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: Captain Volibear in Shop
Sorry, he's working undercover right now (shhhhhhh). {{champion:106}}
: Pulsefire Ezreal Refund Bug
Thanks for testing the store! After relogging did the RP show back up?
: This is an amazing idea. Gifting pieces of a mystery skin not only would reward **constant** good behavior and hard carrying, it would also make more people use the system, since, like you said, there's more people willing to give 50 RP than 500 RP to a stranger.
I've seen this pop up a few times on the thread. I'm curious about the situation where someone has been sitting on 2/3 or 4/5 "shards". In that case, you have 4 players who "haven't gotten their RP worth" b/c the gifted player never actually claimed their gift! This seems like a bad situation all around. Maybe 3/5 is better than nothing but I'm inclined towards all or nothing. Thoughts?
: Noice, more money makers from Riot, but I'm pretty happy about this one :P
I'm just noicing your noice! :D
: Riot, My friends and I actually were discussing this a few weeks ago. I think it is a great idea if it can be done correctly. Suggestions 1. Put gifting after games on its own limit. 2.Make sure people aren't using this as a way to get around the requirement of having someone as a friend for 2 weeks.
Thanks for the suggestions. We'll be monitoring the feature's use by players and will make tweaks based off of that.
: I've just tested on a normal ranked game, and since enemy xerath made a Quadra, just gifted him a nice legendary skin ^.^ This is a good feature, but it should be more worked on it.
Thanks for testing out the feature! You mentioned it needs more work, do you have any specific suggestions for improvement?
: I completely agree with you. I don't understand why someone would Gift a stranger using real life money when barely anyone cares enough to honor people after games anymore. The only way I see this working is if you want to gift a friend without having to wait 2 weeks. That brings another question into play: will other gifting restrictions be applicable here? Level requirements for example. Edit: Looks like I answered to a wrong poster, clearly ment it to be one poster higher :D SOrry orz
Other gifting restrictions will apply. Level, # of gifts per day, etc.
: I really like that idea and the fact that it is available, but quite frankly, a "good job" or "well done" at the end of the game usually satisfies me plenty ;)
: Yes it would, but It's likely to be disabled in customs if it goes live.
Yes, this does allow players to get around the 2 week limitation. The difference is because gifting at the end of game has been designed to allow us more control to prevent abuse. We'll be monitoring the results but if it gets out of hand we may have to add the 2 week limit back in. :/
: This is an interresting concept, i might actually want to gift someone who really carried the team hard, but maybe not using rp. i think it might be better if there are other ways to gift ppl other things. i guess it still needs work and it wouldnt hurt to put this on live, worst thing possible only a few hundred ppl use it.
Good point about having other options. We are going to start simple with mystery gifts and perhaps some skins. Over time we'll be able to add other items depending on player reactions.
: I honestly don't see why someone would spend real-life cash on a random stranger, BUT being an avid Redditor and seeing how often Reddit Gold gets dished out, It could possibly work. It could help improve toxicity, since players will be more inclined to create a more positive experience in hopes of receiving a gift. Something I would like to see in player interaction is an option to write a small note when I honor a player. I really hope this goes well! It's a great incentive & I think it can improve the overall attitude of the community.
We're intending to allow players to write a custom message for the end of game gift as well. We struggled with whether this should be bundled with honor or not and decided against it. A quick note - This allows you to gift your friends as well. Finally add someone to your friend's list but don't want to wait two weeks? This gives you a mechanism to squeeze in a gift a little earlier.
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: Mystery Skins in shop giving repeat skins.
That's kinda weird...thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look to make sure there is more Mystery in the boxes!
: Several Summoners icons appear to not show in the shop and dont reload upon reentering tab
I cleaned up the space a bit. Some icons won't have images in the store b/c they aren't ready or are intended to only be available through awards. Thanks for the report!
: [Store] Mystery Skin Unavailable
Thanks for the post Puddingeater. The Unlock team is doing some work on our back-end that will be disrupting Mystery gifts. thanks for checking!
: All names are unavailable for name change
I understand this can be frustrating. One of our team members waited FOREVER to get the perfect name. We'll take a look. Thanks for the report! P.S. so maybe not forever but a long time!
