: I click "play again," client says "players arent ready" but I'm the only player.
Have the same problem for several days already. Really hope a Rioter look into it. It is a bug.
: [Missions] - First win of the day
It's not even a bug. That mission was done testing, therefore they removed it.
: Icons 9999999 Rp's? Old icons?
Buy all normal price icons by RP. Then buy the special icons left with Mystery Icon by IP.
: Dragonmaster Swain
Man I was about to post this also haha. So funny
: Store is unavailable
Man I was about to be a rich kid after the patch, but Riot failed me :(
: Ummm... What's wrong with that?...
You can still get it, there's no rule that you can't get the basic stuff from the chest. In your case, you just got the worst possible chest lmao.
: I got from chest the standard emote "nice"
: Why i can't buy these skins?
Cuz they don't need testing anymore. On PBE, Riot can remove and add anything in the shop at any time. Any skin can be "legacy".
: the fist bump ward in the store costs 99999 rp which means pbe players will not be able to buy it.
: Thank God I thought it was only me. It is the same Problem like for 3 Months
Bro if it has been happening for 3 months, you need help to fix that lol
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: client install bug
Lul if no player is able to help you now, you have to suffer the pain until after the holiday when the Rioters come back.
: Black Loot Emotes
We all have this issues. Unfortunately, it's the holiday so Riot doesn't work to fix this. Just wait.
: Yup Legacy means not available on the store. You have a chance of getting them in loot boxes.
Ok this is helpful. From now whenever I got a legacy skin I'm just gonna spend orange essence on it lol
: I got every possible skin.
What kinds of skins you can't get? Legacy?
: We have a fix in that should go live with today's PBE patch (so probably in the next hour or 2)
: Hi SKT T1 USELESS! Is this issue only appearing in ARAMs for you?
Yes. It only happens in ARAMs. All my teammates got this issues also.
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: New Account
you should have all rotate champs available
: Thanks for that extra detail! Super helpful!!
Thank you for the help again, appreciate it! :)
: And to clarify, after doing this workaround, the bug was gone _permanently_? Like the next time you loaded in, you didn't have the bug?
The bug was gone permanently. The only game I tried the enter key trick was the practice tool of NA, then after that, all games of all modes on NA and PBE ran smoothly. It was like a one-time authorization.
: Wow thanks for all the details! We'll keep trying to dig into why this is happening only on some Macs :( In the meantime, can you try pressing "enter" when you get stuck at the blackscreen? Some players have told us that pressing enter is a workaround that lets them get into game.
Holyyyyyyy it worked, it actually worked! So I read about the pressing "enter" thing before from some other players and tried it. At that time (like a week ago), I spammed the enter key constantly for 3 mins like an idiot and nothing happened. I just tried the trick again a few mins ago after reading your response. At first, the black screen still froze like the bug, but this time I accidentally kept pressing down the enter key for like 2 seconds, and the screen suddenly turned completely white for 1 sec, then the loading screen appeared, everything worked again! It was the practice tool so I exited, tried another game and the bug was no longer there. Like what kind of logic and bug fix is this???? Next level @@
: Thanks for the response. Is it happening in every single game? Are you ever able to load into game? We're trying on a bunch of different Macs internally and struggling to figure out how to reproduce the issue (so we can't figure out what's causing it) Are you running any other software at the same time while trying to launch league? (e.g. Youtube, Discord, Hearthstone, etc.) Are you playing on a laptop on battery or plugged in? What resolution are you playing on? Windowed/Borderless/Fullscreen? Any extra details on what's different when it works vs. when it crashes would be suuuuper helpful. Struggling to figure out how to make it crash consistently.
