siege minions it nets roughly 36.6g/minute (6.1g/10, including bonus gold) for the support. We're talking about a 365g an item with no self benefit, not worth upgrading and that is questionably useful past the laning phase. Currently, Relic pays itself if it lets you get 15cs you would have otherwise not have gotten over the course of the game (cannon minions being worth twice as much). And that's excluding level 1 push cheese. Remember, a Doran's Blade gives you kill pressure, and a kill is an instant Sightstone on your support. Relic Shield users will have no choice but to play passive and lose cs if the enemy laners are running more kill centric setup. With the prevalence of hyperaggro supports (i.e.: Annie), the tradeoff is borderline suicide in many cases.
: I think that we all agree on that. **What I'm worried about is that the item is getting balanced with the possibility of two relics in a lane,** which is really annoying, because it means you have to get two to maximixe it's efficiency. If we compare the relic shield with Ancient Coin and Spellthief's Edge, the Relic offers stat much more valuable for an ad carry, because last hitting is an action that he would take in any case, you see? **If, for example, the adc was taking a Spellthief's edge he would perhaps gain more gold, but then he has to costantly harass the enemy with spells and AAs, and, long story short,**** interact.** Relic shield, instead, rewards the duo bot lane for an action that the ad carry would take anyway, so balancing around this fact makes the options of a relic shield on the support less valuable than any other single item. **Also, keep in mind it's kinda hard make good use of Relic Shield passive after lane phase, much harder than the other two items. ** What the community is trying to get across is that two people with relic shield is not an healthy or interesting mechanics, so it shouldn't be more effective than single relic.
With the execute being changed to melee only there's really not much of a point in getting it on an ADC. It doesn't let you shove faster nor does it help you cs under tower. Investing 365/850g to give your support a little bit of extra Gold isn't worth it. Still completely worth it if the jungler needs to spend extended time babysitting a 1v2 top laner. Or the potential duo top.
: Relic Shield is more effective only of both laners take it. Nerfing it according to that choice will make the item less effective for people willing to buy it on a single player. AND this nerf doesn't make the double relic less effective than single relic.
Compared to an Ancient Coin, 30 sec Relic Shield is twice as effective with only one (~8.88g/10 vs ~4g/10). Over four times as effective as an Ancient Coin if both laners get it, without even including the +5/10 bonus gold. But really the most broken part was the shoving power. But it's all getting addressed.
: [FEEDBACK]Relic Shield : double item issue.
Relic Shield is twice as effective as Ancient Coin and Frostfang. The nerf puts it in line with the other two for gold generation. It's also the easiest item to use optimally. They should just nerf the stats on Relic Shield and Targon's to make it even less worth it to gran and upgrade for non-supports. I'm all for people attempting to make duo top work. Just make it a choice, a tradeoff, not a mathematically superior thing.
: The time increase on Relic Shield's passive is not going to help make the item a good option
There's plenty of reasons why Relic Shield needs a nerf. 1. It has 100% of its gold gen potential without upgrading it. Other two options require the first upgrade before reaching that point. 2. Targon's has too much health and regen for its upgrade cost. Which makes it worth upgrading for non-support. 3. The execute guarantees that whoever has it will hit level 2 first. My suggestions: 1. Go ahead with the double CD nerf. It puts it in line with the other items 2. Remove the heal on Relic (keep it for later ones). Lower the HP on Targon's. (Face of the Mountain unchanged). 3. Lower the execute to 50+AD on Relic. Or make it based on champion level. It really makes or break lanes at level 1. Additionally, the bonus gold to the second person in the lane could be lowered/removed. It's already pretty good at granting cs your adc could have missed under tower.
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