: Battle Boost IP edition?
Thanks for the post MightyOak! This may not have been your intention but it did remind me of the need to add Ward Skins to the options! Yeah, not applicable to Howling Abyss but if you were going to play on SR we should try to incorporate ward skins into a future version. Anyway...the thing I like about borrowing from other players is the social aspect of it. Everybody wins, eh? I wonder if anyone would want the option to prevent other players from using their skins? What if a player borrows your cool Headhunter Master Yi skin and has a bad game filled with feeding. Worth? This is a little messy on the technical side b/c of leavers, DCs, etc. Still, thanks for bringing up the idea!
: Store is down
Dear summoners, Braum's massive muscles were too large to fit into the store. We're reinforcing the shelves with some True Ice and hope to have things fixed soon. Thank you for your patience! P.S. to TSM FeralTurtle - we're working on a long-term fix to prevent this from happening with the next champ.
: I think it would be really useful if there was a way to sort the champions via lists we make ourselves. For example, say I wanted to play a tank because my team is squishy, I'd just pull up a tab I made called "Tanks" and pick out of characters like Malphite, Leona, Rammus, etc. Something like that would be very useful because it lets us see the champion select screen in an easier way individually instead of just appealing to a group. Besides, one person might consider someone like Diana a Fighter, and a different person would want to put her in an assassins tab, etc. tl;dr - customizable tabs in champ select please? :-)
Alas, I can't help much in champ select. Would you want something similar in the store? Like a wishlist?
: 1 IP Items
Hi EggsD, Your friendly Unlock team is here to help! I've added a bunch of 1 IP items to the featured page to make them easier to find. Not certain we'll keep this approach but worth testing out. Thanks for the suggestion! {{summoner:2}}
: About champion search in store
Good question Lunar Revel, tl;dr - Working as intended. Honestly, this is something that we've debated from time to time on the Unlock team. One of the reasons we've left it in is the very example you bring up. We would like to implement a more robust search/tagging system at some point. I'm curious: what does the community think would be valuable for search/tagging? {{summoner:13}}
: I think its happening because there is so many people whos trying to buy Vel'koz so the server cant afford it.
You are correct! Sorry for the inconvenience everyone but thank you for the exuberance! We had to restart the store so things should be alright now... {{champion:115}}
: Please use a more descriptive title next time. Do you have screenshot?
I'm assuming this means that the images on the card of the icons don't show up...not that you can't purchase them. Often the art asset for the store trickles in after the in-game asset has been put in.
: [Store] Bouquet Ward
Well that isn't good at, those purchase screens are really drab. Honestly, someone should just go in there and replace all the drapes... {{champion:3}}
: [Bugs] Ashe, the store, and the new sound system.
Hmm...we haven't made any changes to the filter options in the store so this is a little perplexing. Luckily, it doesn't happen on live right now. Thanks for the heads up! {{champion:3}}
: [Store] - Buying more than x9 runes.
Hmm...that is troublesome. The bundle is there to help players get into the game on PBE as quickly as possible. This won't be going over to live but I'm glad you pointed it out so we can keep an eye out for similar issues. {{champion:3}}
: [Client Store] - Summoner Icons not Showing Properly
there was another thread but I like the attitude on PBE of "see something, say something". The Unlock team will often miss some small stuff since we spend so much time looking at the store. I appreciate the feedback and it should be fixed now!
: [store] LCS icon art is missing
Hey ChiBoots, Thanks for catching this issue which should be fixed now. Always gotta cross the 't's and dot the 'i's. Otherwise, it'd just be Ro instead of Riot. ;-p
: Thanks for the quick response! Sorry for the late reply, glad to see you keeping watch! -Dat
RiotAether was true to his word and I think its a great idea. I'd be happy to have more players on PBE testing Unlock's gifting features in the store. Thanks DatXFire!
: Name change, part of the paragraph repeats. [not a bug but a typo]
: I have bought two rune pages (1 for IP and 1 for RP) and I have both of them them on my account so it seems to be ok now.
Awesome...glad it sorted out. Thanks for testing!
