: rageblade kogmaw has a mean one item powerspike too, his AA- R - Q - E - AA - AA - R - AA burst is really high, he out ranges pretty much every other marksman doing so and you can't hide from him his R reveals you, I only remember losing duels to vayne/ashe stuns and graves point blank one shot cheese or when I miss all my skills hah, but that's not really the point of the discussion, ashe can R your face, miss fortune isn't easy to catch with her strut passive and ghostblade and can also R your face, jinx and caitlyn can cc you, etc, champions have other strengths, being a bit more mobile is only one thing, if you are getting trapped or blasted at every corner, you aren't getting many relics or catching up to anyone anyway regardless of how mobile you are haha
" kogmaw has a mean one item powerspike too, his AA- R - Q - E - AA - AA - R - AA burst is really high" Yeah , when you reach that powerspike you're almost already dead lol. And i'm wondering how you can outrange champions with a dash and the passive of trinity(phage) But i've added you on the PBE and i'll show you my point {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: less mobile champions aren't much easier to catch than any other champion due to the nature of the map, when you can dash 20 times in a row using teleports, seeds and flash spam, a champion who can dash 20+1 times isn't inherently all that more mobile said differently, the value of a dash decreases the more dashes are present into the game, on a map with no free mobilty spell of any sort and no flash, a champion with an innate dash in his kit like ezreal is 100% more mobile than a champion with no dash like kogmaw, on a map like overchage however where all champions dash a lot, ezreal who dashes around between idk 10+1 and 20+1 times in a selected time window is only 10% to 5% more mobile than kogmaw who dashes respecticely between 10 and 20 times in that same time window. if riot were to remove all the teleports and seeds and the flash summoner spell, what you say would be true and champions like ezreal would be very strong, that's not the case however.
the Cooldowns of Jumps / Tp and seeds are so low that is it almost instant reusable , wich means that dashes / jump etc still close the distance with your target (and makes you able to make outplays in the bushes etc) , and the most critical point of this mode is to get kills as the overcharged or escape them , so i'm really wondering how you'll escape a lucian / corki as ashe / kogmaw / jinx. Also , those champions can abuse the trinity so hard that they'll always win the 1v1 , i'm really wondering how your kogmaw will survive a corki / lucian / vayne (except if you count on your passive to do so {{sticker:sg-jinx}} ) Finally , i forgot to mention that Corki has his package during the overcharge , which always guarantee me atleast 5 or 10 points by overcharge. You probably noticed that i didn't mention ezreal , even tho he can abuse the trinity and is very mobile , he's not a duelist , i'd say he's B tier in this mode. I'd be glad to add you and invit you to play this mode to show you my point. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: I am 45-15 only playing KogMaw and Ashe idk. Vayne is broken, but that's not because of her mobility, but her point and click spammable stun. nobody can duel her, she stunlocks you to death every 10 seconds if she is any good.
What is your rank ? decent players vs decent players , Ashe & kogmaw have no chances because they're basically Free targets (+5) to the overchargeds. Vayne is broken for many reasons , 1) She is a very good duelist 2) She can escape the overcharged with the stealth on ult and the condemn 3)she does the charge bots very quick.
: Well, I HATED this game mode. Hang on, I will explain why. 1º: There is no sense of strategy around the map. 2º: If one team starts getting a lead, the other one will get steamrolled throught the entire game. 3º: It's a game of Cat and Mouse. With so many pathways that throw/teleports you, it's hard to know where the enemy is. 4º: Too many unnecessary particles effects. 5º: {{champion:104}} and {{champion:67}} are annoying. Graves can build a {{item:3022}} and {{item:3071}} and go to town on people, and {{champion:67}} stuns people and win most of the fights. My personal opinion? Scrap it and make a PvE mode.
1) No strategy ??? You've to fight for the charge bots (especially the one in the middle) if the ennemy has the overcharge , just run , there are a lot of 'bushes' and tools to escape. 2) You can always come back with killing the charge bots and getting the overcharge to reach the 50 points. 3) Yeah i guess .. that's how the game was made (and why it is fun ) .. its like saying the cooldowns are too low on URF .. 4) Hum... ok its your opinion 5) thats the only point i'd give you (just like in my thread about overdrive) there are like 3-5 TOP tier adcs (the best ones are lucian / corki / vayne ) the others immobile adcs are too weak
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: If you think her losing stealth pre-6 is detrimental then that's you. I personally don't believe it's a hard hit. Sure at first I did as well, but after actually looking at it more it's not a huge hit. Yes, her early game has become much weaker, but her jungle clear has become much better allowing her to hit 6 easier. Yes, she can no longer have easy early level ganks, but level 6 and beyond she has a much better time due to her kit changing. To add more onto her kit changes her ganks are not all dead pre-6 given favorable conditions just like a lot of non-stealth junglers who gank pre-6.
Not having stealth pre-6 is not a big hit lol ? So for you her early has become much weaker (knowing she was already) and she can no longer easy gank early (the basics for an assassin jungle) but that's not a big hit ? She cannot snowball early and properly now (and her clear is as fast as before imo except she's losing less HP )
: Losing her mana regen was a big hit, but I guess they had to do it to reduce her early game presence. The new Q is actually more mana efficient as well does more damage if you use all 4 casts for the Q. Her E does feel really weak, but is sort of okay in the sense that it let's you gap close. The reason it might also feel weak may be due to a bug because a player had posted a video showing that the E wasn't properly scaling. New Eve does feel somewhat weak on ganks, but does rather well when ganking lower HP enemies. You do have burst, but just not enough for solo kills in the early game.
Her early game presence ??? She was oppresive early because she was invisible , other than that she was much weaker than any other early jungle. Now that her stealth is only available at lvl 6 it changes everything for her early game.
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