: Hey thanks again! We were able to put a fix on PBE, but you will need to relog to see it. Let us know if you are still having any audio issues.
I played for roughly 3 hours after you guys released the fix without running into the bug once. It may be a bit early to say the issue is resolved since it usually occurs every five games or so, but I think 3 smooth hours is looking pretty optimistic. I'm going to conclude that the bug is gone, but I will let you guys know if it ever happens again. Thanks for your hard work!
: I had a similar issue with League in the past, and the causes ended up being my computer's power supply. It wasn't adequate for my graphics card. Sometimes when the system would become taxed too much (draw too much power), the game would "freeze" and you'd sometime hear the sound loop over and over. This would happen for anywhere from a few seconds to minutes on end. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever had issues similar to this in any other games?
That does sound quite similar to my situation, except that the sound loops before freezing. This only happens when I play LoL on the PBE server, and it only started happening again after the patch. Still, the power supply thing is worth looking into. Thanks for the info.
: Hey Sniper, You said this also occurred several months ago, Do you remember specifically which month or patch? And did this occur on PBE the previous time, or Live? Any details you can provide would be helpful.
I don't remember, sorry. But I can tell you that it was on PBE. Also, I was playing Singed recently and the bug occurred again, but this time a small sound kept looping until the game froze. I'm not sure where the sound was coming from, but it was like a small scratching sound that happened at the exact time the voices disappeared. This had never happened before during previous instances of the champion voice/announcer cancellation bug, though. I think it's also worth mentioning that after the bug occurs, the game freezes up during fights. Maybe it has something to do with the sudden amount of sound effects activating. I'm not sure.
: Hey Sniper, when the game crashed, did you get a bugsplat window? If yes, did you submit it?
No, the window doesn't pop up. I think it's more accurate to say that the game freezes rather than crashing. Sorry, I just found out the difference a moment ago. Anyway, the game just hangs after a few minutes the bug occurs and I have to forcefully shut it down by alt-tabbing out and trying to exit out of the entire client, at which point it gives me the "program is not responding" window and I have to tell it to close it.
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