: cooldowns way too high and more power? her Q is around 3-4s if you hit something, W is able to block any dmg/cc, E is good slow/100% crit chance (just it wants to buy IE & Ghostblade) and her ult is unbalanced, its heal is higher than janna's ult... not to mention she doesn't need armor pen, because passive and ult deal true dmg...
Well I think she should get more damage instead of a huge healing potential. The crit is less than 200% damage before last mark. I don't know if they just wanted to take away the atk speed for 'e' but I'm not feeling it. Her ult is okay, I'd rather have her do more damage instead of healing. Her q doesn't automatically target champions, it hits the closest target, which are minions sometimes. I also prefer the double 'q' over the cool down q. The cool down for 'e' is very high, once I use everything, I have to wait so long before doing anything.
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