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: Went 10-0 in placements and got B5
lol didn't you say you play on live servers when ranked is back? why are you crying about rank bugs on pbe lol
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: I cant believe they are trying this change. Its not needed. She has always been easy to kill. I might quit Riven if they make this change which sucks since she is all I played
This change is SOOO bad. Riot enforcing meta again, making her a good pick only against tank/split/bruisers. Like holy shit Riven feels so restricted and boring now. She's forced to either split or constantly try to stack her passive for the AMAZING 10 PERCENT WOAH!!! SUCH BUFF. But seriously, Riot doesn't even understand how riven works and they just try to create a minigame that doesn't even fit her style. They just think Riven's another bruiser that is too mobile and they think it is a good idea to make her a figher/bruiser. So sad. Like, why are they so fucking into changing champions? Stop fucking reworking the champions that are currently doing fine. Riven's doing fine against current meta right now. Why are you fucking changing Riven? You should be updating Rammus, Ryze, Fiddlesticks, Amumu, and etc. Wtf are they doing with Riven who is completely viable, and her kits are almost perfection. I don't understand man.
: Good thing, so Riven will stop snowball out of control even from bad Riven player.
Nope. She will still snowball out of control, but in a different way. Now, if she's in combat, she'll be able to 1v5 even better. Meanwhile, her roaming or her 1v1 assassination potential is shit now. Also, Riven jungle is dead. GJ Riot for "Diversifying" gameplay methods. They're just forcing her to stay in constant split push. This is only a buff for Riven against Melee/Tank top laners, while shit against all others unless she's dueling in a heavy battle where she can just touch anyone. in lane, she'll most likely be stronger because current meta is bruiser/figher, however her teamfight is useless, and her assassination fun potential is shit as well.
: It's preference. I find the changes okay. If you don't, then just act like all the TSM fans that ditched them after they lost to CLG in the Summer Split Finals.
Nope. I know how Riven works. They basically nerfed her ability to kite and outplay, since you NEED the 5 stack auto to get 10 percent extra dmg (wtf?) in trade off for losing runic blade stacks. Seriously? Plus, Riven's ult is useless unless you were just fighting, which means you can't snipe and you can't flash all in enemies because u don't have enough dmg to execute targets. They're just forcing rivens to play as fighter, rather than jumpy assassin or a flash outplay maker.
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: New HUD Feedback
Pros: 1. Looks Amazing 2. Tidy 3. Some of the elements are easier and better to look at Cons: 1. Too tight/clustered 2. Hard to get used to (which isn't a con, but the new HUD compared to the old HUD is just very different) 3. Some elements are a bit too small and hard to look at (Ex: time, trinket) Overall, I think you should allow some players to keep the old HUD in the settings, and I'm sure if you work on creating some of the elements larger, different color in order to make them pop out, it'd be a really nice touch to the HUD. HUD is however, pretty great, just hard to get used to.


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