: [PBE Stealth Changes] Stealth Abilities, Vision and the new Control Ward
will these changes effect Lee sin? will he be able to see invisible units when he hits them with either E or Q?
: Yeah I thought it was adorable and was sad when it disappeared afterwards, but I assume it's for clarity.
yea but maybe the wolf could attack for you or somthing im not sure i just want to keep the wolf. i dont care if it just does nothing but i like it.
: Well, it makes sense as is because the wolf jumps IN to you and becomes the "Phantom Hit" passive. If the Phantom Hit procced, the ghost WAS the wolf. Plus, I think you are making it more of a deal than it should be. I mean, it's just ghost wolf :P. All it is there for is to show progression of your stacks.
I know it makes sense but i prefer it this way because i think it is a cool feature to have a little pet with my champion
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