Sorry for the late response. Hmmm, it's a very bad news for me. I understand you guys can't reproduce the bug so you can't solve it. So this is the best information I can provide. 1) The bug happens in every single game. I was never able to load into my games, it crashed right after the champ selection and before the loading screen (totally black). You can actually check my match history of this account (16 afk game streak) and my account in NA which is SKT T2 POLARIS (4 afk game streak). 2) Both clients work well in every feature, only except for playing the actual game. I can't play all game modes, even Practice tool. Patch updates are good, no file error. I was literally eager to try the game after every patch update but the bug was still there every time :( 3) The situation of my Mac is exactly the same before and after the bug appeared. I have been playing League on this Mac for a year and no bug has ever happened. The day this bug appeared was Nov 14, I don't remember what patch was updated right before that. The day I posted my first discussion and bug report was Nov 16. In the week before Nov 14, PBE has issues with Mac client 2 or 3 times but you guys have fixed it. At the same time, NA worked perfectly as normal. But from Nov 14, I can't play on both servers anymore. 4) The last system update from Apple was from Nov 11, and since then until Nov 14 I can still play the game. I have a few apps on my Mac (1.5 page of apps) and I didn't install any new app in the last 2 months. The software has always been running at the same time with League are Google Chrome (Youtube, all kinds of websites), iTunes and Mach Desktop (an app to run gif file as wallpaper). I have Discord but didn't run it in a long time. League is the only game on my Mac and as I mentioned above, I have played the game with all kinds of apps and software on, still worked fine. 5) I re-installed NA, restarted the Mac, forced quit all software and tried to run League alone, bug still there. I tried with different apps on and off, legit every situation, with or without the laptop charger, waited at the crash black screen for 1 hour straight. The game lasted 20 mins. When it ended, League didn't automatically go back to the client. I had to force quit League and the client led me to the post-game screen. I can even honour teammates 40 mins after the game has ended! 6) I couldn't get into the game so I can't check what resolution I'm using, but the game has been in the Full-screen mode for the whole year. Lmao I'm just a first-year college student, I can't figure it out what caused this, so stressful. Please try your best!
: Black Screen( display death)
The same happened to some Mac players for a long time, now this problem is becoming annoying.
: Heyo, thanks for coming and finding me, and sorry for the delayed response! We were working on this Mac issue last week, and traced the crash to a Mac OS update. We weren't able to figure out an immediate fix for that issue, although we did prep a mitigation for 7.24 that may help. Are you still experiencing a crash?
Hi, Yes, I'm still experiencing a crash on both PBE and NA (already 2 weeks until now). Just checked both servers after the newest patches, re-install NA server and the crash was still there. It always happens after the champ selection, the in-game window pops up and goes absolutely black, the mouse can't move. I have to force quit again and again... I got a lot of afk games already... Also, I surfed the board in recent days and some people with Mac are experiencing this too. So I hope you guys can fix it ASAP cuz the winter break is coming ~~ Thanks!
: MacBook Does Not Run League Of Legends
Lul me too, exactly 1 week, can't play on both PBE and NA... Pretty sure the reason is the recent update of OS version and security update. I already have over 10 consecutive AFK games on PBE lmao
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/iIPzEZgn-game-isnt-workingloading-after-champ-select-mac-user?comment=0006 https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/LiMI1FJi-mac-freezing?comment=0000 Considering you replied in one of these threads, you know Riot is working on it. Be patient. Bugs take time to fix because they rarely even know what is wrong. They are random and literally anything could happen.
I understand that it's time-consuming and hard to detect bugs and errors on Mac client, but the thing is they don't even reply once in any of my posts and comments so I have a sign that they actually care... A week is pretty long for a game-crash you know :(
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: Thanks!
Hello... I posted a discussion with all details you asked for but no one replied and fixed my problem. I hope it's because Riot's not working on the weekend, cuz I'm really disappointed for not playing games on both servers for already 5 days! Here I paste my whole discussion on 11/16. "I'm playing League on Mac on PBE and NA servers. Recently I got lots of issues on both. A week ago there were crash bugs on Mac but got fixed, and at that time NA was still fine. But the last 3 days, from 11/14, I couldn't play any game on both servers. After the champ selection, the Mac just froze with the black screen so I had to force quit every time. And now I have 8 consecutive afk games on PBE and 2 on NA. Pretty surprised why I didn't get banned yet ~~ MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.1 (17B48) Security Update 2017-001 Version 10.12.6 PBE [Game - R3d Logs] folder: https://pastebin.com/ETpxG3R0 PBE [LeagueClient Logs] folder: Because the file exceeds the limit on pastebin so I have to break it into 2 parts Part I: https://pastebin.com/uKmwviPy Part II: https://pastebin.com/rNRhqBaH NA [Game - R3d Logs] folder: https://pastebin.com/9Aq5MUDh NA [LeagueClient Logs] folder: https://pastebin.com/CExvUV8X Please help, this is really frustrating."
: You aren't alone dude it has been happening to me as well. I just really wish they would address this issue its extremely frustrating. I even deleted pbe and reinstalled the live client multiple times and it still is not working. #FeelsBadMan
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: Store Missing Every Patch.
To me it will appear back after 5 or 6 hours. I was so confused the first time the store disappeared after a patch update. I logged out and in multiple times to make sure it's a real bug then gave up. Suddenly hours ago it popped up again...
: PBE white screen problem
Lmao same here too, another Mac. Just happened since yesterday. I "quit" 3 games already, hope I don't get kicked out of PBE lol


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