: I really like the skin, the Worldbreaker theme is awesome! However Worldbreaker Nautilus i feel could use some tuning to bring him in line with the other skins. The glow of his eyes on his W is offset compared to the other nautilus skins, so it looks more like he is wearing glasses than his eyes glowing. In addition the colouring on his legs feels to dark when i look at the other Worldbreaker skins. If his legs were coloured the same as his arms i feel the skin would be lifted. Thirdly since the theme is gold/green, his eyes should be some sort of green/blue/teal and the same with the glow on his W. Having this really cool colour scheme, then orange/red eyes is really jarring in the experience. Finally, this is **Worldbreaker** nautilus not just nautilus, so i think if you changed his water particles and also the colour of his anchor chain to a green/teal colour which could be brighter, similar to the soulstealer particles, this would lift the skin and it would feel like a true Worldbreaker skin akin to the other Worldbreaker skins. P.S As an added bonus please change his ulti so instead of water bursting out he summons a quetzalcoatl-esque creature/serpent which travels through, then bursts out the ground to truly break the world!
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: This is actually a bug and there should be a fix for it on PBE today :3 Sorry :D it is fun though, haha!
Can you reconsider this? Having flash/tp on 15 second cooldowns was super fun.
: hehe thanks guys. you're too kind! Trust me, it'll be up for MAXIMUM BUG HUNTING soon! spoilers: Taric is super fun :D
: Thought I would make a discussion about the new AP Item changes
: As a Riven player, I concur. (even though I strongly disagree and would rather have ranged champions have a weaker version of the mastery)
As a Riven player, you can maintain indefinitely with spells.
: Thunderlord's Decree and its purpose in game.
It should be noted that Thunderlord's almost always deals more damage because of the scaling base damage.
: This item is also EXTREMELY good on the new Quinn currently. Who is really good with High AE and CDR at the moment. (Due to now having a double mark and the ability to chain proc three passives). From my understanding its also good on Graves who is also using high AD/crit bursts.
It's amazing on Graves. I rush it right after warrior.
: Riot ignores important feedback about the new HUD and now they release this.
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: Only if you're the jungler... Edit: Only if you take smite...
Calling it now, AD caster lanes will be using whatever item replaces warrior.
: Scuttle Crab gives 2 stack towards Devourer.
: A few "hours" I was in login waiting for like nearly 3 and i ddnt get anything
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: > [{quoted}](name=Zeralyos,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=xk0WKlh9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-14T22:57:15.685+0000) > > I've been getting on to the PBE just fine. It just takes a few hours because so many people are trying to get on. Mostly, it's people dodging games and then relogging, since they don't get to play Ekko. Took around half an hour in the match queue (twice) to find a game with people who won't dodge.
Indeed it is. I've been in 10 lobbies in a row without getting into an actual game.
: So has any Rioter commented on the log in problem yet?
I've been getting on to the PBE just fine. It just takes a few hours because so many people are trying to get on.
: i assume he is an AD bruiser / tank i will say he is probably a top lane or jungler - possibly support since he has some slows and stuns, but highly unlikely as a support - also doubt he is a mid laner, but depends if he plays like an assassin at all [he looks like a melee range tanky dude, so doubt it]
I think he's AP. He has quotes for buying several AP items, including Rabadonss, Lich Bane, and Zhonya's.
: -Snip- Oh yeah! To clarify, my KDA does not get any more Kills from killing allies, but getting assists on allies will give me more Assists for that count. Now that makes me wonder- what does it look like for the enemy team, when they get an assist but Ahri was the killer? Do they get gold and an assist? I didn't check their KDAs (and I wouldn't have been able to check their gold count either way) and -Ahri cannot get a killing spree from killing allies. After killing 3 or more *enemies* in a row, Ahri can then get a killstreak, but killing allies won't increase the killing spree (and the message will still be "an ally has been slain". Or "you have killed an enemy"? Oh no I can't remember!) -If Ahri kills two or more allied champions in quick succession, the message will say Double Kill and so on. (goodnight! The bug will probably be fixed when I wake up but it was fun while it lasted!)
Just a couple things to add! -Ahri does get gold from turrets. Not sure if her enemies or allies also get gold. -This can't kill friendly wards.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Jinx!
I can't select jinx currently. When I try I get the message Error selecting champion: null.
: Stop dodging for new champs
Yeah, I think there should be an hour-long penalty for queue dodging in PBE. This is ridiculous.