: Yes, I have one additional rune page from you but there is still lack of 2 other pages.
We've recently updated the store...could you try buying some pages again? One step at a time... Thanks for your patience!
: While gifting I noticed during the first step (choose recipient) the conditions are: "Friends must be level 1 or above to receive an item gift, level 1 or above to receive an RP gift." 1. Is there a way to not be Level 1 or above? 2. This phrase looks pretty ugly :P as you repeat the condition although its the same for item gift and RP gift. You could say: "Friends must be level 1 or above to receive an item or RP gift." That is shorter and looks nicer. About the gifting itself: I'm not too sure why I would gift a random champion to anyone. For Skins it makes sense, because you could get a skin for a champ that you already own (so you wanted that champ at one point at least) and it may (or may not) be fun to play that champ again with a new skin. But just any random champion you get could be a champ you wanted or a champ you did not want or need at all. So I would appreciate if you could tell me your thought process behind doing this.
Hey Happy Elf, Thanks for the suggestion. 1) The level 1 requirement is set just for PBE. 2) We'll take a look at the wording. The former keeps it flexible for changes but the latter makes more sense if the requirement is the same.
: A way to implement a not as random version of gifting, but still a mystery, would be to keep the at least 10 unowned champ requirement but incorporate the ability to choose a main role for the gifted champ. Say I own 10 champs, but have started to enjoy playing a bruiser. My friend could gift me a mystery bruiser champion to expand my pool in that area, allowing me to enjoying playing a bruiser more. I know some people who like support, and gifting them a teemo or nasus would not be as welcome as nami. Just a thought.
GuiltyAstrik / ViralCodex, I like the direction you are taking the idea. Going with the example from ViralCodes: You select a box with a heavier weight on support for a pal but still (RNG, bro) ended up gifting Nasus...worth?
: i think champion gifting should be seprated into categories, so you don't gift a a support to an assassin player
Interesting idea...but for it to be a mystery there needs to be enough un-owned champs. Someone who plays, say, mostly support is less likely to have enough champs available for a gift. Thanks for the idea Bloodair!
: What will be the odds?
For snowdown, every champion will have an equal chance of being gifted.
: Inb4 poppy gift.
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: [Store] - Champion headings duplicating when sorting skins by Champion
Hi Angered Resh, This is a strange bug indeed! We're updating the store soon so let me know if this pops up again. Is anyone else having this issue?
: [Store] Lack of bought rune pages
Hi Claymes, I tried adding one manually. Please let me know if it showed up and will sort out from there. Thanks for the report!
: Still not showing today. Attached a screenshot of what I see.
Hey Toredorm, I'm going to forward the same PS advice that I sent to Gnardog. Lets try these out first and shoot me an update from there. The team did a little digging and couldn't find anything that stood out from recent updates.
: [Gifting] - Unable to close banner message
Hi BR BR HUEHUEHUE, Thanks for the report. We're making some updates to gifting for Snowdown so please try and gift your friend again in the next day or so and post if it happens again. Thanks!
: still cannot access store
Hi Gnardog,there are a couple of things I'd like for you to try to resolve your problem. You may have to simply reinstall...which is annoying, I know but has worked for some players.
I think we figured out the problem. If it keeps happening please let us know. Thanks for the heads up!
: [BUG] Can't see shop
Strange...thanks for the update, we'll take a look.
: When Mystery gift was on live i sure saw some skins like Pax TF and skins under 520 (Assassin yi for example). What's about that?
We did have a few cases where skins that went on sale after the mystery gift was available resulted in them being awarded. PS went through the purchases to fix the mistake for affected players. There was quite a bit of posts/photoshop on the boards about Pax TF but AFAIK it was just trolling... Anyway, we try to catch as many of these mistakes on PBE but bugs still get through. Thanks for staying vigilant!
: [BUG] Can't see shop
If this keeps persisting please post here again. The PBE can see some weird stability because of the updates so it may just be temporary. If not, we'll look into it!
: [Bug][Minor][Shop] Mystery Gift Picture
Hi Pastetchen, thanks for the catch! yeah, those pictures are swapped for some reason. Appreciate the feedback!
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