: Super Galaxy Annie W range
classic annie W is smaller than the real hitbox
: I think Electrocute should have a more clear visual or audio effect when proced
Imo I think every rune need this , Lethal tempo for example I only see that I got the buff when I start atacking fast but sometimes when I autoattack a enemy champion to poke , the buff goes away and I dont even knewed that I got the buff
: Wait are you saying if you have Aery on a champion vs. a Fiora and she parries the attack that Aery goes out on Aery goes away? Just want to make sure I understand the bug
yes I was playing karma and I used my Q , she parried a bit late and who got parried was aery , after this he never came back to me and it was not a visual bug only
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: Yeah, they are testing out limitations and trying to see the impact of having more rune pages. It'll change here in he near future :) I also feel that making a rune page during champ select will become easier and faster once people are more familiar with the runes. I remember when it took me 30 minutes or more to do one page. After I learned what the paths are and what the runes are, it took less than 30 seconds
the thing I hate is the animations to make it look "cooler"
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/d1Wicwvq-runes-reforged-and-rune-page-limits-testing
Wow I didnt see it , anyway it take so much time to make and as a person who aways made my talent page on champ select it anoy me
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: 12% more damgae is not significant? You seem to have misread... it's 12% damage increase from all sources! That means a tank with the mark dies 12% faster, if not even faster than that because it gives them less time to shield or heal themselves. In a world where tanks take 10-20 seconds to die that is amazing Sure it doesn't seem as cool in practice tool because you can't stack AD and AP infinitely anymore, but that is not what the game is about, you wouldn't get to 1000 AD by stacking the old press the attack in a normal game either way
yes man but like i said COMPARED to others , is the weakest rune
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