: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Darius
I really like the look of this skin, and the visual fx are pleasing, however the sounds are underwhelming. I think his Q is even more quiet than his default Q, Isn't this supposed to be something like a Gunaxe? It should have fairly loud firing sounds on his Q and W. The Ult has a nice Gunshot sound, though it could be a bit louder.
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
Hi, I'd like to address Morgana's new W (Tormented Soil). I know it's the same W however her animation is very different. My concern is that her backswing spellcast animation is way too long, essentially you're forcing Morgana players to animation cancel her W. Now that would normally be OK on a bruiser, but I think on a Mage/Support who is generally for new players, and has a slower paced gamestyle, introducing animation canceling on Morgana is a bad idea. The animation is on her W is a very slow animation (nice animation though!), I think if you speed it a little and cut some frames out, you can put all the animaiton in the cast animation without needing the backswing.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Garen
Hi, some concern about his voice lines, God King Garen comes off as a jerk, I don't think he's likable or really a fantasy for Garen players beyond visually. I understand this character is supposed to be a tyrant, but being reminded of it in half his regular (moving/attacking) lines doesn't really serve him well. He doesn't come off as a character anybody aspires to, much less Garen players. Wheras, Darius is already a tyrant and a jerk, we expect this from Darius - it's part of his fantasy (a bloodthirsty and merciless warlord). Consider this is an alternate Garen and not another character entirely. There should be some herosim, some inspiration to the character in the way the character talks normally. He should be a King people would want to serve, one that seems to exemplify justice and good. The tyranny angle should be secondary, inside the subtextual interactions and more obscured lines. I realise there likely isn't any chance to redo his lines. But say a shuffle or removal of some words.. I don't know.
: You can resize them in options
> [{quoted}](name=Yokujin EUW,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=EeF2oMeb,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-06-21T10:08:23.865+0000) > > You can resize them in options Thanks, but I don't mean the size, I mean the height as in height to width ratio.
: Cursor Update on PBE v3
I think the cursors are a bit too tall, if they were squished down just a little? For demonstration (I just used a simple scale tool): https://imgur.com/JMV4OoX
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: Impressions about the feeling of Aatrox after rework
I can only read a little bit I agree. This isn't worthy, they need to delay it. Go for Akali next instead... This one needs a lot more work.
: Aatrox needs work.
The Q is in a triple bind situation is the problem. 1. He's rooted. 2. He has this edge hitbox to hit. 3. It's telegraphed and slow. It's like everything is working against you to hit these Qs, relying on a charge stocked short hop on his E to hope to land anything. I just think getting rid of the dash and letting him move during Q (even if at a reduced speed), would bump up his fluidity a ton, but maybe there's another way. Relying on the E to his Q though, not feeling so hot about this...
: Aatrox needs work.
I feel like he should move during the Q like a Camille/Darius, and get rid of the E dash entirely and make it just a passive. I know they're going for something there, but it doesn't really work. it doesn't have a good feel to it, I know it's a bit much to say, change the way he works entirely here; but he is going to need it or nobody is going to want to play him, and be generally angry about the rework. And the R should be wayyyy stronger. Like +100% total AD (double damage). As is, it's not threatening (+30 damage?). Also he should have phased movement seeing as he is FLYING.
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: Fighter Items on PBE for 8.12
Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra in this way is too weak, not gold efficient. 250 gold off with 10 less AD is an overall nerf - since 10 AD is 350 gold. Please lower by at least 350 gold, or raise the AD. Titanic Hydra especially, has always been a fairly gold inefficient item and I don't think the discount will help it. The Sterak's Gage gage change seems not so good and I can easily see it going from Triforce Users to *nobody*. Anyway Triforce users aren't particularly strong so I dunno?? I'm really curious here. Atma's and Shoujin's seem great as concepts, although the scaling seems like it should be toned down a lot. Like Shoujin's bonus ad reduction from 15-10%, Atma's from max 2.5->1.5.
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