: Ascension Bug Report Thread
Just saw this as a bug. Mundo's portrait is not in the right place.
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
**Bug: ** 1. Whenever I place my cursor on an area that isn't click able the clients thinks I'm trying to resize it (or at least shows the resize cursor). 2. You can drag the boxes but can't place them anywhere. 3. If you resize the client to the max then the "X" button looks pixelated. **Suggestion: ** 1. When hovering over the free to play champions there should be a border like light. (This is after you've already clicked a champion in the first place). 2. Also being able to use the cursor keys to go through the free to play champions or ESC key to exit the interface. 1 and 2 are referring to: [](http://puu.sh/ad3v6/c618a33c17.jpg) 3. The "More" box looks really unattractive. Everything looks new but that looks really old. [](http://puu.sh/ad3O5/0536093672.jpg)
: [Team Builder] "Not Ready" Button needed
I think it would be cool to have a profile for each champion set so if you select j4 then the game knows that you're more likely to go smite and flash. Would be cool to have so it these problems don't happen.


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