: Raken's Global W.
They just disabled Rakan and are doing maintenance as I type this, so possibly they're going to be reviewing a lot of the bugs this patch, such as apparently Kindred crashes the game, shaco e (for me) and his boxes crash the game, and rakan global w. It lasted only about a day, so at least they are aware.
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.8
What do you think with all this new changes coming to old champions like Aatrox, Nunu, if Pantheon were to be in the mix to bring his kit to be a bit more based around a Q empowered Auto Attack such as Wukong, but keeping his kit relatively the same?
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lulu Lover,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=k4uKpjoY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-20T17:26:10.698+0000) > > PBe server is a normal server. > Live server is stupid, filled with trolls. I don't play there, I've migrated. > How about YOU go to live server? PBE server is NOT a normal server. When you play on the PBE, you agree to encounter game breaking bugs and deal with them. The PBE is purposely filled with certain bugs because some of them are not worth fixing. The ones you mentioned are not intentional, and riot is indeed working to fix them. If you don't like playing in this kind of environment, Live is there for you. Otherwise, you can go rant about this to a wall, because no one here is interested in you complaining, and this post is not helpful to riot in any way. You are simply relisting the bugs that they clearly said they were working on, so I politely ask you to stop posting threads like these, and thank you.
PBE is a testing server, you agree to test anything that shows up, and so a lot of stuff is experimental. This can cause bugs, like Belial Lucifer said since the a lot of stuff is being fiddled with, so there will be bugs. I mean the name of this place is "Public **Beta** Environment. It's obvious it's not completely stable.
: Please disable Rakan
Rakan has been disabled as of 4/20 3:00 PM EST. It's also going down for maintenance at this time so possibly they're fixing all this
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: Shaco Box crashes the game
It was shaco's e. The shiv that crashed the game for me.
: Thanks for the report! Looking into this, I would expect a fix soon. ~ Zaheer
Had that same problem. I tested in in a training game and you have to select a specific enemy in order for it to work. Can't be an area, which is why it never misses
: This was already fixed, not sure how you're getting this & cannot replicate it
Right, I posted this before I downloaded the patch to fix it when it was dropped.
: Shaco Boxes
Putting down a shaco box crashed my game and everyone else's. Seems like something with the coding Edit: It's always Shaco E that causes this had. Had a Shaco troll the whole game by disconnecting us constantly and it was a game of keep away from Shaco.
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: PBE is as stable as live servers with the exception that we get to test the new patch. but that wouldnt result in laggs. no, leaving and afking should be dealt with on pbe as well as on live servers.
But, unfortunately, I think it really isn't. I've had a game where we were losing, so everyone on my team left. I surrendered with 1 vote to 0.
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: Aurelion sol Bug
It's clearly just riot trying to show kindred is no longer together. Wolf has parted with lamb. But seriously, that's some crazy stuff. Haven't tried the new mode.
: Bug Jayce 2.5
im confused? Do you mean if Jayce uses his w in cannon form and changes to hammer form, he can still attack with 2.50 attack speed? Because that's supposed to be intentional.
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