: Soraka and Banner of command bug in the new game mode?
I'd say magic damage-based teams can be rather oppressive too.
: Kalista, can´t change partner
You should try throwing Morgana into the enemy team. It's hilariously strong.
: Or, put a password on the room by face smashing your keyboard when creating the lobby...
That's how I make my custom games private. I didn't realize there was another way.
: Blue buff bug or not ?
I'm hoping it's not a bug.
: Does the new dragon buff extend to the entire team, or just the champion who kills it? And can we get some rough, non-binding numbers on the stat buffs so we know about how big we're talking?
It gives the buff to the whole team. As for the numbers: 1 - 5 HP% and MP5 2- 8 AD and AP 3 - 15 MS 4 - 100 health 5 - all bonuses tripled
: I hope these two items stay the high risk high reward snowball items they are, really looking forward.
I agree that they should remain high risk. I do think they should be less binary though - right now they feel boring when you're ahead, and useless when you're behind.
: Twisted Treeline Hexakill Orianna Ultimate
Was there by chance a Viktor on your team?
: The same happened with me (also while playing Sion), though from what I could see it happens whenever she casts her q near you, and you don't actually gain any attack speed from, (it was .78 before and after it appeared.)
I seem to be gaining attack speed from it, as evidenced by the 1.24 in the screenshot without any attack speed boosters of my own.
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: Hey i wanna wonder how did Imagine Dragons agreed to do a collab with riot games?
Apparently LoL is Imagine Dragons' favorite game, according to their twitter.
: mouse or nexus?
: new SR Nexus
Can confirm. It's really irritating.
: Potential Ascension Idea.... Ascending reseting CDs perhaps?
I'd say this is a viable choice already, especially since the stasis effect gives you a bit of time to get your skills back up. I don't want to see someone able to use a powerful ultimate twice in a row just because they got off a Xerath steal.
: Ascension: Dots Revive Dead Players if they Kill Xerath
: Thanks for the report, I'll look into this!
I know Cassiopeia needs a buff, but I don't think this was the right way to go about it.
: wrong color for names
I dunno, but that may not be a bug. I like it.
: Items that crash the game.
The game crashed once for me when my archangel's staff upgraded. Tried again, didn't happen any more. Also, elixirs work fine for me.
: So anyone can solo the new dragon at level 1
What I'm talking about isn't a bug per say, just that the dragon's only method of attack is a skillshot. Careful micromanaging can lead to killing him without taking damage.
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: Green orbs on "old" summoners rift
Yeah, I was laning against Veigar bot the other day and I got that too. They kind of look like his basic attacks.
: while he is transforming in to big gnar and you use e while in the process of transforming or your full tantrum bar . Are you supposed to bounce off minions,champs etc...etc , while transforming into big gnar cause I thouht big gnar wasnt supposed to be able to do that. Does his rock toss do splash damage.....is it supposed to cause there are times where I feel like it does splash damage if it hits a target and other times it doesnt do splash damage.
I'm going to say it's intended. One, it has its own unique icon when you use it mid-transform. Two, it's awesome.
: His W is more similar to Varus' W instead of Vayne's W, but it really could need some tweaks. But the main problem imo is the 75%MS speed on proccing W once you have 3 ranks in your ultimate, a bit too much. Either you also should reduce this or put a CD like Nautilus' passive so he just doesn´t kite nonstop while getting a massive MS boost. But even then reducing the MS buff would be a good choice.
Yeah, I agree that the MS boost is mainly the problem. That 14% isn't nearly as scary when you remember it gets reduced by MR, and Gnar sure as hell isn't getting magic pen for one small part of his damage.
PBE is back up now. However, the store is unavailable, meaning you can't buy and test Gnar yet.
: This is more than likely due to the store being unavailable currently.
I suspected that too. I also saw a game up with people playing Gnar, which seems to confirm this theory.
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: Berserker Greaves - Alacrity bug
: Apologies. Reign of Gaming datamined the changes, and initially it looked as though Eve's AP ratio was totally gone. The Lulu changes are still kind of bull$#!@ though. I'd understand reducing the utility ratio on her Q, or reducing the duration of her W based on rank, but I don't understand doing both AND removing the utility ratio on her Q completely..
I hear ya, but I don't think I'm qualified to say. I've never played Lulu.
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/07/718-pbe-update.html
: Can we please not totally butcher Eve and Lulu?
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