: Cant quit a custom game
i would get the bug splat error, also after every time i tried to leave the game
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: [Zyra]-Zyra is unkillable with the Dragon Sorceress skin
I have noticed on more then one instance that it seems she is unkillable after she has died like once. Cause if you look at the videos or the match histories from above it seems that might have something to do with it I just had a game with a zyra that was having that happen but only after she died once
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: Cannot click "accept", nothing else appears but the circle bar and grey "accept" button
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: Client Shrinks After Games
This has been happening to me too. I thought it was happening because i'm on a MAC. I don't have to close client to make this happen. Also it has been putting the client up in the left hand corner after a game .


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